25 November 2012

First Craft fair tale

Hi everyone, well I expect you thought I had been sold at the craft fair too, no such luck sorry.

This is a picture heavy post, so please forgive me.

I had a whale of a day, from 10.30am until 5.30pm so many laughs.  Luckily I had gone to prepare, with others, my table the night before, because as soon as I got there I started selling, Which was a shock as it wasn't supposed to open until 2pm, but all the other stall holders were going around and buying early so they had a chance to buy as well.  I don't know if this is usual as I hadn't ever attended a craft fair with a table of my own.  I suppose it wasn't really what you call a "real" craft fair as it was for the church and held in the church too.  Plenty of really good home made goodies though.  I bought a jar of whiskey marmalade and cherry brandy Xmas pudding, and a couple of caramel toffee cakes, well I had to feed myself in the few hours there didn't I?

It started a week before, when I was asked if I would have a table, then luckily as I am only working 2 days a week, it meant 14 hour days and being fed and watered by my DH while I carried on making and making.  I made my last card at 10.30pm the night before, to replace the ones I sold on the Friday night, I had made some of the church.  I made another 18 with all the card I had left and sold them before 3pm, wish I had made many more, it would have made even more money for the church funds. However I was very pleased with what I had to give them afterwards.

I certainly came away far lighter and with less bags than going, thankfully, I hope to take them into work this week and raise more money this time for the department.

Enough of me waffling I hear you say, here are the piccies.  I didn't have chance to take any photos of the finished products, so had to take them in church., my excuse for the quality of the photos.  Hope you like them and that this post makes up for my absence, I have been busy making more cards, but they are for another post or 2.

I made a photo of the church into a drawing in PS.

Sugared and Cinnamon flavoured pecan nuts so easy to make
The packaging of the nuts

My table
part of the table showing some of my makes

more piccies of my makes

Snowman soup and Reindeer food
note books etc
My little piggies with help from here
instructions for piggie wand

13 November 2012


Creat with TLC is spreading kindness -

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 SO that's what I am doing here today.  GO to Creat with TLC  and spread some yourself :)

10 November 2012

Info on no posts.

Hi everyone, sorry I've not been around, but I have been asked to make some things for our church crafrt fair.  I'm afraid I've gone silly, when I can I'll post some piccies, for you to see my attempts.  Plus an order.
Hope to see you soon.

01 November 2012


I love when the children come around dressed up for Halloween, but as it was pouring with rain with strong winds last night, we only had the little girl a couple of doors up and her friend, AND I was all prepared with wrappers around the mini chocolate bars. boo hoo, oh! well they'll come for next year perhaps, the wrappers I mean not the chocolate.

As I have no little ones around, I have borrowed my God-Daughter's daughter to make this layout.  I had the photo a little earlier today.  It seems that 12 year old Imogen, made herself up and dressed herself to be as scary as possible, I think she succeeded LOL.  She also carved the pumpin out, isn't it brilliant?

This is a digital page, I used the kit Little Witch by Carin Grobe at Digital Scrapbooking Studio.

I am going to enter the following challenges
http://thesisterhoodofcrafters.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/a-halloween-challenge.html  Halloween challenge

http://thepapershelter.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/challenge-88-anything-goes.html  Anything Goes

http://mymumscraftshopchallenges.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/challenge3-82-bold-bright.html  Bold and Bright

http://atsblog.typepad.com/wednesdayschallenge/2012/10/anything-goes.html  Anything Goes