24 April 2011

LIM 12 off centre

After missing last weeks challenge by 2 hours!!! I am making sure that I am on time for this one, maybe the sentiment came after I missed it lol.

I had downloaded a vintage set of art after being directed by someones blog, but I forget who and where, it's quite recent so if the person sees this and would let me know where it comes from I would be only to glad to give them credit, there are a lot of images.

The card is also based on a design by Sarita, I loved her card here  http://littleprincesscards.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2011-02-19T00%3A01%3A00-08%3A00&max-results=12

I used the art image of flowers and digitally placed a colour oval over the stamp, I used Sarita's idea of the sentiment and then printed out the card, but then made an error on the card size to print and the oval went slightly over the edge, but I like it, I then added velvet black ribbon and printed the sentiment, using 3D foam shapes, I placed the sentiment off the centre of the ribbon to be on the edge of the oval as it is on the edge, if you get my meaning!.

I hope you will forgive my "copy" but will try and enter another to make up for it.

22 April 2011

Hubby's birthday card

My hubby has been and stilll is a VERY handy man, so I thought as he is in the middle of painting the hallway he deserves a card in recognition of his handy work, downloaded this image from the web and used a sketch that I don't know from where now and Shabby Princess papers as background, he was pleased with it!

LIM week 11 Acetate AND I MISSED IT

It's 22.15 on Friday night, the very last day of the LIM challenge for acetate, I have been busy this week and this is my first chance to enter, I did this card in about 10 min, had ribbon to match the card and thought at least I have still not missed an entry, so here it is my 10 min make I think you may even see the fingerprints on the acetate lol.  I used one of my few stamps to stamp the sentiment with Stazon and it actually came out OK.
I can't believe it. I am gutted, my very first miss and I missed it by 2 hours, 'cause I fell asleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

17 April 2011

First rocker card

I have made a rocker card to my own pattern after seeing a few on different blogs.  I played with the shape on PS and then added some papers and an images from Elin Pellinkhof cut out shape on my cricut and after a few hours, this was the end result, I am quite pleased as it actually rocks, lol.

14 April 2011

You wait for one and 3 turn up together! lol

Well here I am for the LIM 10.  This has been, by far, the most difficult week of them all for me, I have tried quite a few ways of doing the sentiment, different words different pictures, but always came back to this, however the font has driven me crazy, I must have tried nearly every one of the fonts I have (a lot!!).  In the end, as I have quite a few orders to fulfill and Saturday is looming fast, I decided to go with this.

 It's an image I have from goodness knows where and the font I finally chose is McBoohmk.  The card I am afraid has no embellishments, it has been done just for me to say, I haven't failed to enter a card each week.  

The people who have entered more than one are to be congratulated on a wonderful achievement.  GO GIRLS!!     I'm sorry I haven't commented on so many this week, I'll try and make up for it next week.

I am in such a rush to enter this card, I didn't even take a decent picture, looks like this is not my week, never mind it's in the challenge and I have learnt a lot just looking at the brilliant cards entered, so many clever Gals out there.


Well here I am at last, I was asked to do a 21st birthday card for a friend's nephew, it didn't matter what it was, but champagne was mentioned, so I played around and this is what happened, I cut the numbers on my Cricut with the black slightly larger than the green, and added Summer Driggs papers as background.  Thankfully she was pleased with it.

I also played around with a digi stamp that I have had for a while, and dowloaded before I started adding names to them, this one has a number after it and is called "support 41610" if anyone knows who it's by I will add the name to iudentify it. Thanks
I added mica powder to the stamp and the bottom of the card, I haven't done this before, but was quite pleased with the sheen it added.

10 April 2011

SCAL and other cutting files for the Cricut - continued

Hi everyone, anyone using Cricut, will want to know about the on going litigation case about Make the Cuts and Provocraft.

This is an official statement released by Provocraft, here is the link


03 April 2011

Another post today!

Thought I would add the commision card I made, hope you like it.
The papers are by Shabby Princess and the digi cup cake is by D2D, as you can see I have decoupaged the flower and Stickled it also 3D gloss the candle, coloured on PS as usual.

At last

Hello, sorry not been on here for a while, but I have been busy with work, cards and feeling lazy!!!!!!  However this weekend I have made 2 18 year old cards, a commission friend card, my friend card and also done a few, although not enough, inserts for cards I have done previously, so sort of made up on the week.

I have also done my LIM wk 9 challenge, I was working on another card and came across the digi, I just thought of the challenge straight away, so here it is, hope you like it.
The stamp is a digi from Yours Truly I coloured the red and added Stickles, the font is FashionVictim