27 March 2011

Less is More challenge week 8 - sketch

A sketch this time, it makes it easier for me, who is not that good at putting things together.  I always start with my digi stamps and papers I have downloaded, as you all know I am not a stamper, so this is my way of doing my cards.

For some reason orange and black came to mind, and looking through I found this gorgeous digi paper from Summer Driggs.  After a lot of adding taking away and trying this and that, I ended up with this, I needed a thank you card and thought this quote went with the floral theme.  You may be able to see the author just in the background of the flowers underneath the quote. The white is bordered with a digi ribbon from the same set, into which I put the quote, I have cut the main flower and decoupaged it or 3D'd it whichever you prefer to say, then Stickled the background flowers and added 3D gloss accent to the black centres of the flowers.

Missed Male card!

I had to do a card for my BIL and looking through my digi stamps saw the marbles I had downloaded from a childs colouring page on the web, put it into PS and played with the colours, also copied a marble from the web and made it the big one so it had more colours and shapes. Then used 3D gloss to finish them.
I should have looked more closely at my digis for last weeks male challenge on Less is More, never mind, maybe I'll look more next time lol.

21 March 2011

Less is More Week 7

A masculine card, I should be used to these with so many men in the family, (I have 4 brothers and lots of next generation men too).

I love this image a digi stamp from NanaVic, as usual I have done it digitally, paper pieced the shirt and overalls hat and umbrella, then shaded them, I then added a background  and "made" rain that is why the card is not white, it wouldn't have shown up the rain! when printed I added 3D gloss to the puddle.  Hope it meets the criteria. Sorry the photo is not to good, waited until too late and then took it at my desk. then took it in the kitchen under fluorescent  light, neither of them too good, I'm afraid.  I had the quote off Crafters Digital Art Centre, when Nana Vic offered the digi as a freebie and lots of crafters gave sentiments to match the image, it was great fun.

I made the following card to enter the challenge, but was too late

Second post today whoa!

I have attempted watercolouring, I quite enjoyed it, but haven't a clue what to do, I think the effect is OK though.  I was asked to make a card for money to be given after a bereavement, I gave them a choice of 3 and this is what they chose, they didn't want anything too sombre as it concerned a child.
I used my Cricut to cut out the dragonfly and flowers


Here's a card I did out of a last years calender I saw in work, I asked if I could have it in the new year and this is the first one I have used (another 11 different images to go).   I used the cricut for the swirl and the "beautiful" cut out then Stickled it.

I had an order for a Wife card from a regular customer, I then had an unexpected leave thrust upon me as I have to use all leave, which I hadn't taken due to my fall and sick leave, before the end of March and the only week I could have was last week.  He hadn't given me the date except the end of March, so I took it in to work today to be told her birthday was on the 16th!!!!! so it now goes in to my stock box.  MEN!!  I did it especially for him as he likes this type of card, so it may be sold it may not, if not I'll give it to my hubby to give to me next year lol.

17 March 2011

SCAL and other cutting files for the Cricut

I have just read this on Card Monkey's blog

Make The Cut "permanently and immediately disallowed from selling software"; SCAL lawsuit filed

here is the link to read it all http://cardmonkey-business.blogspot.com/2011/03/urgent-newscommentary-provocraft.html?showComment=1300404817544#c3879580902549372290


Well we have a toilet that flushes at last and a bathroom I can't believe is mine, we are thrilled, although the jury is out whether we should have taken the bath out and put in a shower instead, but hey! it's our house and I can't get in and out of a bath so shower it is. This is a photo of a not quite finished room, the boxing behind the sink and toilet had to be done today and it is now finished, sorry didn't have tiime to take photo today, but you get the idea ay!

I haven't been able to comment on everyones post in the Less More challenge as I have been trying to do in the past, as too busy with bathroom and orders, so to anyone I have missed - So Sorry, I'll try better next week.

The Pink Paper Palace: Yummy Mummy Candy!

The Pink Paper Palace: Yummy Mummy Candy!: "Well as promised here is some candy to celebrate becoming a Mummy, it is almost a year since I found out I was pregnant and I cannot believe..."

15 March 2011

Less is More Week 6 - off the edge

Well at last, here is my entry with a fabulous digi stamp by Create with TLC vintage, I've coloured her in PS as usual, sometimes I feel like a cheat I don't use Copics or pencils and the like, but I love doing it all digitally and this has been my way for many years.  This is her before colouring, so that you can see that she is "off the edge"

and this her after I played, although her skin colour seems to have been washed out for some reason in the photo. I also did a blue colour, I also did one with stickles on her bow and sash, but I thought it ruined it's vintage charm.  So I have added nothing to the cards, but I like them anyway.  I have also started one with paper piecing, I just love this image.

A Cricut card

I was asked to make a Diamond Anniversary card, plain because it was just to say have a happy day, as the couple were receiving something more, but the sender thought they should send a card too, this is what I came up with, I love this frame from the Straight from the Nest cartridge.
I have used mirror board for the frame, Mami and Dadi is a Welsh version of the names

13 March 2011

I want a shower!!!!!!!!

We have been without a flushing toilet, a sink and bath since Friday, because, I changed my mind on the toilet and sink, they won't be delivered 'til Tuesday, the walls are half tiled, the other half had to be cemented in parts due to, when the tiles were taken off, taking the wall with them, so this is delayed as well.  We are managing in the kitchen sink!!!!! and with a bucket of water for the toilet.  We only have one toilet in the bungalow so when the work men were here, my dear SIL had a loan of a porta loo for us, which we used in the garage!!!  Oh! how I am looking forward to having a shower again, I haven't used the kitchen sink to wash in since a baby.  AND then it it has to be cleaned out properly to wash the dishes,!!!!
Then I have to think of those poor people in Japan who have NOTHING let alone a toilet and sink, I must be grateful for small mercies.

I have been on Less is More to comment on all the cards so far, the gals there are sooooooooo clever and I am in awe at their creations, now it means I have to look harder to try and create something that will do!

11 March 2011

A conundrum

One of my orders this week was for a Ruby Wedding card, with items which had stories attached - a couple at a pool bar, a Sailor Captains hat which had been thrown, a man's sandal which had disappeared, a window with Karaoke on seperate panes of glass, and a man covered in mud collecting holly!!!!!!!!!

This is the 8x8 card I came up with, I got the a couple at a pool bar, a Sailor Captains hat which had been thrown, a man's sandal which had disappeared, a window with Karaoke on seperate pains of glass, but couldn't get the man covered in mud collecting holly, lol

The angle of the photo makes the squares and the oval look like they are not equal, but they are - honest!! 
The white love paper is by Jak Heath the red paper is by Shabby Princess, the flower is from The Range, pictures inside the windows are from the web.  I gave the hat and sandal wings to represent them disappearing and added the saying "We do not remember days, we remember moments"  I just hope it fits the bill.

10 March 2011

done it - maybe?

Well I have done my Less is More challenge, am I happy, not really, although I love the image from TLC Vintage, I have printed the image on to the card, then 3D it, then because I thought it needed a few shadows, I actually took a water colour pencil and made the shadows!! I haven't used these pencils for years.  This challenge has been particularly difficult for me for some reason, maybe it's the pale colours? This is definitely a less card rather than more lol and I am only linking it as I was determined to do something.

09 March 2011

Missing mojo anyone seen it?

I have had orders for cards this week and I am so stuck, I can't believe it, I haven't been so bad for months, even the Less is More challenge has got me blanked out!!! maybe 'cause I've gone back to work and my body so wants to retire, never mind just one more year, I hope.
I thought I will show you a card I made before Xmas for a friend of mine 
The bears are fom Hobbytool and decoupaged.

07 March 2011

It's Monday!!!!

I love Mondays and Tuesdays, they are the busiest time of the week for me and today has been no different, even the the neurologist told me  "you must pace yourself", fat chance, when I'm in work, I'm in work and things have to be done, oh! well maybe next year when I hope to retire.

  Enough of rubbish things, back to nice things, like making cards lol.  I have made this card in what I call the old A5 sixe 175x254, it's a perfect size I think, but I haven't been able to get envelopes so I made my own to match.  The colours on the card are a few shades paler, but had the evening light to contend with.

 I based the design on katstamps.com January sketch
The digi stamp is Bugaboo, check paper is by AJ Roberts and the spotty paper, flower and cupcake is by Summer Driggs, I changed the colour of the cupcake to match the envelope and made a border for the flap of the envelope.  I have just noticede that I didn't add a ribbon duh!.     I added a frame for effect, not sure if it detracts from the card and envy, although maybe that's a good idea.

04 March 2011

Back to work

I'm back in work after 5 weeks of getting over my concussion after the fall on the ice, so all blogs will not be so often, at least I don't think so.  I am soooooooo going to miss visiting all the blogs, but will continue with a lot, how could I not, I need help with inspiration and over the last few weeks, boy, have I had inspiration, in fact so much it hurt my brain, which didn't need any more hurting lol.
I am looking at the paper and stamps which are NEVER used and think I wonder if I can try to use them after all I've seen, I think I'll try whether I'll succed I don't know, there is one card on here I used a stamp and was quite pleased with it, but I know I have to learn an awful lot more.  Here is a card I did recently for an order for a card with a computer on it and 70, so here it is all done on puter!!.

I had the computer off the web, added the glass and decanter and the clock, made and added the 70 as a PS brush for background  and added a quote, this was for a computer silver surfer.

02 March 2011

A new bathroom on the way, yipee!

Hiya, not done much crafting this week as I have choosing tiles and suite for my new bathroom, I have waited a long time for it due to different reasons and at last it's here, not yet, but they start next weekend. 

Enough of that, you are not interested in my rambling just my cards (I hope). I have made a card for my niece who has spent her entire life in love with horses, I hope she doesn't mind when I say she's no child any more (over40),  I always use a horse in her cards and as she has just had a new grey Spanish horse this is what I did, I found the picture on the web and decoupaged it to appear jumping out of the card, I'm glad to say it did look like it.
I added the greeting on to the background and used a gradient to make it appear part of the sky.

01 March 2011

A thank you

Thank you all who have commented on my 3 Square card, I am so surprised so many liked it and absolutely thrilled, thanks again.

A new card

I made a card for "stock" I saw someones cherry blossom in the last week or two and I loved it, I knew I had a similar image in my digi stamps, so decided to have a go at making one for myself, when I did it, a little bit of inspiration from somewhere, (where does it come from?) the bigger flower stood out, so instead of colouring it all I decided to go red instead of pink and coloured the big flower.  Then what sentiment? so I made my own up, (I think) as I read so many I may have read it somewhere and it stayed in my tiny mind lol, inside it says"It's your birthday". Not a lot of imagination there I hear you say lol. I've tried a new way to present my cards, by blurring the background, let me know what you think.

The digi is by Creativemindofsylvie the font is NevisonCasD, I glossed the flower and that was it.