10 March 2013

Rabbit face

Hi everyone, Very cold day here today only 3C, but I am thinking further on, DH and me took advantage of B&Q's offer and bought 4 large glazed flower pots, hopefully they will add a bit of "style" to my garden LOL, at the moment we have old plastic pots, which are desperate to be replaced, so that's what we did.

Talking of thinking forward, or not that far really only the week after next, where did these last 3 months go from Christmas?  Anyhow, Marie known as baileyrosy  HERE showed teeth sweets on her blog and she said  she could send them to me, as I hadn't seen them in this country.  (Marie is in Greece), for me to make a couple of things they made me think of for Valentines day.  After her eating them instead of sending them to me!!!!, I eventually had them, but too late for Valentine's Day.  SO I have been thinking of what I could with these sweeties without eating them LOL.  and I came up with this!!!!!!!!! now I know the face isn't perfect but this is a trial run, but I laughed so much when it was done I decided to give you a laugh as well.  I made the face out of shapes and brushes in Photoshop, surprisingly quickly, I usually take ages to decide what to do then delete and redo, delete redo, but this was only 2 deletes, you can tell can't you LOL. The mouth and teeth are the sweeties, I must admit I cut out the middle of the mouth for the teeth to fit into and cut the Dracula teeth out and left the middle 2.  I used a face cloth to hold the face and pinned the mouth and teeth on.

 Here it my Runny Babbit!


Bonnie said...

This is fun, Faith! And this way you get to nibble on the cut off teeth while you're creating! Thanks for the smile!

Anonymous said...

Lol, brilliant!

Lisa Jane said...

oh lol this is so much fun.. love those teeth!
Lisa x

Sally H said...

That is funny! Love it!

Loli said...

Hola Faith...i´m so happy to see you ao my blog every week, thank you very much i don´t have to much time..work, family,house and...come back to primary school:D:D:D:D "with" my son(8) at the moment very good with exams but very hard work every day after school day.
Oooooh my friend you have always very funny ideas, i like the ears of towels :D:D:D great idea!!!, you´re a really QUEEN of digital technique and a great dentist:D:D:D:D, well done.
I hope your son are recoverd.
A warm hug from Palma and take care.

Shirley Young said...

This is brilliant Faith and really made me smile. You really are so creative with Photoshop.

Aileen said...

Super cool. x

Anonymous said...

Hiya, sorry am so late getting here thanks for the bad press and glad you didnt say I ate four batches of them lol ! Well how creative are you !!! Those bunny teef look so realistic what did you do with the bits you cut off !!!!did you eat them. Love this Faith you are an amazing and talented crafter and I just adore your humour !