29 December 2011

Rocking Mouse Ooooops - He's a RABBIT! - Sorry

I hope you all had a Happy Christmas, mine was lovely, very quiet, but things I thought would get in the way didn't materialise and what a difference it made. So relaxing after a long period of worry and strain, I was so chilled I was nearly horizontal.
Anyway enough of the moans, here is a card I made to enter a challenge I haven't been to for a while and as I hadn't used this image before and the challenge lasted 2 weeks, well I had to LOL

 The papers, frame and clock are by Moonies RetroDiva, from DAISIE, I have had it for years, the sentiment is by Van Femke and the mouse sorry - Rabbit!, well I had it before saving who by, but the name is below the digi. If anyone knows please let me know and I'll add it, for credit to be given to the artist. I coloured it in PS added some Stickles and decoupaged the mouse.  Hope you like it.

I am entering it into

Rock and Roll challenge

Music Retro related

Anything Goes



19 December 2011

MORE papers

Hi, Sorry it's been a long delay between posts, just that time of year I'm afraid and busy like everyone else, I am enjoying doing a bit of creating in the meantime and hope you like what I have on offer for you today, here is the card I made from the papers.

The papers are jazzy, must have been a bit crazy when I did them LOL.  The digi stamp which I LOVE! (I want a dress that makes me that shape LOL) is by creativemindofsylvie. The font is Nauvoo.

I'd love to know if you have downloaded them successfully, I'm afraid it will have to be this way until I learn how to upload a file LOL. also would love to see any cards or anything else you do with them.

11 December 2011

Welsh Dragon card

I was asked if I had a Welsh language card the other day and as I didn't, I decided to make one.  The dragon is by Elizabeth Dulemba he seems to be saying a greeting I thought, so this is Happy Birthday, which I have written in Welsh on the card, I added a cave found on Google by Funfonix, I coloured it and the dragon in PS and added our national flag at the entrance , seemed apt for a dragon's house LOL  I added Glamour Dust to the 3D'd dragon, and before you ask No! I don't speak Welsh, but can understand some and read it and I can sing the national anthem  in Welsh.
By the way, this is roughly how you say Happy Birthday in Welsh  "pen-blu-ith-hapis". (the th is hard as in the)  also another bit of info, my logo has the daffodil, which is the national flower.

I have put this card here

http://basicgreychallenges.blogspot.com/   ANYTHING GOES

09 December 2011

green challenge

It's been a while since I entered a challenge, but with the same subject and in 2 of my favourite blogs  I had to do it LOL, this is a Meljens Designs image and the paper piecing are the check paper by Audrey Jean Roberts and the striped by Cathi_Autumn Green stripe paper.  I added Glamour Dust to the sentiment and the hearts and around the pears, don't know if you can see it, but it looks pretty and sparkly.

The challenges entered are


edited 18/12/11 
I made Top 5 in Meljens with this  card, absolutely thrilled to bits :)

06 December 2011

Early morning

Hi I am at the computer early for me, just 8am, couldn't sleep any more, I am leave and this is my normal time to be in work - at the computer LOL  Anyway, here is my post for today.

One of my SIL rang at 9.45 the other night to tell me that a neighbour of ours was celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary the next day, Oh! no I didn't have anything ready, so had a look back at cards I had done, I found one where the inside and verse was suitable, but not the front, so as it was late had a look at my cutting files and found a cutting file heart from Cards by Bird, I added a 60 on top of the heart, cut it out of silver card, printed their names on the front of the card and added the heart, a litttle ribbon and done, posted through their door at 6.30 in the morning, one pleased couple thankfully. The picture isn't good as it WAS late taking it.

04 December 2011

Your wish is my command!

Here are the papers I used on Deserve the moon, hope you like them and thanks for the encouragement.   I know they are much brighter but it was the mood I was in - thankfully LOL.  I'd love it if you would give me credit if you use them.

03 December 2011

Deserve the Moon!

Here is a card I made with new papers I have been trying out, quite bright ay? The image and sentiment is by Marlene at Squigglefly, I just love this image, it's just my sense of humour, I can see me using this often.  I paper pieced the image, again with my papers, added more to the background and edged it with the dark plain paper I have matched in the set. I then used Atomic Cupcake chalk edging in the same colour as the darker paper. I also did a shadow of the image which I think gives it a bit of depth. I also added clear gloss finish to her specs. All done in PS except the glaze of course LOL. The centre is raised as 3d.

If you would like me doing more papers for download, please leave a comment if anyone is interested I shall add them here as I did before.