31 January 2013

Woof card and emergency!

Hi everyone, my working day on Tuesday was longer than normal, as I had  taken a phone call in the office while I was finishing off my work to let my manager know that we had a potential major incident. Which was interesting, as I hadn't been in the hospital when it had happened before.

We (including admin - me!) were put on high alert for an incoming large accident, we were told someone had been killed and to expect large numbers of major injuries.  It was fascinating to see everyone get into emergency mode with everyone having an empty Theatre allocated for the incoming injured expected, plans drawn on a white board so everyone knew when and where they should be when receiving patients to Theatre, everyone having a role with telephone numbers ready to call in extra staff if needed.

We were on high alert for about half an hour, when we were told that there were 10 minor injuries coming in and to stand down. The people who were due to have gone off earlier could now make their way home, including me.  It was such a relief to hear that there were only minor injuries for the sake of the patients,.

For me to see my colleagues in a major incident situation, made me realise that these ordinary, fun loving great men and women, I work with, are heroes and were doing their work as they normally do every day, but not as I have seen it before.  I am so fortunate to have been included.

After all that to boring - my card LOL.

It's a card I did after trying to get my mojo going, still in trouble with mojo though.

I had a look through my sketches to see if one would pop out and let my imagination go and thankfully one did from Splitcoasters.

My card is made with papers and elements from a scrapbook kit A Dogs Life by Gina Cabrera, I 3D'd the dog and ball and cut some grass out on my Cricut from a file by Cards by Bird, I then placed the sentiment on the top also from the same kit.  The inside is all digi and done in PS.

I shall enter the following challenges with this card


28 January 2013

It's Monday

It's Monday and I still have the mojo blues, oh well!  I will have to wait for it to come back.

I had work today, everyone was in the doldrums, so I felt better that it must be the awful weather we have been having the last couple of months.  Now it seems even Australia can't escape the floods, so awful for everyone in which ever country is involved.

I saw a film the other day that had the moon hit by a meteorite and it caused the moon to split, the world had horrendous weather as the moon had tilted off balance, of course they were able to close the split with dropping a nuclear bomb in it, which caused magnetism of the iron in the Moon to correct everything itself! Perhaps that's what's happened to the moon and why we have such awful weather all over the world at the moment?  NO I'm not mad, well only a little, but I do love Sci fi and the improbability that the stories are. LOL

Anyhow on to a card I made last week.  As I said no mojo, so looking through my cutting files I came across this pretty Daisy file by Krewella Kreations Here  I was also lucky as Leza had a photo as an example, so I cased it, (for some reason I have gone to her blog and she has a different example!) this is the one I cased I chose a colour scheme from the file I chose for the bunting and the inside, Pretty as a Peacock by A-Manda Creations, I'm not sure of the front colour, I think it's the green card, perhaps if I had put more of the turquoise corner paper by Pink Petticoat it says especially for you through it.  The green and purple card is Bazzille embossed card.  I'm glad to say he liked it, but there what do men know LOL.

 (PS. I hope they will be on their way to repair the Moon soon!)

26 January 2013

75th birthday

Well the snow has gone around these parts, but rain is "persistent" washed all the snow and dirt away.  We had a few hours of blessed sunshine which we have been told will be our last for another few days, It's hammering down at the moment, at least it's dark and I can't see it.

Now enough of my "SAD" (seasonal defective disorder) offerings, didn't think I suffered from it, but I could be at the moment.  I just want some SUN.
had this from Here

 Anyhow enough of the doldrums, on to my cards. I think I may have found a junior mojo, I did 3 cards yesterday and another one today, not as good as I hoped, but on the mend so to speak. I shall post them separately in case I lose junior mojo again LOL.  I have had this order for at least 3 weeks and couldn't get anything together, the remit was Rugby League, Golf, Miner, Fishmonger, Furniture Shop, Launderette and the RAF.  I tried and tried different things, maybe that's what made everything go to pot.  In the end I thought I would do a "Wordle" HERE  I put all the relevant words in with DAD and 75th birthday and it came out with the closeup here, after I had repeated the words a lot of times!  It didn't seem to be enough to put on the front of the card, so I added relevant pictures by the main words, then cut around it.  I cut the 75 and DAD on my Cricut with different paper from Papermania, which is embossed.  The main background is Stripes by Marisa Lerin at Pixel Scrapper and the ribbon is an overlay which you can colour yourself from Christine Smith.  I just hope it will be suitable. 

21 January 2013

simple card

Hi, what a weekend ay? snow, snow, and more snow, although I think we have had it pretty good to other parts of the country.  Haven't any news or going on's, as it's been a stay at home time due to the weather, after all us oldies have to be careful in the snow LOL.  My DH is on his oath with me, as he doesn't want a repeat of my 5 months illness after a fall in the snow in December 2010, although my doctor told me one of her patients had died doing the same thing, so I got away lightly with concussion and whiplash after bouncing my head on a high kerb. Ouch!

This week mojo has well and truly GONE out to play in the snow, I have a card to show you, though I did it the week before last.  It's papers, image and sentiment from Pink Petticoat, it's a sketch I really like that I have used many times, by Melissa Craig  TMS#40.  I printed the card with all the shapes and sentiment in place which I had done in PS, then layered the square onto the card and 3D'd the flower, a little glitter voila.

I thought as there have been some wonderful photos, on blogs (I follow) recently, I would show you this "action" photo of one of our blackbirds having a wash, I have been drawn to this bird as he must be an offspring of a blackbird, who comes into the garden, he has a white collar and white on his front, this one has white tail feathers in amongst his black, I nearly got one of him, with him just standing in a great pose but DH went out and he flew away.  I expect that is why naturalists stay for hours, days or weeks looking for the perfect shot.  Oh! well if I can capture a shot of him again I'll let you see him.  You may be able to just see the "splash" of white in his tail.

Stay warm everyone.

18 January 2013

50th birthday card

 Hello from snowy Wales and in fact the UK.  We were just outside the red warning area, which was just as well, we had 4 inches of snow, but by this afternoon we were able to drive out of our estate down 2 very steep hills onto the main road, which was clear, we were luckier than a lot of people, it did look beautiful though.  Here's some photos of it, not as deep as 2010.

The first one is a daffodil nearly through, hopefully the snow will slow it's growth for it to come out for St David's day on March 1st. However if we continue to be mild and wet after the snow, I expect it will be open for February.  The other is looking up at the garden.

Anyhow here is my card for today, a birthday card for my niece, it doesn't seem possible 3 of them of them will be over 50 this year, and me a mere fledgling, ahem!  I used a scrapbook kit Summers in Sconsett  by Aimee Harrison, as I was last minute doing it.  I love the trellis and flowers, made the cluster from the elements for either side of the frame, glittered it and it was done, (as if), it took more time than I thought it would, probably because of the clusters I did. I'm thrilled I have at least learned to do shadows making them look 3D.  (this is a flat card)

No challenges today, not enough time to see what's out there!

16 January 2013


Hi, a quiet day today, freezing cold, but at least no snow.  A very short post today.

Sometimes you need a card to send a hug, thank someone, to cheer them up, to send sympathy, get well and let's be honest we ALL need a hug now and then don't we.  I cased this card from one I received when I was ill, it really cheered me up.  I thought I would use it to send someone else a hug.  I used  "Embrace" by Gina Jane at DAISIE, which I 3D'd, it seemed perfect for my needs.  I added a pink shape for the bottom of the card and used a star PS brush to make the little stars on the paper. The lovely quote is by TLC Creations.  Quite a different card for me ay?, but I do love the sentiment and the embrace matched it so well.  Wish the photo was better, but in the dark days we have had anything is good LOL.


http://heckofachallenge.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/january-2013-challenge-thank-you.html  Thank you

http://celebratetheoccasion.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/challenge-95.html  Thank you

http://daisydoodlescreativechallenges.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/challenge-75.html  Fresh and Simple

15 January 2013

Thomas the tank engine

Hello everyone, my working week is over. LOL It looks like I will be home instead of travelling, in the snow that's due for us.  At the moment we are lucky, the mountains around us have it, but we don't, hope it stays like that, especially with all the upheaval and accidents it has brought with it in the last 24 hours. EXCEPT I do love to see it and walk in it, I'm contrary ay?

I am going to try and clean my kitchen cupboards this week, but, what I really want is to have a new kitchen, I wonder if the kitchen fairy is listening and magic it up for me. oh! well we can dream can't we?
I drew this fairy in PS with my mouse and shapes, (hope it doesn't frighten you) I think I'll be able to sell it for a new kitchen wot u fink?

Anyhow on to my card for today, I made this for a friends grandson who is mad on Thomas the Tank Engine,  I had the picture off the web and made a background paper in PS out of it to match the card, I added a frame and after I had printed and put it together, I  3D'd the engine, the number 1, the name and a train cut file from HERE

http://ooh-la-la-creationschallenges.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/happy-birthday-challenge-121.html  Happy Birthday  (Yep!)

http://cardsformen.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/challenge-1-men-at-work.html  Men at Work  (Thomas is working!)

http://bearlymine-challenges.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/challenge-69-anything-goes.html  Anything Goes  (Yep!)

14 January 2013

Butterfly birthday / Grandpa's poem

I won't bore you with such a long post today, but I will post a short poem written by my Grandfather, which I have given a bit of age to (hopefully)

Now on to my card, a friend of mine wanted a card for her mother's birthday, pretty and pink! I have an SVG file from Shirley's Cards  Here that I have wanted to use for ages, this being my first opportunity to use it.  I made the cutting file slightly larger so I had a 6 x 6 card. and adjusted the other parts as well.

I used a white card for the aperture part and pink for the rest, I also added another cut butterfly to place over the white part, then used the other cut one to 3D over that. I hope this is making sense?

I then printed out, after resizing in PS, a floral circle element from the Urban Garden kit by, ETC by Danyale at Digichick, as a backing for the butterfly.  Sparkled it up with Glamour dust and added bling from Papermania at The Range. Oh! yes and I did notice the bling wasn't straight after taking the photo and straightened it.  This is also the first time I have used so many different cut out elements, but I like it, hope you do.

This is entering the following challenges

http://scrappyfrogschallenge.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/try-something-new.html   Try Something New  (The cut file)

http://redcarpetstudiochallenge.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/rcs-19-butterfly-effect.html  The Butterfly Effect - Include a butterfly, (Yep! I have)

http://quirkycrafts.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/some-thing-newwith-pink-1st-quirky.html  Something New with Pink.  (The cut file is first time using and I have lots of pink!)

13 January 2013

Cowboy Fan Card

Hiya everyone.  I had a wonderful time with my brothers and their wives yesterday, my youngest (65) is a fabulous cook and he gave us a feast, of, I suppose "ordinary food" prawn cocktail, pork roast dinner, apple pie and raspberry cheesecake, but oh! how I wish I had taken photos of it all, the taste oh! yum yum yum.  He said he had the pork marinating for 2 days, but we were all salivating so much I didn't get to hear what with, must get him to give me the recipe, all I can say is that it looked like beef when he was carving it on the table, but it melted in the mouth and the taste? mmmmmmm, the presentation - fabulous.  I think I shall stop there? There's only so much you can take without pictures and smell. However it was all DELICIOUS.

Baby brother has charge of a scrapbook my grandfather made around 1913, how do I know that? Grandpa used a sales representatives album of greeting cards and they are all print dated 1913.  Grandpa then placed photos and drawings and things that were important to him around and even on top of the cards.  There is a photo of his Grandmother with written under it "Gran aged 94" This must have been his Grandmother, our Great great Grandmother. It was so good looking back on these photographs we all were brought up with, as my Grandfather lived with us while we were growing up and was much loved.

He left school at 10 years of age and went down the mines, he told us his initiation down the mine was to puff a pipe, he smoked his pipe until he died and the smell of pipe smoke is a wonderful memory for me (us all).  I remember when I was very young, he used to take me and baby brother for walks, he would tell us about nature and what the names of everything was, he even cut some plants dried them and mixed it with his tobacco, to supplement his tobacco, as money was tight then. He had beautiful writing, wrote poems and painted his drawings using watercolour paints, he was a photographer while it was in it's infancy. He died in 1957 aged 87. Again I had better stop, before you all leave and never come back LOL.

I will get his poems out and perhaps post one or 2 here. There are hundreds LOL.

Welcome to my new follower and all of you, and thank you for thinking I am good enough to follow.

Anyhow, you are here to see my cards (I hope)

Today I have a card I made before Christmas, didn't have time to do any yesterday as you know now.

The papers are Pink Petticoat Star paper, the circle is grey dot, the Cowboy star and helmets I copied from the web, the Cowboys written on the star was printed on the star then cut out and around the C and S to make it  3D. The helmets and the little star on the sentiment was also 3D.  I used this sketch, all done in PS.

Winter Blues

http://myshericrafts.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/my-sheri-crafts-challenge-101-all-sports.html  All Sports

http://thesquirrelandthefox.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/challenge-35-anything-goes.html  Anything Goes

12 January 2013

Salt and Pepper

I know odd title, but it's because of the image I have today.  It all started with Some Odd Girl blog, which had a sketch for their challenge, I liked it, so looked through  my Odd Girl digis and spied this and as Spring with weddings, engagements are coming up decided to go with Salt and Pepper.

I used Unforgettable papers and elements from Aimee Harrison, I've used it a lot, beautiful flowers in it, I made a cluster on top of the heart shape, from PS, after clipping the paper to it. then clipped more paper to the S&P and used a glitter style for the tops. couldn't find a quote I liked to match the image,so made up my own, not sure about it though, I may redo it.  I 3D'd the S&P and the quote.

We are off to Weston-Super-Mare today for our get together for our Mum's birthday as I said in an earlier post she would have been a hundred today, so we have used it as an excuse to get together.  I  made little boxes last night, (late doing things as always)  in Mum's colours (blue, lavender and pink) for the 5 of us and our spouses.  I have forgotten to take a photo of them and as I am on the verge of leaving haven't time to do it now.  I think that's it for today.

http://www.someoddgirlblog.com/2013/01/january-challenge/  Sketch

10 January 2013

Alphabet Safari

A quick post tonight as we are off to see The Hobbit, I loved the trilogy of the Lord of the Rings, so hope I shall enjoy this too.  A horrible dark rainy day again today, so may as well be in the dark of the film.

My card tonight was inspired again by Less is More and their request for B&W with  a splash of colour, looking through my digis I found this wonderful image by Elizabeth Dulemba, Here aren't their expressions great?  I also found in my files this fab alphabet by Megan Turnidge Here, it was only after I placed and finished the greeting that I noticed the digi is "Alphabet Safari" hows that for a play on words, sometimes I am too clever by far (if I really was clever I would have planned it LOL)

Here it  is

http://simonsaysstampschallenge.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/blackwhite-splash-of-colour.html  B&W splash of colour

http://simplylessismoore.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/happy-new-year-101.html  B&W splash of colour

09 January 2013

50th Birthday dance

Woweeeee we have SUN, at last, cor! it don't alf make me feel better, OR is that because I was "a lady who lunches" today with girlfriends who all worked together when we were in our teens, I haven't seen one of them for about 20 years, it was lovely and we are going to meet again in February, I look forward to that.

On  to my card for today, It's an 8 x 8 card I made for a colleagues 50th birthday, the digi stamp is by DigiDarla and the papers used are a kit "Unforgettable" by Aimee Harrison, I also used the papers, pieced onto the digi in PS.  I made up a "bouquet" in the corner out of the flower elements in the same kit, then stretched it so I could use it on the words, again in PS. I 3D'd the image and added lots of sparkle and a ribbon.  Hope you can see the sparkle, I used Glamour dust.

Here are the challenges I am entering

http://cachallenge.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/blauw-en-roze-pink-and-blue.html  Use Pink and Blue

http://www.craftysentiments.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/sparkle-and-shineglitter.html  Sparkle

http://canyoudigiit.com/blog/2013/01/cydi-challenge-26-sparkle-sparkle/  Sparkle Sparkle

08 January 2013


Hello everyone, another dark dismal rainy day, when is this going to end? the weather men say tomorrow, and it will get colder for a couple of days, then the rain or even snow will come in for the weekend aarrrrrgggghhhh!

My mother would have been 100 this weekend (13/01/13).  My 4 brothers and their wives and myself and hubby are meeting at my youngest brother in the West country from different places of the UK.  A REALLY good excuse to get together, we haven't all been together for 2 years, so this will be a lovely and talk about old times about her. LOL.  SO it would be good for a little sunshine to shine on us for a change.

Anyhow, on to my card.

.The Less is More challenge - I am entering again, 2 weeks running after being MIA for so long.  The criteria being -

The beginning of a new year and the beginning of a new month means one thing at "Less is More" and that is a colour challenge and for this time we have chosen 
with a touch or a splash, a hint or suggestion, a dab or a  patch of 
a colour of your choice!

I have done a card with maybe too much colour - nah! can't be, can it? Oh! well here it is.  The Victorian lady is off the web, why did I think of corsets? goodness only knows how my mind works sometimes, (maybe 'cause after Xmas I need one LOL) but I had to find a quote or something to go with it, plain Happy Birthday wouldn't do. I came across this one and a card was made, so to speak.  I coloured her corset in PS then 3D'd her on photo paper, I don't often use photo paper and had forgotten how much shine it gives, in this case the lady did seem to be off the card.  Hope you like it.

http://simplylessismoore.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/happy-new-year-101.html  B&W splash of colour

http://www.abcchallenges.blogspot.co.uk/  Clean and Simple card

http://kaboodledoodles.blogspot.co.uk/   Vintage

06 January 2013

Baby by Bugaboo

I love my digi stamps, especially the humerous ones, so this baby card follows the humour.

The digi stamp came with the Bugaboo Feb Newslatter, last year I think, I have used it before but haven't blogged or even taken a photo of it for some reason.  Anyhow, here it is I used Pink Petticoat papers on the bottle and the card and coloured the rest in PS, I added a ribbon and stuck it so it was raised, something I have only done digitally in PS.  I may have raised it too high, but I do like the effect, so probably will do it again.  I used a quote from Create with TLC  which I think says it all LOL.   Hope you like it.

I'll enter the following challenges

http://catchthebugblog.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/january-anything-goes.html  Anything Goes

http://crazy4challenges.blogspot.co.uk/   Ribbons and Bows

http://robynsfetishchallengeblog.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/challenge-141-anything-goes-152013.html  Anything Goes

http://willowsketchiechallenge.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/anything-goes-or-sonias-sketch-3rd.html  Anything Goes

04 January 2013

Congratulations card

I have just had an email showing me the wonderful ShowCASe of 2012 cards from Less is More and realised I had not made a card for the challenge there in such a long time and as my resolution is to enter challenges this year, I felt I should enter and not just peek in and look as I usually do. 

The challenge is  -

This challenge will last for two weeks over the festivities and we have decided to start our Christmas celebrations with a whizz and have chosen
as our recipe.
You can choose tea, coffee, water, sodas, alcohol of course if you wish, in fact any drink at all...

I have 4 hours to enter!!!!!! So I looked at what I have to do with drink, - a LOT - but felt as I know someone who is getting married I thought I would do something for them, I chose an Audrey Jean Roberts image which I love, I glittered it, although you probably can't see it as the photo was taken in the kitchen at 5.30pm today when it is pitch black and raining (again) outside.  The font, I love, is Aphrodite Text. 

03 January 2013

Something old and Something New

One of my brother's has been sorting through his photographs and came across these of him and me in about 1959, I was thrilled as I don't think I had seen it before or so long ago I had forgotten about it.  I just love the car, it seems this particular model was known as the Doctor's coupe.  Now you know I haven't been a scrapper, but I have to admit I DO like doing the digi scrapping.  Just haven't thought of doing other things besides children, no grandchildren so haven't a great deal of opportunity to use kiddies, so used me instead LOL.

There are loads of blogs with freebies and beautiful kits for sale, I have used just one of them today.

I have used a template but sorry can't tell you who from, perhaps someone can help? this is it.

I have used papers and elements from "Pixel Scrapper Digital Scrapbooking" Here 

 http://liveandlovecrafts.blogspot.co.uk/  Something Old, - I think maybe the photos are old enough.

I shall also link to Pixel Scrapper Gallery when I can learn how to upload this LOL.

02 January 2013

Back to Normal???

Hiya folkses, another wonderful day in Wales, dark, raining, miserable. BUT! I have taken All the decorations down, cleaned the house and now ready to do some creating, now that was the idea, but I have NO Mr Mojo around, I have to make a sympathy card for a close workmate as her Mum died last Friday, but even that I think will be a repeat of one I have done before, no matter, it was a lovely card and if I can get that done, then, maybe, Mr Mojo will pay a visit. Well we can hope can't we LOL.

I can post a card I did in December though,

this was a lovely card to do, made easier with elements and a cluster from DBB_Avezuir "Wishing You" kit from Digital Scrapbooking Studio, I used Snowflakes to add a background to it by Kimeric at Digichick. Added some glitter and that's all that was needed. I thought it looked like one of those expensive bought cards.

Well that's it for today, I hope you have all recovered your hangovers after the New Year parties.