26 April 2014

90th Birthday

Hi Everyone, just a quickie so that I can let you know I am still here.

This is a 90th birthday card for a friends Mother, the DP and hearts are from the Impressions Digi kit by Booland Designs, the lace is a Miriam freebie, the flower is from a digi kit Grandmother's Garden by Prairie Song Scraps.  I grouped the individual flowers and leaves by Aimee Harrison, Booland Designs and Prairie Song Scraps, into a corner layout, printed them out twice and layered them onto the already printed background.  All done in Photoshop.

25 April 2014

DSC # 85 Let's Play Bingo

Hi Everyone
It's time for a new challenge at

 Digitally Sweet Challenges

the theme is 

Let's Play BINGO

sponsored by Stitchy Bear's Digi Outlet

I have chosen
I followed these colour suggestions by Colour Q
The background papers are by Panda Bear Designs at SB's
The squares are free PS brushes by Brusheezy
The Bow Eyelets are by Snickerdoodles
Free is Babybug by BB Kakes at SB's
Borders are the flowers, also by BB Kakes at SB's
The sentiment is by Create by TLC 

All done in PS, I added a glitter overlay to her wings, which is by Aimee Harrison. I also added shadows and PS glitter brush to her hair, she has to twinkle doesn't she? the button is by Lliella. Sounds so easy, when put like this LOL.  This will become a card front.

18 April 2014

DSC #84 Inspirational Photo

It's time for a new challenge at

 Digitally Sweet Challenges

the Theme is 

Inspirational Photo
- add stars to your project.

Inspirational photo

My DT card is not what you would expect from the photo is it? I just went for the colours and the "wackiness" of the digi from Limited Runs Digital stamps, it's such fun. 

I used DP's from My Party a kit by hfinch at Sweetshoppe Designs.  The shell and the "stars" are by Flower Scraps, Beach kit.  The "texture on the Octopus are overlays by Larasdigiworld and Delicious Scraps, I added shadows.

This is the card after I printed it, for my BIL.

Added a 3D layer, would have liked to do more,
 but have to watch in case the Post Office
say it is undeliverable costing the recipient money..

13 April 2014


Hi Everyone, thought I'd pop in to Bloglovin and say hello to you, however there were 458 post waiting for me to comment on, - sorry I haven't got the time to comment on so many, hope to start again this week.

Haven't got a post for today as I have been busy with other things.

Hope you are ALL healthy and enjoyed the wonderful weather (although chilly around here) we have had today.

Hope to be in touch soon.

11 April 2014

DSC #83 Easter

It's time for a new challenge at

 Digitally Sweet Challenges

the theme is 


sponsored by Lacy Sunshine

I followed this sketch
My DT card for Easter is this fab image "Rory's Eggstra Special Delivery" by Lacy Sunshine, I decided to go over the top with colour when looking for paper in my files, I came across this fabby paper by Heather T at MS Scraps, it's from the kit Cabin Fever, so are all the embellies too.  I paper pieced and coloured her in PS, shadows added.  Is it only me to see faces in things?  Can you see the smiley face in the bag?  I followed the I(heart)sketches, shown here too.

06 April 2014

60th Birthday Male card

Hi Everyone, I am in the middle of "designing" an 50th birthday invitation, it needs "bling" and you should know I don't usually do bling, so I'm struggling, that's why I have come from it and decided to show you a card I've done, but haven't blogged.

I used various items from a few vintage digikits I have, it had to include a cruise ship, antiques, an old Land Rover, butterflies, golf clubs and a few more things, as I have said before, I am asked to include some strange mixtures. Oh! well he was pleased that's all that matters ay?  I also added Krylon gold pen around the edge and it even showed up in the piccie and a few black buttons. The black surround is a base, nothing to do with the card.  If there is anything in particular you can see that you want to know about, please ask :)

I've added a couple of piccies of the garden, in the light I was telling you about yesterday.  The light seemed to enhance the reds whether it was the rain I don't know. Hope you enjoy them :)

Left side of garden
Right side with the Ribes showing it's colour

Top right corner
                         Pearis in a pot

A few Muscari, love the blue.

rain making the Camelia flowers fall.
http://sisteractcardchallenge.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/challenge-51.html  Anything Goes  - Yep!

http://www.challenges.papercraftingmagic.com/challenge-7-masculine-a-new-designer/  Masculine - Yep!

05 April 2014

Spaceman birthday

Hi Everyone, from a wet and miserable day, however the grass looks greener and the light we have today makes the garden, with it's Spring bloom,s look lovely, although WET!  I was going to add some piccies, but this is a Lonnnnnnnggggggg post.

I have had a few comments on how I do things in Photoshop, so decided that I would give you an insight into what I did with this card, I'd love to hear your comments on whether you would like more of the same, or more in depth or not to bother LOL.  I don't pretend to be an expert, but I do what I can and try and find out what I don't know, hopefully this will help you find out things too.

I had a birthday card to do for my friends Grandson so here it is. With a joke?

The old fashioned spaceman is from WGP Printables at Etsy, the white moons are by Studio Linda Renee from her digi kit Chapel in the Moonlight, I used  PS Cloud brushes by Blazter and a star scatter by Dede designs.

I have made all sizes card templates in PS so I just choose the layout depending on which card size I intend to use, this is a 6 x 6 inch finished card.

  1. I added a dark blue square shape for the background
  2. Made a duplicate layer to each moon and used the
  3. PS Filter gaussian blur to each of duplicates.
  4. Added a gradient overlay to the bottom layer of one moon to add more colour. 
  5. Placed different cloud brushes around and added the same gradient to them
  6. Used the PS Filter "Twirl" to the clouds, to make the swirling line shapes
  7.  I added the star scatter layer on top. 
  8. The spaceman came in on another layer, I painted him in PS.  
  9. The inside was done with all the layers, except the spaceman
  10. I duplicated all the layers and merged the duplicate
  11. This was moved to the left of the card layout with the originals staying on the right side
  12. I hid the moons on the right side, 
  13. Added a shape matching the colours
  14. Added text and printed it all out.

After I had printed it and added it to the card I realised he was 21 duh! so cut out the 21 and a key on my Cricut. added them so I can post it to him today! I also added ultra fine glitter from The Range and 3D gloss on top of his helmet to make it look like glass, - hopefully :)

I hope that makes sense to you PS users, it's probably gobblygook to other crafters, that is why I am asking if you want more!  Anyhow here's the card.

Before the 21 and key added

hopefully from this you can see what I mean when I said about moving the merged layer to the left etc.

This is with the 21 and key added, I thought it had to be off white to layer over the moon.
http://themaleroomchallengeblog.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/science-fiction.html  Science Fiction.  - Yep!

http://thatscraftychallenges.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/you-spin-me-right-round-challenge_4028.html  Spin me right round - Must contain circles - Yep! (the moons)

04 April 2014

DSC # 82 LunaGirl

It's time for a new challenge at

 Digitally Sweet Challenges

the theme is 

Anything but a Card

sponsored by LunaGirl

I have made a picture frame, made with LunaGirl Fairies- 052 image, the vintage clock and frame are by Sheila Reid and the paper is by Digi Dewi both at Pixel Scrapper.  I added shadows and distressed mask.  I don't go into vintage usually, but I am really pleased with this.

Would love to see you at the challenge.

03 April 2014

Easter rabbit.card

Here's an Easter card I have made with an Elizabeth Dulemba image, I love the expression on the rabbit. I think the rabbit is a she, just look at those eyes :)  Anyhow, I coloured her in PS and paper pieced her blouse and some of the eggs in the basket, I used DP's from ellesdesigns.

I learned something new this week and am I thrilled, oh! you don't realise. I was like a kid in a toy shop. LOL.  Dawn by Design has a tutorial that I followed and have achieved making my own background with "splatter" brushes and an egg shape, hers has a butterfly as an example, but of course once I knew how to do it, I had to try different. I used the PS brushes using colour dynamics, so that there were different colours each time I added the "misty brush" I bought from DBD, (well I had to do it properly didn't I?) as well as the shape dynamics Dawn showed how to use in her tutorial. So all you girls who are struggling with PS, go HERE and learn something "simple" to play with.  I can see me doing more of this.  I used the "brush" only to do the green area, love the effect.  Then to play more I added texture by adding a "cross stitch" effect PS Action from Atomic Cupcake, which I'm not sure is still available. To finish the card, I decoupaged the Rabbit and the basket added glitter to the eggs and the sentiment, oh! yes that is from Summertime Designs, added 3D gloss to her eyes.

maybe? you can see the eggs background clearer here?

I changed the exposure of the closeup so you can see the eggs,
splatter brushes and the cross stitch I added to the background.

About Elizabeth Dulemba, you know I love her images, so thought I would add a link, seeing as I use her images a lot and they are all free and also, you may not know about her. 
This is from her latest Newsletter, she has had a couple of children, using her images, enter them into the Gallery, Aw! Bless them.  AND you get a free image with every newsletter.  Go on get the children colouring her images :)

    Have you or your children colored or created something using one of my Coloring Page Tuesday images? If you post it on a blog, you can also post it to my gallery and maybe I'll share your creation next week! 

(It doesn't have to be a card - I like 2-year-old scribbles too!)

http://creativecardcrew.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/58-animals.html  Animals - Yep! a Rabbit

http://fattastictuesday.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/fan-tastic-tuesday-challenge-29-use.html  Patterened paper - Yep! I used, my own plus another

http://toptiptuesday.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/challenge-cute-and-fab-tutorial-from-kat.html Cute and tip - Yep! Cute card and I linked to a top tip tutorial

http://fabnfunkychallenges.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/challenge-210-once-upon-time-bring-on.html One upon a time Bring on the Fairy tale or Fantasy Yep! This is a fairytale rabbit!

http://thesisterhoodofcrafters.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/animals.html  Animals - Yep! a Rabbit

http://whimsyinspires.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/challenge-69-easter-bunnies-chicks-etc.html   Easter Bunnies Chicks etc - Yep! - Bunnie

http://disdigidesignschallenge.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/welcome-spring-challenge.html  Welcome Spring - Yep! Easter Bunnie