05 May 2011

A rocky flower bed!

This photograph was taken at Porthcawl a beautiful seaside with some amazing rock formations, a few days ago, this was the first and last picture taken while we were there, as the battery ran for cover in the high wind argh!  I suppose I should have checked before we went out ay?  I had hoped to take how far up on the rocks the tree trunk has been washed up, oh! well perhaps another time.

I love going there as it was where we spent many times when courting 48 years ago!! HOW MUCH! it certainly doesn't feel like it :)  45 years married in June, bless him, if I had been married to me, I would have divorced me years ago.


Loli said...

Hello Faith, thank you for your comment, i'm happy to see you in my blog.
Beautiful place, 11 years married in june and i'm pisces:D
Have a nice week, a hug from Palma de Mallorca

Vicky Hayes said...

What a great picture - isn't it amazing that flowers can survive amongst all the rocks like this! 45 years of marriage is quite a thing these days!