14 June 2022


 Hello Everyone, Well! What a time I have had, quite a few things working differently, my printer wouldn't print and shut down Photoshop each time I tried to print! etc etc etc. I have to get used to lots of different ways of working, I'm not sure if it's Win 11 or just things have not transferred to this PC as they should have. Anyway, it's all good fun! I don't think. I just have to keep trying, but I do feel like a newbie to computers in some sense and it's driving me silly, I'm too old for all this! I also have to check my spelling carefully as it's correcting me as if I am a touch typist with words above the word I'm typing! I prefer a red line underneath to let me know it's wrong. It must be in the settings and I thought I had ticked it, BUT! OK I will stop moaning and just carry on.

Anyhow, in between pulling my hair out and getting used to things working differently, I shall start to get around to you lovely ladies. I may not be as regular as I tried to be before, but forgive me for a while? Bless you for your support. 

Here is another card I did while without my 'puter. 

While cleaning out, I found a number of cards with a 3 fold and with apertures for the front, I think I had them when I first started card making, maybe in the early 90's. I decided to use one of them but not fill the centre. I stamped and embossed a few flowers and the sentiment placing them around the aperture and placing the sentiment inside it. I also added a silver glitter pen to the debossed line around the aperture. I coloured the sentiment background to match the flowers. I thought I would splatter a little silver paint,  which became more than I wanted. It's not a bin job though I don't think.

stamps - Modern Anemone Altenew 
inks - Distress Inks

 I keep trying to comment on blogs and get this -

To leave a comment, click the button below to sign in with Google. Unable to sign in to comment. Please check your browser configurations to allow sign-in. Learn more. 

 I am signed in to Google, but it still won't allow me to comment on ANY Blog!

I don't see Anonymous or anything else, anyone else getting problems? OR have advice? The web doesn't seem that helpful or I'm looking at the wrong information!


Leslie said...

What a beautiful card and I love the color palette! So simple but yet so effective! Here's hoping you get all your computer/printer/Windows 11 issues ironed out soon! Several weeks ago I finally (after many, many reminders) upgraded to Windows 11 and have found a few differences that I've been able to deal with. Hang in there... you'll get the hang of everything! ;)

cuilliesocks said...

A beautiful card Faith, I love the design and that gorgeous blue.
Good luck with your puter. It's just so time consuming trying to get it all sorted out, and life's too short, Kate x

crafty-stamper said...

Beautiful card and flowers Faith and I love the splatters-good luck with the new comuter,I am useless with how things work have to get help lol.THis commenting has been going on for a while!I used to have to clear todays history before I commented on every card even one after another-I have now found if I have two pages open-my reading list or just have any tab open-click on comment then click the other tab then click straight back again it lets me comment??? Don't ask me how it even works but at least I can comment
Carol x

Aimeslee Winans said...

Hi Faith, you need your son back again, because life is too short and he has more of it left, lol. I'm so sorry you are having all this to deal with, I know it much it frustrates me! I do love your card, the colors are gorgeous and you chose such lovely flower stamps. XXO

Greta said...

I think your card is beautiful! Blogger commenting problems are such a pain! I don't seem to be having the problems now, so hopefully you won't either, soon.

Janette said...

Oh Faith you have my sympathy, I really don't care much for new stuff now, my granddaughter gave me her old apple iphone and honestly I am all over the place and as for uploading pics to my 'puter':)) its a nightmare but I am sure you will work it out, you are abit of a wizz on tech things I think.
I love the card, the colours are gorgeous.xx

Carol L said...

This is such a pretty card with those yellow flowers set against that pretty blue color! Love that circle! As for computer issues, congrats on upgrading to win11! I'm still resisting and will until I'm forced to upgrade. At my age, I no longer have the patience to figure things out with new techy stuff. The frustration is beyond the horizon LOL As for commenting, I was getting the same exact message on some blogs, and when I clicked that button to sign in (I never signed out) I was taken back to that big button time and time again. It somehow resolved itself after a couple weeks and seems to be working OK now. I did clear out cookies but signing in to everything again was a slow undertaking as well. I'm just getting too old for all this techy stuff I suppose. Good luck with it all, and hope you're able to continue leaving comments and posting!

Shirley Young said...

Beautiful card Faith, I love the colours. I don’t seem to have any problems with comments so can’t help you there xx

Sarn said...

What a gorgeous card Faith. I truly love this . . . and I love a good splatter too . . . this card really works for me.

Sorry to hear you've had a steep learning curve with your new computer, and a it's ongoing for a while. Wishing you lots of luck getting to grips with it all and getting through all the frustrations.

Your latest comment on my blog got published just fine. Before that you kept arriving in spam. Fingers crossed the problem is resolved. xxxx

Rosemary said...

Sorry that you continue to have troubles with your new computer, Faith. I hope you get things worked out soon. Your card is just lovely!

Cindy Groh said...

Stunning card.