26 February 2013

Not perfect?

A story to let you know I'm NOT as perfect as you think I am ROFL.

I was asked to do 2 cards the same with different main photo's.

Here's a card I did for the daughter of a girl in work, YES!!!!! I gave it to her with the name spelt wrongly!!!!!!!!!!! How could I, when I KNEW something was wrong and still gave it to her, DUH!

She accepted it quite gracefully. not her usual enthusiastic reception and then another girl looked at it and said "you've spelt it wrongly haven't you?" it was only then I realised I had left the "e" out of her name, I cringed with embarrassment and then took it back and redid the whole card as I had done the same in the inside.  Except! I hadn't saved this version and had to to do some searching again for Niall's photo. Perhaps they'll give me  more time to do a card now - perhaps! AND then didn't take a photo of the corrected one.  At least she was thrilled this time LOL.

Here's the first one I did, spelt properly, so was able to copy the layout, a sketch by Docrafts

I used a digi kit  by Gabi's Scrap-Boutique, Music in the Balmy Moonlight Night


Bonnie said...

Oh, my, how embarrassing! I'm glad you were able to get it made right! It's a terrific idea for a young adult birthday!

Anonymous said...

Lol!! It's a fab design for a teenage girl Faith.

Vicky Hayes said...

Not perfect Faith? What a scandal!!! You are lovely to make the whole card again but I expect she was absolutely delighted with it! Did you not make a full set of One Direction cards? We don't want Harry, Liam and Louis to feel left out do we?!! Vicky x

G Peplow said...

Hi Faith, Fabby cards my dear:0) Perfection is hard :0)I agree with Vicky you're lovely to make it again!! Happy to 'see' you again, hugs Gay x

Shirley Young said...

Shame you had to do it again Faith but both the cards are great and I'm sure the recipients will love them.

Anonymous said...

well look at Vicky knowing all of the band members names and I bet she says it cos her children are fans !! Oh Faith I have done this once or twice I have to say so I feel your pain/shame lol but alls well that ends well. You are such a versatile crafter is there no request too difficult for you !