14 September 2016

Star Treck - Yoda

 Hi Everyone, I have copied the post from The Male Room as it has all the details for the Super challenge there from today AND it couldn't have suited me better and I couldn't have put it better so thank you Deborah! LOL.

It's time for our new challenge at The Male Room - TMR#44. For the next couple of weeks we have the theme;

STAR TREK (or any other space series)

Why Star Trek? Well, it's because I'm a huge science-fiction fan and because the franchise is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year. I started watching the show as a kid in the 60s and I love it. I've just seen the latest Star Trek movie by JJ Abrams and highly recommend it. And because many guys really like sci-fi programmes.

You don't have to stick to Star Trek inspired ideas - and there are thousands from the various TV shows and movies - you can base your space series (science fiction) project on any series from Star Wars, Stingray, Dr Who, Twilight Zone, Stargate, Falling Skies, Six Million Dollar Man, Superman, Quantum Leap, Arrow - and this list goes on!! If your inspiration is not immediately clear, do tell us what show you've picked.

I didn't know what to do, I had already done a Space theme birthday card for my Son, so put my thinking cap on, it's not on that often LOL. I asked my Son if he would like anything Space-y, he said no, then for some reason I thought he likes his Pringles, perhaps I could hack a box? SO -
I measured the size of the box, I would need for the printing and found I would have to add a little to the A4 size paper I used, to join it, no problem.

I designed and coloured it all in PS
 after finding this incredible image of Yoda here Deviant Art
The background trees are my own photograph from my recent walk,
(I knew it would come in handy!) 
with a colour overlay to make the background green.
I added a gradient to make the light spot behind him.
I added the quote again inside the lid and cut it out with a Tonic circle die
The quote came from the web.

This could so easily be achieved in Word or another program.

I'm glad to say Son was thrilled to bits with it and it has pride of place on his desk, 
he has even refilled it since I made it LOL.

I have shown all sides of the can and the lid, the darker photo is the original before printing. The colours are not as faded in real life, it was a dull day and I couldn't get better colour - sorry.


Hetty said...

Totally awesome Idea, Faith. I can see a complete line of Start Trek items for a themed party!! Your son will love his pringles even more from this can!

Shona Erlenborn said...

This is totally awesome! I'm sure it received a loud "Wow". How clever of you to incorporate your own photo with the image on top. You're amazing!

NanaConnie said...

This is incredible, Faith! What wonderful thoughts your thinking cap provided. :-D Hw can it possibly be 50 years since Star Trek started? And did you know that the first Star Wars movie came out 39 years ago? I'm not that old, am I?

Anonymous said...

Oh this made me laugh Faith. I'm a Trekkie too (I used to swoon over William Shatner) and I love that sentiment. Yet again some clever work in PS :-) x

Deborah Frings said...

Wow! This is genius! I love the way you've used your photo of the trees, combined it with Yoda and added the green colour. Wonderful! So pleased that your son is getting good use of his pringle box! Great work. Love it, I do! xx

cotnob said...

This is fabulous Faith, such a brilliant idea.

MagsB said...

Fantastic this is, Faith! May the Force be with you!

love Mags B x

Bonnie said...

Awesome! And how sweet that your son refills the can! You can't get better than that for appreciation!

Kate said...

Ahhhhhhh!!! This is just SO fun!!! What a creatively genius idea! I love it!! How fabulous that it has a place of pride on your son's desk. I'm not the least bit surprised!!

MaryH said...

This is bloomin' awesome. How brilliant of you to take the can to cover it for a desk container, and make it so special with Yoda. I love that you took some of the walking pictures to further personalize it and then you do it in PS. Big GOLD STAR for you on this one! I predict it will be something DS will cherish for a long, long time. TFS & HUgs

Dr Sonia S V said...

This is simply fabulous Faith...superb!!

Jane said...

Total magic. You are an awesomely talented lady, never in a million years would l have thought of doing this - respect!

Carol L said...

This is PS magic to say the very least! What a novel and fun idea and this might just be the best use of a Pringles can yet!

Andreja L. said...

WoW, what a fantastic creations you made :-)) Awsome job!
Hugs, Andreja

Linby said...

You clever thing - this is just brilliant and I love those trees.