01 July 2022

Zebra Stripes!

Hi Everyone, I have 2 DT cards today, I hope you will be able to visit each of them, this is for -

Anything Goes but they MUST feature a critter as the main focus
Whether Furry, Feathered, Fantasy, Fairytale, 
Scaly, or Insect, there must be a critter...

 My card today was inspired by a quote I came across by accident surfing for something else. I thought it would be good for a celebratory occasion if someone had done something well? A Graduation? Or even attaining a certain age? 

Anyhow, I went looking for zebra's in my files and what do you know, I found not only a zebra (a few) but papers also. Off to my Cameo to design the card and cut the zebra and the corner flowers that match the paper.  I cut 3 layers, 3 D'd the zebra, added 3D gloss to his hooves and eye, then after attaching the paper to a layer of black card, I "splotted" some silver ink onto the paper, I also added a little to the centre of the 3 layer cut corner flowers to match. The sentiment was computer generated with a "stripey" font, which I thought suited, and also cut with 3 layers. Although  lots of stripes, I quite like it.

zebra - Elizabeth Dulemba
dp - Clair Curd Animal papers, Magazine freebie
ink - Starry Colours Kuretake
font - "Baby Monkey"
this shows the silver spots in different light.


Imperious Lion? QKR

Hi Everyone my one of 2 DT cards today is for the challenge at QKR. Our challenge is on the 1st and 15th of every month, so you have 2 chances every month to enter the challenge.
We will select two winners each of the weeks 
1 using QKR Stampede  or Eureka Stamps image
 and 1 using any image!

Anything Goes every 1st & 15th of the month

I saw this wonderful and imperious lion and had to have him, my son's birthday is in August and I decided to use this "Leo" for him. I've been kind to him this year, I haven't added his age! He really doesn't like to be reminded he's 46 and is middle-aged, he says he's still a teenager? I CAN be good sometimes. 
I took the image into Silhouette to cut 3 layers of him, and 2 of him in a white background, which I tried to shade with different colours, although it wasn't too successful I decided to go with it. He is coloured with Distress inks. I added the sentiment and cut 3 layers of that also.

I decided on papers to match the background and as the Leo personality is outgoing, so should the paper be. The design papers were also cut out on the Silhouette. I cut 3 layers of circles and attached them before added 3 D glaze to them. The white background was dry embossed for texture and 3D'd onto the main card.

lion - Eureka Stamps
inks - Distress Inks & Oxide
striped paper - Craft Sensations
embossing folder - Modern Stripe Craftwell EF
glaze - Nuvo Crystal Glaze

25 June 2022

House Mouse

 Hi Everyone,I've been missing in action again - sorry. All due to a snap decision to go to my brother & SiL for a few days. It's the first time in nearly 5 years we have been away, and we spoilt rotten by them, also the temperatures were up to 27C and lovely blue skies, making it even more enjoyable, we came home to rain, but that's OK. The garden needs it!

Anyhow, my card today is from a disc I have had for a long time, "A Very Mice Colouring Book" Vol 1. The image is 021, but I will call it Mice on Lavender. I followed a sketch for this one from Dawny P for Paperchase Weekly. 

I chose lavender digital papers and arranged them according to the sketch on black paper. I coloured the image with DI's and also edged the image with ink. A straightforward and simple card, but I'm pleased with it. I haven't added a sentiment as I thought it may spoil it? There will be a greeting inside though.

 Mice - House Mouse Designs   
dp's - Sekada Designs / Julie C Designs
inks - Distress Inks
gems stash


18 June 2022


 Hi Everyone, I think all my 'puter problems have gone away, my son went into settings the other night and the next thing I know I can comment on everyone's blog, so it wasn't Blogger or Google at all, perhaps I should apologise to them? I'm sorry to say that I won't be able to catch up with all your posts, but I promise to scroll through and see as many as I can, just not commenting on each one. Thank you for all your comments and advice, I appreciate your support

Anyhow, I think you have had enough of me going on about my 'puter problems, so I'll show you another card I did without my 'puter.

 I've had this Dragonfly in my stash a long time and when I go through my stamps, I think, I'll use that and then go on to something else, so at last I've used it. It also brought to mind that I was going through the web not long ago, after seeing a few Dragonflies on a visit to my brother and SiL and came across this symbolism of a Dragonfly -

A dragonfly symbol represents change and transformation. It is a reminder for you to shed more light and joy in your life. It tells you not to remain in the dark or the shadows. 

I thought it very apt after what's been happening to me this last week or more.

I had a scrap of this paper left after another project and decided to use it with a case of a card I saw in my magazine (which included the stamp) card ideas. Of course now I can't find it to link it! I stamped, using inks to match the paper, the panel and the dragonflies and embossed them with clear embossing powder. I layered the panel on card to match the paper and found ribbon to match it all. Not only that, but I stamped the sentiment in the same ink as the dragonflies.

Dragonfly and sentiment - Magazine freebies Simply Cards & Papercraft
sentiment panel stamp - Chocolate Baroque
ink - (very old) Whisper Archival ink
paper - Craft Sensations
card - Dovecraft
ribbon - stash

Is it me? Or is the font very small on here and on other posts. I have tried changing the font and the size to make it larger, nothing seems to work, is this Blogger? Or me again? 

I have just checked in Preview and this is large, why isn't my blog post? OH! Flipping Eck, here we go again!

15 June 2022

Old Goat

 Hi Everyone my card today is for the challenge at QKR. Our challenge is on the 1st and 15th of every month, so you have 2 chances every month to enter the challenge.

We will select two winners each of the weeks 
1 using QKR Stampede  or Eureka Stamps image
 and 1 using any image!

Anything Goes every 1st & 15th of the month

 I've  have  had this wonderful goat a while and thought it about time I used him,  I printed out the digital paper and added it to a dark blue card background, then took the frame, the goat and the sentiment into my Cameo cutting one goat on a base layer and 3 more layers to give him weight and texture on the card.
I coloured the background of the base layer of goat and coloured the top layer (goat only) with Distress inks matching the paper. The frame and sentiment were cut twice and added to the card with 3D pads. I added 3D glaze to his eyes and sparkle pen to his buttons, shame you can't see it here.
image - Old Goat  QKR Stampede
sentiment - QKR Stampede
dp - Autumn Blue - Create with TLC
frame -  khartley justanote frame

14 June 2022


 Hello Everyone, Well! What a time I have had, quite a few things working differently, my printer wouldn't print and shut down Photoshop each time I tried to print! etc etc etc. I have to get used to lots of different ways of working, I'm not sure if it's Win 11 or just things have not transferred to this PC as they should have. Anyway, it's all good fun! I don't think. I just have to keep trying, but I do feel like a newbie to computers in some sense and it's driving me silly, I'm too old for all this! I also have to check my spelling carefully as it's correcting me as if I am a touch typist with words above the word I'm typing! I prefer a red line underneath to let me know it's wrong. It must be in the settings and I thought I had ticked it, BUT! OK I will stop moaning and just carry on.

Anyhow, in between pulling my hair out and getting used to things working differently, I shall start to get around to you lovely ladies. I may not be as regular as I tried to be before, but forgive me for a while? Bless you for your support. 

Here is another card I did while without my 'puter. 

While cleaning out, I found a number of cards with a 3 fold and with apertures for the front, I think I had them when I first started card making, maybe in the early 90's. I decided to use one of them but not fill the centre. I stamped and embossed a few flowers and the sentiment placing them around the aperture and placing the sentiment inside it. I also added a silver glitter pen to the debossed line around the aperture. I coloured the sentiment background to match the flowers. I thought I would splatter a little silver paint,  which became more than I wanted. It's not a bin job though I don't think.

stamps - Modern Anemone Altenew 
inks - Distress Inks

 I keep trying to comment on blogs and get this -

To leave a comment, click the button below to sign in with Google. Unable to sign in to comment. Please check your browser configurations to allow sign-in. Learn more. 

 I am signed in to Google, but it still won't allow me to comment on ANY Blog!

I don't see Anonymous or anything else, anyone else getting problems? OR have advice? The web doesn't seem that helpful or I'm looking at the wrong information!

11 June 2022

Did you miss me?

 Hi Everyone, I have had my computer die on me, it was 9 years old and it has been faithful friend. I ordered it and after waiting a week for a new one with all bells and whistles and Windows 11! I am back on line, however I have quite a bit still to do to make it feel like mine, so won't be around until next week, hopefully earlier? There is a difference to seeing files etc to get used to and I did have a program? or a fix? for me to see my Photoshop files as thumbnails, but now I only see the logo and name of my files grrrr. There are a few things like this to tackle, so I hope you will understand my lack of visits.

A new printer and computer in a couple of months? Thankfully I had had another new thing needed!!! within the same time frame, a drive for my old computer, which thankfully is able to be used in the new 'puter and because of this I have all my files. I think my Guardian Angel thinks I'm made of money? but did save me stress with not losing my files. My son has spent a few hours or more on getting it all up and running for me, now all I have to do is tweek things a little to suit me. At least that's the 3 things they say will go wrong if one goes?

Thank you all for your continuing comments. I really appreciate them all.

This lack of computer did in fact do me a favour, as I did a few stamped cards that made me think differently. I also did a clean up in my craft room, still a little way to go, but the worst is done - except for my ribbon drawers, ugh! 

This is one of the cards, done in a rush and delivered before I realised I had forgotten to take the upright of the card duh! I was trying to show you the shine I had. I mixed gold watercolour paint with the watercolour ink to get a shine and then added little dashes of the gold paint on it's own on the background. I diecut the image and added it to some blue card I found during my sorting. that was just the right size with a bit of straight cutting,  The cross and sentiment were cut from the offcut of the main image.
stamp - Mosaic Flower Chocolate Baroque 
ink - Distress ink
gold ink - Kuretake Starry Colours (bought after I saw what Greta did on her cards)
pin dies - Card Making Magic
cross die - Cut it and Make
insert sentiment - Magazine freebie
 this shows how shiny it was
this is the insert, a piece of the blue card with the gold paint used as edging.

It's also our 56th Anniversary today and hubby has surprised me with a meal out tonight, he said after all the stress this week with the 'puter and a couple of other things, he and I need to relax and concentrate on us for a change. Isn't he a darling? We don't usually celebrate "ordinary" Anniversaries, so this makes a nice change. I also had the most beauitful card with a beautiful verse, something else we don't do. I felt awful as I didn't do one for him! I'll have to make it up somehow?

Anyhow, apologies for a long post enjoy your weekend. I hope to visit asap