29 October 2011

Baby words

I did this in order to do a baby girl card, not sure if I will use it, but had 10 minutes to play for a change and started it in Wordles here, I wanted words on paper, but now I am not sure about the colour combination and whether I can use it on the card I intend to do, you are welcome to use it if you like it. I'd love to know if you do like it. Please give me credit if you use it.

HR Thank you

I was asked by my manager to make a thank you card reflecting it was from the department, as you know I work in a Hospital Theatre Dept it was because we are getting new HR people and this was to thank the “old” ones.

The card is 8x8, the blue background is Blue Xmas, I think by Funky Fairy, a freebie, Bra template from HERE   I cut it out in the Fairycuts program on my Cricut I added a cut out pattern to the bra, I made another plain layer, stickled the bottom layer and then stuck on the cut out pattern top layer,  it worked, so that the glue came through the cut out layer, rather than trying to follow the pattern, as it is quite fine, hope that makes sense.

I saw some stick men on the web and as I can’t draw, I thought I would copy the body and make my own faces, this was fun seeing the faces take shape as I added the eyebrows thick for him and the lashes for her, don’t you love them lol, I did them with shapes and playing and colouring in PS, I then copied a surgical face mask from the web and adjusted it to fit their faces, then used it to make a backing paper, I  used the cut out piece of the bra to add to the top right corner, all in all I am quite pleased with it. Hope my boss is.

23 October 2011


Here I am, thought you had got rid of me?, no chance, maybe a few days or more between, but I am able to post once in a while (laughing!)

I was asked to do a card for a friends son, so here it is, it had to be a Yamaha Dragster Cruiser motorbike, hope I have the right one, as there were loads on the web.  I used Summertime Designs Limeade Black Damask for the backing paper, the red check from Jannisscrapdesigns, the small rectangles are also SummertimeDesigns from This is Love, the font is Budmo Jiggler.
The wheels are a cut file I made myself, I copied a wheel picture off the web, my husband then told me they don't look like wheels they need a tyre, so I then made a circle to fit the wheel, I cut the centre from mirror card and the tyre from black - naturally!  I then put it all together following a sketch from Papertake Weekly.

I have a WPC cutting file if anyone wants to try it, I haven't done anything like it before, so would appreciate some feed back on the wheels and if it can be used by others.  I use Fairycuts, but have been told the file can be changed to SVG, sorry I don't know how. I don't seem able to get Fairycuts to save as SVG, there may be a way, but I'm still learning it.  Just thought I have a PDF too, leave a comment and I'll get back to you or email me and request whichever, if it works I'll post here.

16 October 2011

2nd post for today

On the "Send A Smile 4 Kids Challenge Blog" there is a challenge for teenage girls cards, I made this for my niece so thought I would enter it. 

The papers are Limeade by Summertime Designs, the slices of lime look like ruffled ribbon I thought, I cut them and the ribbon bow which is one of the elements, Stickled the bow and the cut out circles, then added buttons to the lime slices.  The girl digi stamp, already coloured, is from Trina Clarke, I adjusted the colours to match the papers.

Long time no blog!

It's been a while since I blogged, lots going on that have made it the lowest on my priorities, my apologies.

I have made a couple of things that I thought I would show you. This post will be for the poster I was asked to make for work ( I work in a hospital Theatre Dept) and the Christmas party, I went all out with it, it taught me things on Photoshop, just hope that I will remember a few of them LOL.  I also made tickets to match.
The dancers are by Nana Vic, the tree is a PS brush so are the snowflakes and the fireworks, sorry can't remember from who,  the Santa sleigh is by Teresa Kogut from the collection Christmas Snowman in PC HugBugs I have had for a few years.  I have blurred the venue.  The lesson on how to do the background was HERE