14 November 2015

Photos added for the last few posts

Hi Everyone I have added photos again to some recent posts, but still can't get the rest to appear. I am so upset, I have 5 years of photos gone! UNLESS I redo EVERY post. It would take me a long long time. Seems Friday the 13th hit me this time, it doesn't usually!

I will redo my scheduled posts, by adding the photos and will try and add a photo to previous posts occasionally. It seems to be working when I add the photos I had there before.

I hope you will hang in there with me! Thanks for all your support

I haven't had a good week, on Wednesday 10pm,  I was taken into A&E with excruciating pain in my groin, painkillers and gas and air going to the hospital in the ambulance relieved it a bit, but I couldn't move my leg. To cut a long story short I left the hospital at 5pm on Thursday only because Occupational Therapists helped me to walk hesitantly - with a zimmer, which I had to bring home to help me walk.

The Consultant didn't know what the reason for my pain, initially it was thought a hip dislocation, but after an X ray, my hip shows slight arthritis only. I have to have an MRI to check out the reason, as the Dr said, "nothing hides with an MRI", hubby thought I should have stayed in, (which they wanted) as it would have been done the next day, however I wanted to get home and I knew there was an acute bed shortage and there would be more people in need of it. Anyhow, I am on a pain relief regime and able to walk, however I still can't raise my leg.

Bodies are strange engines aren't they, great when their running and look out if there is a screw loose! and as you know I have a screw loose LOL.

It was so funny being treated as an OLD lady! The OT girls asked if I has aids at home!!!! toilet raiser, bars in the shower, bars at the door, I have not and don't want them! At least they were happy that I lived in a bungalow and I had someone living with me for support. I really didn't think old age would come before my 70th birthday. AND a zimmer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at least I don't need it now, the pain regime has allowed me to walk.

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