23 December 2020

Christmas Wishes and a Quiz

 Here's your Christmas poem quiz.

It has been decreed that we should not play board games at Christmas for fear of transmitting Covid via the pieces.  Quizzes, however, are allowed.  Here is a poetic quiz for you.  How many references to Christmassy things can you find?  There are at least 20.  Some are very obvious, others are hiding.  Good luck.
Christmas Quiz
Stella McFadden (from the Isle of Tiree), invited her friends to a seasonal tea.
Amassed on the table were savouries and vino, elegant pies and garlic porcino.
Nodding and winking she took from the shelf a large Christmas cake, cooked by herself.
There was a strange ‘tinsel thing’ that dangled above
And it flashed silver lights when given a shove.
Carol was pleased when given a box, full of her favourite pink, fluffy socks.
Laughing and drinking they got rather merry, Stella decided to open the sherry.
All through the evening they stayed rather jolly, then Laura yelled – she had sat on some holly.
Under the tree a plum pudding was found, the brandy came out and was then passed around.
Snow started falling – such a nice sight.  Coats were put on for a great snowball fight.
Gill Reed 2020


cuilliesocks said...

Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas too Faith, I hope you and your family have a lovely day. As for the New Year, let's hope it will be a much better one for everyone, keep safe, Kate x

Hetty said...

Merry Christmas, Faith. With COVID all around life is a puzzle itself.
Stay safe and healthy!

Carol L said...

Thanks for a year of blogging friendship and may your Christmas be as wonderful as you make it! Take care of yourself and those you love - and may your blessings be plentiful!

Viv said...

Have a wonderful Christmas Faith! love the new header, and thanks for all the lovely comments you left me all this year ;) hugs Viv xx

Shirley Young said...

Happy Christmas to you and your family Faith, hope you have a nice relaxing day - I shall as my my hubby is doing the cooking today, it’s a tradition xx

Rosemary said...

Merry Christmas, Faith! I hope you had a lovely day! The poem is quite funny... not sure I could come up with all the references to Christmas items, though!

Mia said...

I love the new header of your blog, Faith. Great Christmas poem, my friend. I wish you A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!

Greta said...

Hope you enjoyed Christmas. Quiet & rainy here. At least there's hope we might be with family next year. 70s is high risk, but doubt we'll be able to get vaccinated before summer at the earliest. That's what happens when a country doesn't have the necessary leadership to handle a crisis. Shameful situation here.

Sally H said...

Hope you have had a lovely Christmas Faith. Sorry I didn't get here before. Such a strange year with plans changing last minute after I'd done the food shop. Love the poem! Very jolly xxx

Crafting with Darcy said...

Merry Christmas, Faith! And thanks for sharing Gill's poem! I love her poems!!