15 January 2015

EU VAT rules News Report!

 Hi Everyone a news post - well it seems like it, we all know about the new EU VAT rules which came into post on January 1st, which has meant quite a few owners closing their digital companies. I read this by Mags B and decided it important enough to let everyone know how we can help.

This is from Mags B at Madcap Manor

I'm sure you have all begun to notice that some digistamp companies have closed or are no longer selling to the EU because of the administrative burden of the new EU VAT laws. The law was designed in 2008 to close a tax loophole exploited by Amazon, iTunes and other big firms, but unintentionally affected microbusinesses, too.

There are 2 petitions you can sign:

to Vince Cable MP

to EU Commissioner Pierre Moscovici

Next year this will be applied to physical goods, so if you know anyone who sells handcrafted items to the EU please let them know about the petitions.

The law was passed in 2008, when there were almost no 'kitchen table' digi businesses. Now there are hundreds of thousands who just don't have the resources to comply with what's demanded.

For more info see Digital VAT 2015 on Facebook.


MagsB said...

Thanks so much for spreading the word, Faith! I emailed my MP and MEPs - one MEP said she'd contact George Osborne; one UKIP MP sent me a reply telling me we should leave the EU (missing the point - this is a global problem) and my email to the other UKIP MEP BOUNCED because his Inbox is full!!!!!

Of course, we poor old consumers are the ones who will actually be paying the extra VAT and losing choice as businesses close. You can tell I'm really annoyed, can't you??!!!

I hope you're keeping warm now we're having a cold snap. Anyone would think it's winter lol!

love Mags B xxxx

Viv said...

I know I also read about it too Faith, sheer madness isn't it!!!!! :( Viv xx

Anonymous said...

Åh gee...well, at least I will have some time to figure this one out. Thank you for sharing this, Faith!