06 December 2020


Hi Everyone, something different from me today. Recollections of my card making history. Look out for a lot of piccies and reading, I've included links with the piccies! 

My card of 2016 is just a sample of a digital elements that I bought from Pixel Scrapper. I started using Digital Scrapbooking at Pixel Scrapper many years ago, when I was making my cards digitally. I have loved the products for a long time. I made many before this date, but didn't know about tags then! LOL I was pleased to be asked as a long time user to review the products and site. 

I had started my card making in the late 1980's with a program CD I bought, all I had to do at first was print out ready designed cards. I then went on to use the elements and papers in it to design my own. I loved the designing and then printing and putting them together. 

After my computer became too old and I had to replace it, the program, sadly became obsolete. I can't remember how or when I found Pixel Scrapper and Marisa Lerin, (although I do have files dated 2012,) she was offering free papers and elements in a digital kit. I had found the solution to my obsolete program. I found that I could get the digital supplies that I couldn't find anywhere else, we didn't have craft shops locally and very limited crafting online shopping, even if I could find them, I couldn't afford to buy them at the time, it was a perfect solution to enable me to carry on making my cards.

This is one of the earlier cards in 2015 there could be earlier, but I didn't know about "tags" then LOL

After a few years, things progressed with Pixel Scrapper and many more designers joined. Marisa's husband joined her and the other designers and as a computer "dude" he has taken the site into many realms it is now more than just supplies, it has a wonderful gallery to show off your work it has a forum area to chat, ask questions etc, it also has a wonderful tutorial area. You don't even have to load your computer up with the kits, just go to the site and search for what you want and download it, when you've used it just delete it and you can repeat that process with as many kits you use as you want. I decided as I was getting so many kits I started to subscribe, I don't feel guilty now, getting so much LOL and everything on there is mine to collect and use as much as I want. However you can also register for a  free account with access to many many kits and beautiful designs.

Here is a Digital layout I did with with items from Pixel Scrapper

I love papers, but haven't the space to keep as much as I would like, so I go to Pixel Scrapper, choose something I really want and I know I have the matching papers and elements all ready for me to match and make. With no storage problems in my craft room. You may say, but "what about the ink that's expensive?" All I can say is, with my old printer, I buy the yellow cartridge, which is the most used colour on any printer, every 4 to 5 months, not bad I don't think considering the printing I do. Also with compatible inks the price has come down immeasurably. I can even find SVG (cutting files) for my Cameo.

If you are a scrapbooker, it has templates, ready made quick pages where you just add your photo. You can just download one thing or hundreds, up to you. I love the blog hops each month where all the designers add a kit with colours decided on (mostly) with members votes, free to anyone, which means that a vast amount of papers and elements match in different designer's interpretation. There is a "room" from the community where if you want, you can even add your own design, even if it's just one item. Then you can see others use your designs.

This is one of the quick pages I downloaded, ashamedly I haven't used it yet!

There is an area where people have added what program they use i.e. Photoshop, Elements, Creative Memories, Print Shop Pro and coral amongst others. They are there to help with them too.

 I was quite happy to carry on doing digital, as with a large family and friends to send cards to each year, it became a real hobby for me and no boredom involved, as I could do different every time I made something. I went to work in an office and the subject of my card making came up, from that I was asked to make cards for other people, with digital supplies at hand it was no problem.
Here is a card my Niece asked me to make for her Daughter's bridesmaid

I had bought stamps and other things to be "crafty", but I still love my digital and many of my cards now involve digital and stamping. They can be coordinated and, digital is no less "crafty" that doing it manually. I still design and make something that hopefully is pleasing to the eye and is appreciated. I'm a very slow learner with stamps etc, but digital was my first love and showed me a way to a hobby that as I said earlier does not involve boredom. I was even coordinator on a Digital Challenge.   Which sadly we closed.

Although a slow learner in other forms of crafts I am enjoying a hobby that gives me hours of enjoyment.

As I said in the beginning I was asked to do a review, which I was all too happy to do, I also have been given a month free subscription for this. Although I would have said exactly the same if that hadn't happened.

I saw this on 613 Avenue Create and thought I would include it here. Thank you Chana





cotnob said...

A fabulous trip down memory lane Faith, it's nice to look back over our crafty journey and see how we and technology have progressed. I agree that digital crafting is no less crafty than stamping etc., I love playing with paper and fussy cutting but I often print my papers and have a vast collection of digital papers and images.
Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

Crafting with Darcy said...

Thanks for taking us down this trip back in time! I enjoyed looking at all your cards and what you have written. My fav is the Bridesmaid card! It's incredible!

cuilliesocks said...

A lovely post Faith that takes you down memory lane with some of your wonderful makes, both scrapbook pages and cards are so beautiful, Kate x

Mac Mable said...

I so enjoyed reading your post Faith and your skills with digi layouts and designs are absolutely amazing x.

Marlena M. said...

Delightful projects Faith! Love them all! I can totally relate on the update woes and I miss wonderful programs that I can no longer pull up. ;(

Liz said...

A really interesting read, Faith. When I saw your first card, I thought WOW! 'There's Hattie'! When I was teaching I bought a purple hippo we called Hattie. Every weekend one of the children in my Reception class would take Hattie home and write in the class diary the adventures they had with Hattie, as if Hattie had written it. It didn't matter if they were going somewhere special, going shopping, visiting grannie or just playing together. They often included photos of what they'd done over the weekend. Thanks for bringing back happy memories of Hattie! xx

Kate said...

What a wonderful walk through the history of your crafting! I'm always so impressed with your digital skills. I've made a couple of photo books using online programs. I've not actually tried digital scrapbooking though. And that's awesome about your ink! I rarely print but it always seems the printer is out of ink when I do!!

Maria said...

All beautiful creations!! What a sweet hippo! Wonderful layout and fab cards! Great designs and all so pretty!!

Pat K said...

A beautiful collection of your creative journey Faith. As always, I am in awe of your talent. xx

Shirley Young said...

Great post Faith and lovely digital projects, it’s nice to look back. Many years ago I was given a card making book as a birthday gift and that was what got me started- I had never done anything crafty before apart from sewing but as they say the rest is history ! xx

Carol L said...

Like you, I long for so many things that have now become obsolete in the crafting world as technology soars through time. Everything you shared is just wonderful and I'm so glad you're able to learn new software so quickly. I'm still struggling with learning Win10 most of the time. Joe Walsh wrote a song I can relate with - "I'm an analog man living in a digital world." Amen! LOL

Chana Malkah said...

Wow! What a wonderful look back! I've never done scrapbooking or digital cardmaking, but I have always enjoyed the work of those who do!

Beautiful work, Faith, as always! I just love that layout with the baby...so darn sweet!

You are welcome!

Chana Malkah

Greta said...

It's really amazing what you do with digital products, Faith! I don't have that good a relationship with my printer--haha! Plus my house is filled with stamps & dies, since that's how I got started 20+ yrs ago.

Sally H said...

what a lovely post and some wonderful creations!

Rosemary said...

what a fun trip down memory lane, faith! you sure are a whiz with digital images!