29 May 2011

LIM 17 Pick a square x 2

Well this must be a challenge I like, as I have done another 2 cards, the first is an image from Audrey Jeanne Roberts, Lilies and Lace, again the file is dated 2007, I placed the image on to the card then placed the sentiment and shaped it into the image. I printed the image directly on to the card  then used photopaper to print a couple more images so that I could decoupage, then cut out and shaped the flowers and added a little Stickles to the centre of the flowers.

close up of decoupage

The other is a digi stamp NounoursFlower by Guylous Inimitability, after printing directly on to the card I printed more copies of the image then I 3D'd the flower and the teddy, and a little Stickles on his bow, I did it in PS as usual and used an action by Atomic Cupcake named chalk to give the orange surround to the frame. I then used a path to place the sentiment.

Hope you like these 2.

LIM 17 Pick a square

The criteria is -
For our challenge this week we have a multiple choice.... well sort of ... you can choose which of the 5 SQUARES from our plan you wish to use to place the image of your card, leaving the rest as PURE WHITE SPACE!

So I have done 2 cards, unusual for me, in fact I want to try all 5 squares, whether I will get around to it is another matter, I internded to do 2 last week, but the second wouldn't materialise, anyway back to this weeks challenge.
I have chosen images from my huge stash, the first is a baby corner from JanniScrap Designs dated 2007!!! I added buttons from Cuddly Buddly and a verse off the web which included buttons in it, thought it would be apt. Very Less rather than more. :)
The second I think I could have stretched a bit more from the corner and made the sentiment larger, what you think? but it's in the bottom square, again more less than more, the image is in a folder from Aimee Asher and is called Sals Library by Sophie Sarducci again dated 2007, I have 3D'd the books , I have used this over and over, I digress, here is the card, with a part of a poem which seems to have been written by quite a few people, one of who is Helen Steiner Rice, again I thought apt with the image, the inside says -

they are a part, not of the book
they're written in...
but taken from the heart.

I thought for someone a bit more special,?

24 May 2011

Thank you cards

Another rush job, would I make 5 special wedding thank you cards by tomorrow to add to the 3 she had already bought, could I do it in gold. I'll try say I, got home, hardly any gold mirror card, certainly not enough for the design I thought would be quick and easy,as I had done similar last week, didn't have a stamp small enough to add to the Quickutz label, the card wouldn't go through the printer and jammed twice! I had to use different card for the label, luckily it is a very close match in white. didn't have gold bling, out came the gold Stickles, an adrenaline rush and a few hours and I did it, she was thrilled, happy ending :)

More gorgeous cards in the LIM challenge this week, I have promised to make another card, in fact I may do it now, OR watch the Chelsea garden show on BBC, think I'll have a change, or I could put it on IPlayer, that sounds good, butterfliy here I come :)

22 May 2011

LIM 16 Butterflies

Well I have actually done a card early in the week that I like, it maybe a bright for some people?  I printed the image (butterfly, flowers, and frame) by JulieJ added sentiment with "quilted butterfly" font, shaped it to look like a trail.  then printed 2 butterflies on vellum, yellow Stickles on the butterfly and the sentiment and all done. I may even try another later in the week if I have time, oh! no, I hear you groan. lol (forgot to say it's an A4 card)

We went out yesterday morning, but came back as it was too windy, too cold, too wet,  heating on at 4.30! OK only for an hour, but it did make a difference.  Then my niece rang from Bury St Edmunds and told me she was in the garden with a little drinky!!!!!!!! sort of put the tin hat on it.  lol

19 May 2011


I HAVE to keep up and not miss a post of the LIM challenge, I did a trial on Saturday evening, knowing I am no good at stamping and I could practice during the rest of the week, well the rest of the week has gone and I haven't been able to do any more, I am entering this, so that I can say I have missed only one week and that by 2 hours. Have to give my apologies to everyone for the type of standard you are not used to.
The stamp is a Docrafts years old, and a Cuttlebug folder both  coloured with water pencils, poor card is as "bear" as the day I did it lol
I also have to apologise that I have had limited time to comment this week, but WOW looking at the thumbnails, fabulous cards as usual.

17 May 2011

25th Anniversary Cricut heart

Today in work I was asked to make a Silver Anniversary card, sure I said, for when - Thursday was the reply!!!

I had a look at my sketches, couldn't put all the greetings wanted on to any of them that I have.  After looking through my digis, images etc etc, ( I couldn't make it easy on myself and use a card I had done before, oh! no, lets make life on the edge!) I thought of my Cricut, it seems to have found life after me wondering if I have made a mistake in buying it.  Looked through all the cuts and then found one I thought was suitable in Straight from the Nest cartridge, tried it on a plain piece of paper to size it, got the silver card out and some B&W for the shadow, added some pearls a flower bouquet from The Range shop. Printed the greetings on the card.  I am quite pleased with it. Hope you all like it too.  The photo is a bit dark as it was late when I finished it and have to take it in to work tomorrow.

16 May 2011

Grad card

I have been trying to add comments to some really beautiful cards on the Less is More challenge, everyone complained last week that Blogger was not letting comments through, I had no trouble, but this week I am in trouble with it and it won't let me add comments, Oh! well, I'll have to try again.

I've been asked to make a couple of graduation cards, this is one.

I followed a Lily of the Valley sketch, UNTIL I put the stamped image too low down, then flowers had to be added to correct it, I hope it looks OK.

The image is "Sandra's Graduation" digi stamp from Sassy Studio Designs, love her, papers are Summertime Designs, flowers are Papermania, I added the grad sentiment http://rubberstamping.about.com/od/graduation/ig/Graduation-Sentiments/  there are quite a few very nice freebies there.

10 May 2011

LIM 14 White on White

Well at last, I have done it, after a LOT of umming and aahing, I decided to look at my 3 Cricut cartridges, that came with my machine and decided it HAD to be from one of these as I didn't know how to make the beautiful flowers that have been made for this challenge.

I cut a cake and stand from the Straight from the Nest cartridge embossed with my 3 cuttlebug folders added a lovely ribbon with hearts I had in my stash, added, my always on a card, Stickles, then added more ribbon behind the cut out middle pieces to add a little more glitter, printed my card with grey (hope it's not too dark) and there you have it,  (Easier said than done though)

I think I'm pleased, but always have to wait until the next day to decide, crazy ay?

Edited,  - Loved KathyK  comment about the ribbon panel looking like a garter, think I'll mention this to a prospective buyer, lol

EDITED 2 2/6/11 - I have put this in to Bitten by the Bug, I don't know the rules, so don't know if I am allowed to do this, if not I apologise.

09 May 2011


No not me :)  I was asked for a couple of leaving cards today, so thought I would do a rush few, here are 2 done as A6 or folded A5 cards, very simple, done in PS, printed and glittered.  The first is a digi which I saved so nicely in Get Well cards!! but NOT with the artist - yet again.  So sorry, I save the artists name now on every stamp.

The other is using 101 Dalmations from Disney, just love these :)

08 May 2011

Just looking !!!

I have spent the last 3 hours just looking and admiring the fabulous and ingenious cards for the White on White challenge on Less is More, the LIMettes are truly fantastically creative.

I have tried for 10 min looking at my 3 Cricut cartridges for ideas, but none come at the moment. I'll keep trying.

This morning I made 2 cards, one I can't blog yet, as the recipient looks at my blog sometimes, so just in case I'll leave it off.  The other is a card I made following a sketch by Lily of the Valley.  I have a couple of Nephews and Godsons this could be for.  OK I changed the shape a bit but it's near enough? The digi stamp is Simon by Mo Mannig, I used Summertime designs paper for "Simon" and the rest of the card, all done on PS. then cut out and glued on to white hammered card.

05 May 2011

A rocky flower bed!

This photograph was taken at Porthcawl a beautiful seaside with some amazing rock formations, a few days ago, this was the first and last picture taken while we were there, as the battery ran for cover in the high wind argh!  I suppose I should have checked before we went out ay?  I had hoped to take how far up on the rocks the tree trunk has been washed up, oh! well perhaps another time.

I love going there as it was where we spent many times when courting 48 years ago!! HOW MUCH! it certainly doesn't feel like it :)  45 years married in June, bless him, if I had been married to me, I would have divorced me years ago.

My winnings!

I am thrilled to bits, I came home today, from work, to a parcel from Kellylou at the Pink Paper Palace, a fantastic range of goodies as you can see.  Thank you Kellylou, I know how busy you are and I am absolutely thrilled with it all, lots I haven't had before, so it will be a challenge to me to try these lovelies out. Thanks again for a great assortment. AND the beautiful card you sent with it, love it

02 May 2011

LIM 13 Lucky Dip

This is my card for the Congratulations or Thank you in the LIM Lucky Dip challenge.

I thought I would go light hearted! as I love this digi called Ellie, I was going to add eyes to Ellie, then thought otherwise, I haven't saved who it's by so can't give credit I am sorry. Anyone know who it's by so I can add it? edited :-  Thanks to Jose who let me know you can get the digi from here http://tiddlyinks.com/category_57/Freebies.htm

I kept the font VAGRundschriftD large to emphasise the "weight" of wishes!
I followed a sketch by Clean & Simple.

Here is the card,  it's layered and I copied colours suggested by Design Seeds.


I made a card in a hurry for an Aunt who is 91, I had already printed the card with new papers from Summertime Designs , love them, so took the card and printed a white card strip with the sentiment on it and embossed with cuttlebug plates on pink card and also the 91 I cut out with my Cricut, I only have the one cartridge with numbers and letters on, it's the Life is a beach.  I disagree with Provocraft and their law suit so won't be buying anymore, just saving up now for a program like SCAL ot Fairycuts and then I can cut any font on my computer, will have to sell a few more cards lol. Here's the card