14 April 2016

A Scary story, but NOT Halloween!

Hi everyone, I have a story for you today -

It hung in the air.

There was no moon brightness, it was the “dark of the moon” the period before the new moon appears. It was a very dark night, the only lightness in the sky was in the white fluffy clouds, there was no wind, an occasional bird sound, otherwise it was eerily quiet and the couple were going to bed. He looked out of the window, the last check of the night around and into the garden.

What is that?  “The full moon” is in the wrong place! But there wasn't a moon, the object was opposite from where the moon always appeared in the sky. The clouds were moving, but the image was still and below the cloud layer.

They went outside into the cold, near to freezing night to investigate.

Was this a UFO, how could it be, they were being silly? It was fluorescent white, but not bright. She tried to take a photograph of it, but it was far away, not in the garden, she couldn't adjust the camera to take the photo in the night, she always used it on automatic, why didn't she read the instruction manual? she had always adjusted her old camera.

It just hung in the air.

With trepidation they watched to see if there were any lights on it or around it, was there any movement, they watched awhile, nothing changed.

They decided, as there was nothing they could do about it, to go to bed and see if anyone in the locality saw it in the morning. What was this thing hanging in the sky, what did it mean? Were they the only ones who had seen it, was it a message of some kind? They hoped others had seen it, would everyone think they were mad when they told them about it?

After what was an unusual occurrence to their usual late night routine, they had a good night’s sleep. Things were back to normal in the morning, they got into their usual routine where she showered and changed first, while he got his toast and tea, they had forgotten about the strange “UFO”. As she was drying her hair she remembered and looked out of the window to see if anything was different in their area, was anyone else checking to see if the image they had seen was still there, as impossible as she thought it would be.

She was shocked to see it still there, it was different to what they had seen, but it WAS there, she ran to the kitchen and called her husband to tell him they hadn't imagined it! 

Visit tomorrow to see what happened.


Anonymous said...

Love it, as go, no, brilliant as your cards - can't wait! x

Shirley Young said...

Intriguing !!

Hetty said...

Wondering what the next part will bring!

Pat K said...

Wonderful story telling Faith....can't wait for tomorrow. Pat K x

NanaConnie said...

Oh, Faith, that's just so mean to keep us all hanging! lol I'll be here tomorrow for the next installment. Will there be photos next time? :-D

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

Yes there will! be afraid - very afraid!

cotnob said...

I'll be back tomorrow for the next instalment!

Pamellia said...

I saw a flying car once, I swear it was a car!! It was a VW Bug and it was driving around in the sky one night!! By the time my hubby woke up, it was of course gone! Straight out of a freaky Disney movie that was!! tee hee