01 March 2020

A Dragon or Crocodile?

Happy St David's Day 
Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus
 'Deethe goo-eel Dew-ee happ-iss'

My card today was a freebie image from Beccy and is named as a crocodile, but, I saw a baby dragon, so that's what he is. AND, as it's St David's Day the Patron Saint of Wales, I made him for this day.

There are a lot of links in this today, I hope it will help you know a little more of this beautiful land, I call home. I hope you enjoy the music too.

It's a CAS card, very simple I know, but it's just for me to put up today. I used the colours of the Welsh flag and as our Dragon is Red, that's what all dragons are to me (even if he is supposed to be a crocodile LOL) 
image crocodile/dragon - Beccy
coloured in Photoshop. touch of white gel pen
fussy cut and layered 3 times
sentiment computer generated and also layered 3 times.
glitter glue surrounds paper layers.

When I was a child and for many years after, we had a half school day on St David's Day. The morning was filled with all things Welsh, girls wearing Welsh costumes with a daffodil (our national flower) attached, (that's where my blog name came from) and as boys didn't have a national costume in those days, they wore one of the national emblems which was a leek, the bigger the better LOL. We sang traditional Welsh songs, in Welsh, traditional dances and had Welsh cakes and cawl for lunch. I'm ashamed to say I don't speak Welsh, but can read it and understand a lot. I am very proud of being Welsh though. Could you guess? 

I did a blog post here you can see me in costume!

Here is one of the songs I still remember, well, part of it LOL We always sang it in Welsh and it was always fun when we did, it got faster and faster until we couldn't sing it anymore.. 
 copied off  Wikipedia  here it is being sung
Oes gafr eto?
Oes heb ei godro?
Ar y creigiau geirwon
Mae’r hen afr yn crwydro.
Gafr wen, wen, wen.
Ie finwen, finwen, finwen.
Foel gynffonwen, foel gynffonwen,
Ystlys wen a chynffon wen, wen, wen.
Gafr ddu, ddu, ddu.
Ie finddu, finddu, finddu.
Foel gynffonddu, foel gynffonddu,
Ystlys ddu a chynffon ddu, ddu, ddu.
Gafr goch, goch, goch.
Ie fingoch, fingoch, fingoch.
Foel gynffongoch, foel gynffongoch,
Ystlys goch a chynffon goch, goch, goch.
Gafr las, las, las.
Ie finlas, finlas, fin las.
Foel gynffonlas, foel gynffonlas,
Ystlys las a chynffon las, las, las.
And, traditionally, in the last verse
the goat is always pink...
Gafr binc, binc, binc.
Ie fin binc, fin binc, fin binc.
Foel gynffonbinc, foel gynffonbinc,
Ystlys binc a chynffon binc, binc, binc.
Is there another goat?
That's not been milked?
On the craggy rocks
The old goat is wandering.
A white, white, white goat,
Yes white lipped, white lipped, white lipped,
A bald white tail, a bald white tail
A white flank and tail, white, white, white.
A black, black, black goat,
Yes black lipped, black lipped, black lipped,
A bald black tail, a bald black tail.
A black flank and tail, black, black, black.
A red, red, red goat,
Yes red lipped, red lipped, red lipped,
A bald red tail, a bald red tail.
A red flank and tail, red, red, red.
A blue, blue, blue goat,
Yes blue lipped, blue lipped, blue lipped,
A bald blue tail, a bald blue tail.
A blue flank and tail, blue, blue, blue.
A pink, pink, pink goat,
Yes pink lipped, pink lipped, pink lipped,
A bald pink tail, a bald pink tail.
A pink flank and tail, pink, pink, pink.
Here is another of my personal favourites Calon Lan, this time you can here it being sung.

I hope you enjoyed my St David's Day celebration and the music too.

(he should have been in Feb challenge, but I HAD to use him today LOL)


cotnob said...

A super card Faith, he certainly looks like a baby dragon to me and he's very cute.
Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

Lisa Lynn said...

Your red dragon is just adorable Faith and Happy St. David's Day.

Beebeebabs said...

Very nice card and cute image thanks for sharing!!!

Shona Erlenborn said...

He's an adorable dragon!! Love him hugging his little teddy bear! Great coloring too. Thanks for sharing your Welsh side! What fun memories! Love that the guys had to wear leeks!

Deborah Frings said...

Happy St David's Day to you. I adore your card and totally agree that it's a baby dragon! Thoroughly enjoyed the song too! Wish I could speak Welsh!! Take care xxx

cuilliesocks said...

Happy St. David's Day to you Faith, and I love your little dragon, so cute holding his teddy bear.
Don't you look good in your national costume!
Have you been watching the Saturday night crime drama that's on at 9 o'clock, Hidden. I'm loving it, although wherever it's film is so dark and dank with no sunshine at all, I'm sure Wales isn't like that. Anyway, much of the dialogue is in Welsh..good job there are subtitles. Kate x

Pat K said...

Happy St. David's Day Faith. Super card and I so enjoyed your post. Going to be playing that song all day now..."sing in the day and sing in the night". What a beautiful country you call home. Thank you so much for sharing. hugs. xx

Viv said...

Great card here Faith, happy St David's day too.Loving your CAS style here. Thanks for your good wishes too ;) Viv xx

Mac Mable said...

I was having the same conversation with DH this morning Faith about half day at school and then going in national costume. We too made welsh cakes x.
I loved the link Faith and sang along with pride. I belt out the Welsh national anthem too with the rugby 6 nations being on recently...It always brings a tear to my eye.
I can't speak Welsh either, even thought it was compulsory at School but only up to third year.
I made pancakes in our house this morning, which as you'll know has absolutely nothing to do with St. David's day but I wanted to mark it and making them is quite a rarity x.
Gorgeous and super cute Welsh Dragon card and thank you for sharing it with us on this very special day x.
Happy St. David's Day Faith x.

Rosemary said...

your little dragon (or crocodile) is super cute and makes for a sweet card! thanks for the lovely comments on my embossed cards!

Sally H said...

Happy St Davids day, lovely lady! I hope it has been good for you. Loving your fabulous dragon card xxx

Beccy said...

Happy St. David's Day Faith, thank you for sharing a little bit about this holiday. My Nanna's family were Welsh, but unfortunately she never spoke much about them and she has long since passed.
I love that you've coloured the little dragon in the colours of your country, I always enjoy seeing the images being used in ways that are meaningful to others. I love the design, CAS cards are one of my favourites and you've done a really good job with yours.
P.S. This little character has been described as a crocodile, a dragon, a lizard and a dinosaur. He's definitely multi-purpose!

Brenda said...

Well didn't this little croc make the cutest dragon?! I love this card Faith!And I really love this image, so cute and he really does make a great dragon holding that sweet little teddy bear. I love the way you colored him. I also enjoyed hearing the song sung on Welsh! That was so fun and so cute! I remember well the post you made with you in costume, I loved it then and love it now. I also remember when you made the Welsh cakes, they sure looked yummy. The cawl is new one to me. It looks good though, kinda like our beef stew maybe without the gravy and we use beef. Never had lamb but understand it is really good. You should be proud of being Welsh! It's great that you have roots and know them. I don't know much about my heritage and wish that I did. Hugs, Brenda

crafty-stamper said...

Great CAS card and I think he makes a cute little Dragon too-love the pic of you in your National costume-I find it a bit weird that you can read Welsh but not speak it?
Carol x

wannabcre8tive said...

Awwww, this is so cute. Thanks for sharing your childhood memory, it is always fun to hear about other traditions.

Greta said...

Thank you for the lesson! I did visit Wales over 40 years ago, but didn't see all that much. If I knew, I'd forgotten about daffodils & the flag design. Love the picture of you in traditional attire & can just image the singing & dancing! Good to be proud of your heritage! Adorable card with your red baby dragon!

Vicky Hayes said...

I love that you did a proper St David's Day post Faith! I was away in Norfolk but I did think of you! Calon Lan makes me cry, it's so beautiful, but the one about the goat has the opposite effect :) I absolutely love your little dragon card (he's definitely a dragon!) - the colours are perfect and the little dragon is adorable with his bow and his teddy. Nice to read about celebrating St David's Day when you were a child and what a great photo of you in national costume as a grown up lady. Vicky x

PS It's never to late to learn to speak Welsh!

NanaConnie said...

I don't care which it is, it's adorable! That CAS design is perfect for showcasing the image, Faith, and putting him on top of the circle adds to that. Happy St. David's to you, too, my friend a few days behind.

Kate said...

What a fun post!! My grandfather was Welsh so I especially enjoyed learning more knowing that my roots are from your country.

I say the image is a little dragon! He looks pleased to be celebrating St. David’s Day! Your card is adorable!

I hope you enjoyed the special day!!