22 August 2020


 Hi Everyone, I'm having trouble with the 'puter, so getting things together is a little fractious on occasions. Anyhow, my card today is one I made for our GNiece who has gained great results and can now go on to her Midwifery training in a London Hospital, we are all so proud of her. It's something she has wanted to be since a little girl.  The image is one I have had for many, many years, one in waiting I guess LOL. I print and cut it on the Cameo (so much easier) and layered 3 images, making texture and easier to post.

image - Getting Weighed, could be Laurie Furnell?

 Off ... font - KLSweetBerriesPlump, Congratulations font - Sweatty

I thought I would share our front drive garden with you 

and the view I get from my craft room. 

After our beautiful Acer was cut down we were left with a part of the trunk, too much for hubby to dig up with large roots, age does that doesn't it? Anyway we were out in a garden centre, when we were able to get out after lockdown, when we saw a pot that looked like it was made with grey slate, which we loved. We filled it with plants, can't remember the name and as it's raining a LOT! so I won't go and check the name! I'll edit the post and let you know. We placed it on top of the trunk and hubby made it safe somehow and I think it now looks like a large mushroom, I love it and the plants are so pretty. They'll hang down when grown  bigger.


Doreen said...

A beautiful card,just right for the occasion... Your garden is looking Beautiful too.xxx

Pat K said...

Beautiful card for your gniece. Such a sweet image. Your garden is gorgeous..what a lovely view you have from your craft room. Well done on beautifying the tree stump...looks great. Enjoy your weekend. xx

crafty-stamper said...

Congratulations to your GNiece and love the beautiful card you made her the image is perfect.Beautiful garden pics and great view from your craft room
Carol x

Shona Erlenborn said...

Fabulous card. Your grandniece will love it! What a perfect image! Your garden looks spectacular. There's one thing to be said for rain!

Carol L said...

Your bunny hospital card is adorable, and your gardens are the likes of something we'd see in a magazine! Absolute perfection what you did with that tree stump! Your gardens are a sight to behold and what a gorgeous view you have! Beautiful!

Christine said...

Interesting post. Love the card, image is great. Beautiful garden...what a brill idea for the tree stump.

Greta said...

What a special card which I'm sure she will treasure! You certainly have a beautiful environment to be quarantined in, Faith! Love seeing the pictures!

Shirley Young said...

A lovely card for your gneice, the image is so cute. Your garden looks beautiful and so well tended, more than I can say for ours !! The pot on the tree looks fabulous xx

Hetty said...

What a lovely card for your grand niece and what a great job she is going to have in the future. This was my dream when i was young, but my parents did not allow me to go and study this, they want meto go to Univerity (what i did not do in the end anyway).
Wishing your Gniece lots of succes.
Your garden looks absolutely vibrant with colors!

cotnob said...

A fabulous card Faith, such a sweet image - congratulations to your GNiece.
Great photographs of your garden, your new plants look fabulous in the new pot - it goes so well with the trunk and it does look a bit like a mushroom.
Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

Brenda said...

That is so awesome about your GNiece Faith! Your card for her is so adorable, I love it! The image just can't get any cuter and is perfect for her. Love the "bunny hospital" on the scale. Makes an adorable skinny card. Wow, your gardens look so beautiful along the drive Faith! Wish my house looked like that! lol Love the view you have from your craft room too. Yes, age does take it's toll and sometimes you don't have to be to old when it does take it's toll! I love how you guys dressed up the stump, that pot is just beautiful and it goes so well with the stump, making it indeed look like a mushroom! The flowers are so pretty and I imagine they will get even more beautiful as they grow to hang downward. Love it! Hugs, Brenda

cuilliesocks said...

Congratulations to your G Niece Faith and it's love to hear that she has dreamed of this job of so many years and will now make it.
Your card for her is wonderful, a super image ad design.
Your garden looks wonderful, lots of well tended and healthy plants, Kate x

sallysbitz2 said...

Congratulations to your niece. The card is just perfect x

Your front drive is gorgeous, I do love an array of colour in flowers, and such a lovely view when you look up from crafting x

hugs sally x

Mac Mable said...

Many congratulations to Rhianna and what a thoughtful card. Thank you for sharing the photos of your garden and what fabulous plants and view you have x.

Poppyfield Card Crafts said...

Congratulations to your great niece Faith, you've made her a fabulous keepsake. Gorgeous view from your craft room window and your garden is looking so colourful and rich

June x

wannabcre8tive said...

Your card is adorable. Love the image. Good luck to your G Neice. Happy she is getting to do something she has always dreamed of.

Your flowers are so pretty.

Inkyfingers said...

What a super and creative personalised card, Faith and I bet Rhuanna will love it. Well done to her! What a beautiful garden you have and I know how much hard work must go into keeping it looking so gorgeous.
Take care,
Carol x

Rosemary said...

Lovely card for your great niece, Faith! Those bunnies are so cute! Wish I had a view from my crafting space like yours! It is gorgeous and that basin looks like it was made specifically the tree stump!

Karen Dunbrook said...

really special card....so cute and sure it will be so appreciated.
Your gardens looks so fabulous and welcoming.
xx Karen

Nancy said...

It's a wonderful card, Faith! Oh, but your garden is gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful photos! :o)

NanaConnie said...

Oh, such a precious card for someone heading off to midwifery! Perfect colors, Faith. Your side garden is wonderful and it was so very clever to use the tree stump as the base for a planter. Do share more photos when the plants get larger and flow down toward the ground. :-D

Linby said...

What a perfect personalised card - you are so thoughtful.
Your garden looks amazing - like a show garden so neat!

Chana Malkah said...

I love your garden it is gorgeous! The deer eat any plants we put out so we have given up on that!

Your card is super cute! That image is so sweet! Congratulations to your niece!