04 December 2020

Do animals have Christmas?

Hi Everyone, I have been delighted to be asked to make a card to accompany Gill Reeds poem's, so today I am using one artist and one of Gill's poems. I'm happy to show them off, they are written for her and her family's enjoyment. As usual the card is first. I have a LOT of Elizabeth Dulemba images, they always seem to relevant for what I want to do and I should use more of them. very difficult when I'm a digi collector! And now venturing into stamps! 

Anyhow, I used images that I felt were associated with the poem, I hope you think so too and Gill of course LOL. I could have used more, but refrained, hahaha

I printed the images onto the card, with the girl printed separately. I then painted them with Distress inks, added glitter and white Posca pen to add a few highlights.  I used a stencil to add stars and used clear glitter embossing powder for them. 

I had decided to have the girl as a separate image and I added her with a little piece of card scored and cut to size, for her to sit against. This will go to my GG Niece. (I have photos of her sitting like this.)

images. Girl Writing, Tree Decorating, Xmas Balloon - Elizabeth Dulemba
colouring - Distress inks
glitter - asstd makes
sentiment - mag freebie
ink - Whisper inks (Years old) 
stencil - Julie Hickey
embossing ink - Dovecraft
embossing powder - WOW clear sparkle
Posca pen

showing the box I created for her to stand out

showing the glitter

Now for Gill Reed poem, I think it could be made into a children's book and illustrated, it's such a wonderful story. 

 Do Animals Have Christmas?

“Do animals have Christmas?” Jemima asked one day,

Her Mum and Dad and Grandma, really couldn’t say.

“They need to have a Christmas, with lots of special treats,

I’m going to write to Santa,” – she used up several sheets.

When Santa got the letter, he Ho-ho-hoed like mad,

To fulfil a child’s request, he’d never been so glad.

“The birds must have a Christmas tree,” Jemima’s letter said,

“It must be trimmed with tasty bites, like bacon, seeds and bread.

Duck’s pond is frozen very hard, he looks quite frail and old,

A beak and feather warmer would cheer him up tenfold.

The Fox’s tail is knotted, dull and never clean,

A brush or comb would help, to bring back its lovely sheen.

The squirrel has a problem, she can never find her nuts,

She needs a map to guide her, or perhaps some storage huts.

Woolly socks for Hedgehog, to keep him warm at night

And peanut cake for badger - big enough for lots of bites.

There are lots of little creatures who live outside my door,

All of them may need my help and I hate to ask for more,

But if I could have an insect house, bat box and feeder too,

I stand a chance of making, all their dreams come true.”

On Christmas day Jemima woke, as day had turned from night.

She rushed downstairs and out the door and much to her delight,

Fox and Duck and Squirrel were waiting by her door,

Badger ambled over and lifted up his paw.

Hand and paw together they went to find the tree,

It was the very best of things the friends would ever see.

All the boughs were covered in the finest bird food spread

And underneath the tree were gifts, and tracks of Santa’s sled.

Hedgehog woke up specially, and was first to find his gift,

“This is a glorious morning and should never have been missed.”

Countless birds then drifted in and breakfasted in style,

And all the time Jemima’s face, had the biggest smile.

The animals had fun that day, Jemima had the best,

How much they liked their gifts from her, she never would have guessed.

With bat and insect boxes, feeders bright and new

Jemima knew that Santa, had made their dreams come true.

But just before she had to leave, she saw beneath the tree

Another gift addressed to her, with note, “Please open me.”

There in soft and downy bed a golden acorn lay,

Inscribed for her, “With all our love, and thanks for Christmas Day.”


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Pat K said...

What a lovely card! Great detail and perfect for that wonderful Christmas poem. Thanks for sharing. xx

Beebeebabs said...

How cute - love your card!!!

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Faith what a marvellous poem, it's just lovely and your card is gorgeous, lovely all the little critters and the beautiful little girl, fabulous colours too, Kate x

Gail said...

That is a cute little gal on this card - nice work here!

cotnob said...

A fabulous card Faith, lots of lovely stamps and another wonderful poem, thank you for sharing it.
Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

Liz said...

A beautiful card, Faith and goes perfectly with the lovely poem. xx

Shirley Young said...

Lovely card Faith, great idea for the pop out for the girl to sit against and the poem is wonderful xx

crafty-stamper said...

Love the cute images and great watercolouring -fabulous poem
Carol x

Hetty said...

Such a lovely idea: a card and a poem. Loving the card, so very sweet images and beautigul coloring.

Rosemary said...

your card is absolutely perfect for the poem, faith! a lovely card and a lovely poem!

Maria said...

What darling images colored beautifully! It goes perfectly with the sweet poem! Thanks so much for sharing!

Greta said...

Love the poem & your sweet card, Faith! Love the glitter & how you made the girl stand out!

Crafting with Darcy said...

Hi Faith! Your card is wonderful and goes with Gill's poem so perfectly. The poem is delightful! I think it would make a wonderful illustrated children's book! Urge Gill to try and find a publisher! I just love it!

Kate said...

Your card is adorable and just the perfect fit with that precious poem!! Like Darcy above, I am confident that Gill's poem would make a wonderful book. I'd buy a copy!!

Chana Malkah said...

These poems are interesting, and you have done a fabulous job of creating super cute cards to accompany them! I never thought of cardmakers as potential illustrators, but there you go!