05 October 2016

Decal plant pot!

Hi Everyone, I don't know what is happening to my time. My computer, which I usually spend quite a lot of time on, has had to take second and even third place recently. My apologies if I haven't got around to commenting on your makes, the "Robot" comes up too quickly and slows me down, so I have to stop and wait until the next day, any ideas how to stop it coming up would be appreciated.

Anyhow on to my make today, A while ago I saw that Paulette at Create with TLC had added a decal to her plant pot with one of her wonderful quotes, I have been looking around a couple of companies and eventually after a lot of procrastinating - yep! and procraftinating, I went ahead and bought some and here is the result.

I added 6 TLC designs to the A4 sheet (just in case)
(as I couldn't make up my mind which to use)
and wasted 5 of them, choice made for me!
then I went online to see how to do it
 and it's so easy! Should have looked first LOL.

Print - spray with clear varnish, a few coats to make it waterproof, 
(If you have an inject printer as I do.)
 I suggest outdoors, as the varnish has quite a strong smell.

cut around the image, soak in water for about 20 seconds,
just as you can slide it slightly off the carrier piece.
remove the piece from the water
 apply to the pot or whatever else, 
pull at the carrier piece and correct placement if needed.
I hope you understand all that.

 Here is the result, the rose should have had more flowers, but 
for a total price of £2 for a trial I am  thrilled and will be
 perusing Create with TLC for more great quotes to make some presents.


Jacki Daniels said...

Love this how pretty and unique I see lots of people getting these for Christmas lol hope you're well x

Shona Erlenborn said...

Fabulous! So am I right in thinking that the words are sticking to the underside of the varnish?

cotnob said...

THhs is brilliant Faith, I might have to give it a go.

Nancy said...

What a fantastic project, Faith! That's the perfect choice for your beautiful plant! :o)

Carol L said...

Now that's the truth! LOL Great idea to use a decal like this - it's wonderful! So are all the vintage beauties you've been posting recently too :)

Shirley Young said...

Lovely idea Faith x

Anonymous said...

Love this Faith. I've used decal paper in the past and it is great fun. But what a great idea for personalising presents. Thank you for sharing. x

Hetty said...

That sure looks great and so very in fashion these days with sentiments on everything! I love what you have done and thanks for describing the journey on how to do this! Looking forward to see more.
And I sure wish there was a shop where one could buy time!

MagsB said...

What a lovely sentiment, Faith, it looks fabulous on the pot!

love Mags B x

Linby said...

Great sentiment and how clever to put it on a plant pot. For the "robot" I never tick it as it doesn't need to be ticked! if that is what you mean ;)

Kate said...

This is FABULOUS!! I'm a great lover of quotes so am especially taken with this project. Sorry that five didn't work out but now you know for next time! Love it!!

Deedee said...

What a fun project, Faith! I splurged on a Cricut cutting machine a few months ago -- the first new craft supply I'd bought in years so I figure all the money I didn't spend had added up to that. Supposedly it can do stuff like this but I haven't gotten the nerve up to try -- lol! Seeing your beautiful pot makes me think I might give it a go.

NanaConnie said...

What a great decor idea, Faith! BTW, on the "robot" thingy - if it's the Captcha one, I just ignore it. I've found that comments continue to post just as well even when I don't click on the "Not a Robot" tool. :-D