11 October 2015

Begonias & Sparrow Hawk

Hi Everyone, a few photos for you today, to give you a break from my cards LOL.

We have had a fabulous show from our large begonias this year, however while it was raining and blowing hard, one the the stems broke off, the flowers were too heavy to hold it. I brought the stem in and kept it in water. I measured one of the flowers and as you can see it was 5 inches ( or 120mm) we haven't had them grow this big before.

Safe and in water

I'm blushing, because you have taken my photo!

OK, so I need to get my mass index down! 

A change of subject 

Sorry these are a bit blurred, I had to take them in a hurry and through the kitchen and conservatory windows. It was quite an event for the Crows and Magpies who were making such a noise we went to see what it was all about, it was this Sparrow Hawk after the pigeon.

It's mine go away!

I'll hide under the shrub and they can't get at it.

Well I feel better now and it's hidden for a return meal later ha! ha! ha!


Shirley Young said...

Great set of photos Faith, the flowers are stunning xx

Shona Erlenborn said...

Great photos Faith! Gorgeous blooms. Sad day for the pigeon, though!

Anonymous said...

You really are a good gardener to grow flowers like that. Well done, and the comments on the birds and great too.x

Pat K said...

Beautiful pictures Faith. Your flowers are gorgeous. xx

Carol L said...

Great photos and a good story to boot!