28 February 2011

Birthday card

I had to make a card for my great nephew, so I thought I would use the 3 squares for the Less is More challenge, I think it's OK, but I know there are lessons and hints to be learned so here it is.  It may be too fussy for a CAS card.
I have made squares out of shapes in PS and backed them with Summer Driggs Sweetcake papers, I then printed and cut them out, Stickled them, tried them in all shapes then decided, by accident after speaking to SIL about the card, on cutting them interconnecting.  I then arranged the text on the card hoping to get it at the right angle, I was glad I hadn't stuck the squares together before printing the text, it's only just in the middle of the squares, I then 3d the cupcake and stickled.

Another award!

Wow another award, I am overcome that "lil ole me" who is so new to blogging has an award again this time  from Mass of Hair especially as she does amazing things and definitely thinks outside the box, thank you.  As I have previously added this award before please refer to the details there.

27 February 2011

Love is in the air!!

I have been finishing off the insides of the cards I've made and visiting all the Less is More 3 square challenge cards, I can't believe so many have been made already, I haven't even thought of mine.

However I did take this lovely photo of some pigeons in a lovely cuddle, my son tells me I need a doctor!!!

26 February 2011

Get Well

I bought this stamp in aid of  "Doctors without Borders" and I am entering it into GuyLou's Inimitability Digi stamp challenge on CDAC.  The sketch I followed is a Sparkle Designers Sketch #206
The papers are by SugarplumPaperie the hands of the clock I got from Scrappin Cop and the watch face is by bellesprintables.  The stamp is by GuyLou as I explained previously, I 3D the image and a bit of silver Stickles for the clock hands and the stethascope.

25 February 2011


I haven't been on the puter today, but had to log in to see all the cards in the Less is More challenge.  I seem to spend more time on other peoples blogs and looking at their fab cards than concentrating on the 2 I HAVE to do by tomorrow, I love how quickly I can do cards sometimes and others it takes me hours and hours, so I am going to have a look at some colour combintions to see if they can put a bit of sense to all the ideas I have had from so many visits to blogland.

I have made one, you know I always say I can't stamp, well I have stamped this with a Docrafts stamp and Brilliance multicolour ink I have had for years and years.
I actually stamped the centre with a frame and scroll by Audrey J Roberts

24 February 2011

Digi stamp

I decided to make a CAS card and saw this digi by Sugar Creek among my files, I hope I have done it justice, the ribbon and flowers are exactly the same colour althought the photo says otherwise for some reason.
I have coloured it PS as usual, then decoupaged and added 3d gloss to the centre of the flowers.

23 February 2011

After Advice

After tons of advice from some very talented ladies on Less is More, I have redone the card, I think it IS better, whether I have put the sentiment in the right place is another thing, but I am much happier with it.
I forgot to add to my first card I think this represents Spring as it is a new birth and Spring is about  new birth of plants and animals.

I have also made another of a beautiful Photoshop brush, I hope I've placed it in the correctly, I added Stickles to add a bit of interest and a knot of ribbon, I think it needed it..


21 February 2011

2 posts in one day whoa!

This is my entry to the Spring Challenge on Less is More, I'm not happy with it, it's not quite right for some reason that I'm not sure of.
It's a free digi stamp I have on file which is one of many I saved before identifying the artist, I'm sorry.  I coloured it in Photoshop added some Photoshop grass brushes embossed 2 lines and cut a slot for the ribbon.  This was NOT a quick card, I timed when I started it and it took me more than 3 hours, with all the trials of placing, deleting, undoing, colouring and shading etc. The font is BethsCuteHmkBold

At last a few cards done

I have been trying out my Cricut and the following cards are cased from stamped ones I have seen as I thought they could be cut out with the cartridges I had with the Cricut.  I am absolutely useless with stamping.
This was based on a stamped card, I think it was by the incredible Sarita of Little Princess Cards, if it isn't I apologise. The paper is by Docrafts which I bought in a sale yonks ago, the sentiment is computer based.

My second card is another cased, but I have frorgotten by who, I'm sorry.

I had stuck the cloud paper from my files on before I had realised I hadn't put the cord behind it, I corrected it on the second one, but took the photo of this one Duh!  The birdcage is from my Cricut cartridge and the card is one of a ream I won in the Docrafts challenge in Dec/Jan.

19 February 2011

An Award!!!

Wow! an Award from Suze at http://cant-stop-crafting.blogspot.com  it is so kind of you Suze.

The conditions of this award are:

Step 1 - Make a post linking back to the person who gave you the award!
Step 2 - Share 7 random things about yourself
Step 3 – Award 15 recently discovered bloggers with this award
Step 4 – Contact these bloggers and tell them they’ve won the award
Now 7 random things about me, mmmmmmm -
1. At the moment I am coping with severe concussion and whiplash from a fall on the ice in December. - Duh!
2. I lived in Saudi Arabia for 4 very interesting years with my husband and son.  - Seems light years away
3. I Lurve chocolate and sweets (candy). - What would life be like without them?
4. I LOVE  every one of my big wonderful family.
5. I would go loopy without my Photoshop and want to learn so much more about it. - I have gone loopy when puter crashed!!
6. I have a wonderful husband who has retired and thinks it his job to do all the housework, cooking, washing & ironing and all his usual jobs as well, all because I still work full time. - I do try to do it, but he won't let me!!!!!!
7. I once stopped people eating in a restaurant after being asked to sing Ave Maria, not because I was good, but because I was so loud!!!!!

I've told you 7 random things about me so have awarded 7 great blogs, I have to stop somewhere and think this will have to be it.

Keep on enjoying you crafting and thank you for teaching me lots of new things on your blogs.

15 February 2011

Nearly a Less is More card

I changed my mind at the very last minute to enter this in the Less is More challenge.

The colours of this card are suggestions from Colour Throwdown 127, I love the unusual colour selections they give, this was a challenge but I had to use a green, it's got flowers and a tree, just about!!!  The image is a freebie I digitally coloured it in Photoshop, I've not got patience colouring with other mediums.

Less is More challenge 2

After all the positive and lovely comments on my last card, I think this is  a bit different, although I like it.

the verse is a bit blurred, it says - I would thank you from the bottom of my heart, but for you my heart has no bottom.  The image is another digi freebie definitely a Less is More card I think.  I used Clear Gloss fish for the water and Stickles for the flowers, OK so they are not strictly flowers, but they are in a vase.

14 February 2011

Oh! my goodness

Thank you to all the lovely ladies who have commented on my Less is More challenge card, this is far more than I can ever have hoped for.  I have tried to answer and visit every blog and look at a lot of your cards, cor! you are VERY clever ladies, I just hope I can live up to all your expertise.

I must admit to liking the CAS style card, I didn't expect to, but maybe it's because of all your comments you've encouraged me to try some more, so I am going to get going on the next card for the Week 2 challenge.  Thank you all once again. Oh! yes and those of you who have become followers, I hope to keep you interested!!!!!!!!!  if I can :)

12 February 2011

Clean and Simple

After a while of not blogging due to the after effects of my fall on the ice, a blog I happened upon called Less is More made me have a bit of mojo back.  I think this style is just fabulous and love all the cards that have been entered into their challenges. SO, thought I would try and see if I could do it too.

This is the card, a free digi stamp by Paper Garden Products.com, the quote is from her as well.  I have used it for a sympathy card, but certainly not as plain as this, still not sure if I can get used to this style, but after seeing all the classy cards, I'll certainly give it a try.  I printed it and then used Stickles frosted lace on the flowers.