02 August 2011

Fruit CAS

I have remade the card, why? well Diva Mandi wasn't that impressed and if it comes to it I wasn't either, I just wanted to get the card posted, so I redid it and made a "proper" Cas card  out of it.   I couldn't think of a sentiment so thought a basket of fruit, is usually given for celebration (OK this isn't a basket of fruit, but its mixed fruit!)  LOL
I hope our illustrious leaders will think this better and more in line with the CAS requirement and I actually thank Mandi for giving me the push to NOT accept the half hearted.

I shall be putting this on Priscilla Styles gallery too.


fatmonica said...

I've just read back to see what the first card was like and although I like it I have to say this is much more stunning.The fruit really stands out.Love it.

GinaA said...

fabulous fruit, will have to read last post to see how you did the colouring, the apple is especially good.

Elizabeth said...

Gorgeous card!! Perfect image and coloring.

Sasha said...

I have to admit, that although your first card was lovely, this one is just perfect for the challenge! Gorgeously fruity, too.

Margaret said...

Love this Faith, stands out so much more on this version
Margaret x

Sharon said...

Great card & perfect for this weeks challenge.
Sharon x

Suze Bain said...

Well done Faith, this version is just fabulous. The fruity colours really stand out against the plain white background. xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Faith, this is just perfect now! It's horrible when Mandi puts you in the 'naughty corner', isn't it, lol?! I was in it last week but she's let me out now! xx

Beryl K said...

Yes Faith, this is definitely better than the first. Stunning!
Beryl x

Rosemary said...

oh now this is beautiful, faith!! (although i did think the first version was nice.)

Jenny said...

Stunning card Faith, I have to agree with the others, that this design firmly puts the fruity image in the spotlight, and with your brilliant colouring it's where it should be :)
Jenny x

TAM said...

Fabulous card as was the other one but not so "clean" as this one.

Chrissie said...

Now this one I really like!
The colouring is great and the style a huge step up for your last post.
Thanks so much
Lady LIM
"Less is More"

Lisa Jane said...

oh this is beautiful.. love the layou and the fruit are wonderful
Lisa x

Kathyk said...

I liked your other one using the same stamp but this one's brill!


Margaret said...

Have already commented on your card so sorry for hijacking your "comments" box Faith but didn't know how else to contact you. Just wanted to say thank you for all your lovely comments on my blog. I REALLY do appreciate them
Margaret x

Zoechaos said...

I loved it as it was but I love this one that image is gorgeous. XOXO Zoe

Dolly Daydreams said...

I missed this fruity one ! naughty me. Fabulous beautifully coloured and a real winner well done.


Suzanne Russell said...

So much prettier! I love this one-amazing coloring!

Mandi said...

Hi Faith
This is now terrific
Good on you for redoing...you are a sweetie
I actually commented on this card, but Id scrolled and re commented on the previous post...DUH!
apologies for that
Thanks again
Diva LIM
"Less is more"