09 February 2013

Candy bouquet

Howdy folks, from a lovely wet and cold Wales.

The last couple of weeks haven't been good as maybe you can tell by my tone of late, but a friend's phone call brought me up with a start and for a while made me forget my own troubles.

The phone call began with a greeting and then she told me she has cancer of  the lungs, bones and brain tumours, I was so upset, she has had a few years of ill health, but this has shocked me.  We had a laugh as well on the phone and I said I would see her over the weekend.  Don't bring me flowers she said it looks like a funeral parlour in here!  She has always had something funny to say in all sorts of adversity and boy has she had a lot in her life.

Well what do I take her, then Anne my SIL rang to tell me she had seen in her local shopping centre someone selling candy bouquets!  To me I thought a great idea, it will look like flowers but at least it can be eaten by her or visitors.

I started by looking for a container, and saw a flowerpot while in the supermarket yesterday, I also bought some sweets and biscuits and some skewers and tissue paper, I already had cellophane that I bought a roll of years ago when I was making and selling candles.  I decided on biscuits rather than sweets, as I thought something for her visitors, without her placing them on a plate and, something to talk about, as this type of thing I haven't seen locally, but I have seen fabulous ones on blogs.

So better tell you what I did, I decorated the pot with some hessian I had in my stash, glued it on with some pva glue,  also added some paper flowers from stash.  I managed also to get some polystyrene packaging from a shop, which I placed inside the tissue and cellophane and pushed them all into the pot, I then sellotaped (no glue gun) the biscuits and sweets to the skewers and pushed them through the polystyrene, I then added some lovely dotted tissue onto short skewers so that it hid the packing. (didn't get a photo of that silly me), then pulled it all up and tied with the ribbon. 

I hope she likes it.


Lisa Jane said...

looks fab.. i have seen them done with Quality street and Heroes... really effective
Lisa x

Squirrel x said...

So sorry to hear your friend's news hun, that must have come as such a shock. I will keep her in my prayers. I just adore the candy bouquet, you can deliver one of those here anytime you like - does a sore toe qualify for one? Hugs my friend, Sxx

Shirley Young said...

What a lovely, thoughtful idea Faith, I'm sure your friend will love it and so will her visitors !! She sounds like a lovely lady.

One of our friends died suddenly last Sunday and it makes you realise that you should make the most of every moment.

Anonymous said...

What a brilliant idea Faith, and so thoughtful! I'm so sorry to hear about your friend - it makes you realise how lucky you are.

Bonnie said...

This is such a good idea, Faith! I'm sure it will be enjoyed for it's beauty as well as it's tasty treats!

Aileen said...

Oh Faith! What a fab idea for your friend. I'm sure she will love it. It does make you appreciate things more and I wish all the best for your friend. x