Saturday, 20 February 2016

Charity card!

Hi Everyone, a request to me for a card to a couple who run a charity in Africa to shoe children. I wasn't aware of it, but was sent a few details of them. This is a very personal card but I decided to post it, as I admire what this family are doing.

She didn't let me know what she wanted, so I went with my heart and it was done in double quick time.

I searched for Happy in my files and came up with a few images that I decided to use. I thought Africa is a colourful place so made it bright and happy (I hope). The centre shoe image, I have been told, is their logo and was requested to use it and if possible make something they could frame.

I found photos on the web about the family and the charity so did a sort of scrapbook page on a card, I hope they'll like it. I included the colourful shoes they are giving and something that I picked up from their blog, which gives the reason the charity is named as it is.

This is the preprinted inside, I was asked to include the sentiment. 


  1. What a wonderful card Faith and for such a lovely cause. I like that you included their logo, I bet they were over the moon for this one! hugs :)

  2. What a difficult commission Faith but you've done a great job - I wouldn't have known where to start and it is a very happy card. Well done xx

  3. You've included so many pertinent details into this bright and thoughtful card. I'm sure it will be well received. What a wonderful Ministry.

  4. they will LOVE IT!! (and cry i'm sure) This is so precious and personal. I love making cards like this...then God works on patience with me because I can't wait to hear their reaction!! One of the reason we make put smiles on people's faces. Have a blessed weekend my friend.

  5. A wonderful card Faith, lovely bright and cheerful colours and you have included lots of fabulous details.

  6. What a wonderful idea to help children and such a touching and beautiful card you have made, Im sure they will love and cherish this.


  7. This is beautifully done and what a wonderful charity.

  8. What a wonderful card and a touching story! I'm sure this card will mean a lot to them.


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