How to digitally paper piece

 Hi Everyone, I have had a couple of you ask how I digitally paper piece? So I thought I would show you. I use Photoshop CC  23.2.1 Release and DeeDee's Digis digital stamp, I'm afraid DeeDee's Digis digital stamps are no longer trading. The digital paper is by Karla Noel, from a Digital Press blog hop in 2018

  • Firstly I select the part of the image I want with the "magic selection tool" this produces "marching ants" as below. Sorry their too fine for you to see, but I promise they ARE there.

  • I copy the piece selected with the marching ants and then paste

  •  here I have coloured the layer so you can see where I pasted the layer


  • I add the plaid layer

  • Now I link the plaid to the shorts layer

  •  Now it's shading the plaid layer as you would with colouring or painting.


I haven't talked about the tools or shortcuts I used ie Ctrl A and Ctrl V etc, If you would like to know. Please contact me by email if you prefer. I am more than willing to let you know. It's a very quick and easy process.















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