20 August 2011

Food Poster

I was asked by my Manager to make a poster so that it could be put onto the fridge as a reminder to staff to remove old food! She gave me a poster to work off, which showed an old fridge and the words "terror in the fridge".  As it's for a hospital staff fridge, I had to get my facts and spelling right, (hope I have. I'll know if they like it on Monday when I take it in. I would guess there will be a few alterations)

I wanted to do something "arty" and as my knowledge of Photoshop is limited for that kind of thing. I looked at a few tutorials online, I came across this one HERE this is the poster I aspired to

It had a lot of additions and new things that I hadn't tried before, I failed a few times and had to retrace a few steps to redo and understand, but I have to say I loved doing it, what a challenge and learning at the same time.

I then had to come up with who presents the "film" in association with, produced by, who would star in it etc, my "odd" sense of humour came in then with Gastro Enteritis and Salmon Ella!, Music by - it had to be Wind! casting by Rotten Food!, camera by Endoscopy and photography by Xray! I've had a laugh learned a few things and hope everyone who sees it will get the message about their rotten food!  We will see.   I bet you can't wait to see my interpretation of the "film" poster - well here it is, in the flesh -


OK it doesn't look as bright as the original, but it will when it's been laminated!  AND the original is off the screen so would look brighter AND mine is on plain paper, OK enough excuses, it does look better in real life - honest.

I altered the size of the original to an A4 size to fit, and for me to do a borderless poster.  That's all for this post, I have a few blogs to look at now and see what challenges I can enter, I also have 2 wedding cards to do and a birthday card, so I think that's keep me busy for the rest of the day!


Denise said...

Faith this is fantastic - well done you. If this doesn't get the message over, nothing will!!
Denise xx

Anonymous said...

Faith this is brilliant - you clever girl!!! I could do with one of these for work. I'm dreading what I'll find in the four fridges in the staff room when I go back to work after the summer holidays - YUK!!!! xx

Lisa Jane said...

oh this is fab.. i bet you had lots of fun putting this together
Lisa x

Beryl K said...

This is brilliant Faith, well done
Beryl x