13 January 2013

Cowboy Fan Card

Hiya everyone.  I had a wonderful time with my brothers and their wives yesterday, my youngest (65) is a fabulous cook and he gave us a feast, of, I suppose "ordinary food" prawn cocktail, pork roast dinner, apple pie and raspberry cheesecake, but oh! how I wish I had taken photos of it all, the taste oh! yum yum yum.  He said he had the pork marinating for 2 days, but we were all salivating so much I didn't get to hear what with, must get him to give me the recipe, all I can say is that it looked like beef when he was carving it on the table, but it melted in the mouth and the taste? mmmmmmm, the presentation - fabulous.  I think I shall stop there? There's only so much you can take without pictures and smell. However it was all DELICIOUS.

Baby brother has charge of a scrapbook my grandfather made around 1913, how do I know that? Grandpa used a sales representatives album of greeting cards and they are all print dated 1913.  Grandpa then placed photos and drawings and things that were important to him around and even on top of the cards.  There is a photo of his Grandmother with written under it "Gran aged 94" This must have been his Grandmother, our Great great Grandmother. It was so good looking back on these photographs we all were brought up with, as my Grandfather lived with us while we were growing up and was much loved.

He left school at 10 years of age and went down the mines, he told us his initiation down the mine was to puff a pipe, he smoked his pipe until he died and the smell of pipe smoke is a wonderful memory for me (us all).  I remember when I was very young, he used to take me and baby brother for walks, he would tell us about nature and what the names of everything was, he even cut some plants dried them and mixed it with his tobacco, to supplement his tobacco, as money was tight then. He had beautiful writing, wrote poems and painted his drawings using watercolour paints, he was a photographer while it was in it's infancy. He died in 1957 aged 87. Again I had better stop, before you all leave and never come back LOL.

I will get his poems out and perhaps post one or 2 here. There are hundreds LOL.

Welcome to my new follower and all of you, and thank you for thinking I am good enough to follow.

Anyhow, you are here to see my cards (I hope)

Today I have a card I made before Christmas, didn't have time to do any yesterday as you know now.

The papers are Pink Petticoat Star paper, the circle is grey dot, the Cowboy star and helmets I copied from the web, the Cowboys written on the star was printed on the star then cut out and around the C and S to make it  3D. The helmets and the little star on the sentiment was also 3D.  I used this sketch, all done in PS.

Winter Blues

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Sally H said...

A fabulous card, and I really enjoyed reading about your grandfather - it brought back memories of mine, especially the walks in the countryside. He would always have a tupperware or a bag in his pocket to collect berries and took them home for Nan to make jam, blackberry vinegar, rosehip syrup... I'd better stop before you get bored!!!

kelly ledder said...

Fabulous faiths and oh how I wish I had eaten that meal yummy!

Shirley Young said...

Sounds like you had a great day Faith. I love looking at old photos.
Lovely card too.

Shar B said...

Excellent card! Love all those fab blues! Thanks for playing the Winter Blues Rebel Challenge at RRD!

Go Cowboys!

Aileen said...

Fab male card. x

Pauline said...

What a gorgeous card Faith, so effective with the lovely blues and the fabulous star design.

P.G. Lamb said...

Love that Cowboys' card! The blues are perfect! Thanks for sharing your card with us at My Sheri Crafts!

Bunny said...

I have been a Dallas fan since I was in the 1 digit age. I'll be turning double nickels this year and I'm still a Cowboys fan. I would love to receive that card. Some may think it's a masculine card, but a lot of us Dallas fans are feminine. Love the card.