28 June 2014

Seaside visit, PS alteration and picture heavy!

Hi Everyone, I saw this tutorial on Snickerdoodles and thought I would see if I could start adding extra layers and styles to my photographs.  Here is my take on the idea.  Apart from the edges I don't have the DP or images to use, so started with a photo of The Mumbles which is on the Gower coast a beautiful area and thankfully not too far from us.

I used the freebie edge from Snickerdoodles, a free texture by skeletalmess over the photo, then added a new layer of "dark scratches" I have had this since 2006, so don't know where from - sorry. Then added shadows, and a few more layer styles also the paper and tape and added styles to them too.  This is quite a departure for me as I don't usually like to "mess things up" too much, but all in all I am quite pleased at what can be achieved with PS. I also used a paper torn brush here there are 38 shapes.

Here are a few more photos taken on the same day a few weeks ago.

This is the original photo

The old (cream and yellow) and new lifeboat station at The Mumbles 

This is from the cliff road overlooking the Pier and Lifeboat Stations
A closeup of the new Lifeboat station
Looking across the bay towards Swansea

This "Apple" has been at The Mumbles since I was a child, a VERY long time ago.  Although it had been damaged in winter storms in recent years, it it now as good as ever.
A view towards the now automatic Lighthouse.
 The sea here is the second highest in the world,
 after the Bay of Funday's Minas Basin Nova Scotia

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G Peplow said...

Wonderful digital skills and photography Faith you really are making it all come together, love your finished result :D The Gower is gorgeous, I had a brill holiday there a while ago, lucky you living close Hugs Gay x