28 December 2016

Recent bird photos

Nothing made, so I thought I would share some photos taken recently and, due to visitors, schedule this post. I'm not a good photographer (like my professional photographer youngest brother) and keep promising one day I will get a camera like the one I had stolen years ago, even though this camera was what I call expensive, I haven't really been happy with the shots taken with it.

I had to identify these on the web and this photo of the Yellow Wagtail was taken from there, I haven't seen one of these before.

Related image

Neither had I seen these Bullfinch before, so really pleased to see both these birds visit our garden. These are taken by me.

Here is a Jay, a visitor on the most awful of days, but another rare visitor to the garden.

Sunset 27th Dec

The last SUPER Moon of 2016 (14th Dec)
I'll leave it at that today, don't want to bore you too much LOL.


cotnob said...

Fabulous photographs Faith, such a beautiful sunset.

Linby said...

Great photos - we had a Jay in the garden once - but never got a photo! Happy New Year L x

Sally H said...

They are great photos, Faith! I think you did brilliantly. I tend to take lots and then find I have a few decent ones amongst them - the joys of digital! I love Bullfinches - such beautiful birds, and the yellow wagtail is such a beauty, especially on a dull day, as is the Jay. You should take lots more photos, even just around the garden and if you still aren't happy with your camera in six months, think about changing it then. Happy New year, Faith, and I will look forward to seeing your next photos xxx

Pat K said...

Really great photos of your beautiful visitors and love the gorgeous sunset. TFS. Pat K x

MaryH said...

I will have to respectfully disagree about your photography skills. I think these pictures are just great! Certainly enjoying seeing your birds and interesting to see that your jay looks so much different from our blue jay (who has a top crest much like the cardinals.) It's also a more vivid shade of blue than your visitor, but these are not well mannered birds! Also enjoyed the beautiful sunsets and that spooky cloud covered moon. I think you did excellently, because I'm not a photographer either, have a good camera. No 'know-how' and also don't have the eye to 'compose' something I see. So I'm in awe!!! TFS & Happy New Year. Hoping 2017 will be a banner year for ya'll, in many, many ways. Hugs

Shirley Young said...

I think you underestimate yourself Faith, you take really good photos and these are a beautiful example.

CdeBaca Crafts Gallery said...

These are amazing! Love birds so much.

Jacki Daniels said...

Lovely Photos Faith just want to wish you a very happy healthy and crafty new year xx

Bonnie said...

Sorry to have been absent so long, Faith. Thanks for all your blog love (reciprocated in the last month or so). I have so enjoyed catching up on your beautiful creations and always love your nature photos, especially the birds. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and will have a happy, healthy and crafty new year!

Sarn said...

Fab photo's Faith. Love sky shots and birdies . . . so these really appeal to me.

Happy New Year to you my friend,
Hugs, Sarn xxx

Anonymous said...

Great photos Faith. I'm a garden bird twitcher too and could watch them all day. We get Bull Finches but I haven't seen any Jays in our garden. I hope you had a great Christmas and wish you all the best for 2017 and thank you for all your kind and encouraging comments you leave on my little blog xx

Hetty said...

Oh my gosh, Faith, you have some beautiful birds in the neighberhood.
What great shots!!