13 March 2014

How I did the Framed picture!

Hi Everyone, what another wonderful day, Oh! I can so easily get used to this instead of the horrible weather the last couple of months and as the jet stream seems to have moved North we have a few days of it to come, thank goodness.

Today I am going to TRY and let you see how I did my framed print HERE in Photoshop CS5.  I don't profess to be anything other than an enthusiastic user and can only let you know how I do it, it's not the way of the professionals and probably no one else, but this is how I did this particular finished image.  I should have taken a screenshot as I worked on it, so this is a memory tutorial. Perhaps I will be able to do better next time? IF this is helpful.

I used 2 digi stamps from Margy at Digistamps4joy, one the boat and it's background and one of the beautiful lady.

This is what I started with, a plain image of the boat stamp.

I then started by duplicating a new layer to colour. I used my "paint can" and brushes to fill the areas with colour, then used my Burn and Dodge tool (the hand image in the tools palette) to get shadows on the sea and mountains.  

I duplicated the layer again and colour filled the sky with orange. I then "multiplied" the layer.

The next step was to make the water a reflection of the sky, so I duplicated the sky and orange fill mask, and flipped them vertically.  I have hidden the orange fill for you to see the effect.

4 /This is the layer with the orange fill shown, which is now a sky reflection in the water.

5 / You may notice that the original stamp has been moved to the top of these layers and is in "multiplied" mode. This enhances the drawing lines.  I added a circle shape for the sun and erased the areas on the sea, coloured it to match the sky and "dodged" it to give a glow. The sky has also had a burn and dodge treatment.

I added the second digi stamp and duplicated her before colouring her. I then coloured the first layer of her with the paint can, selecting different colours.
I  placed the duplicate layer on top of the first and "multiplied" it. This emphasises the black lines.

I added a wood effect to the boat ('cause I could), sized and erased where necessary. Then changed it to overlay.

The sand was added and I used burn and dodge to enhance all layers.  I also "dodged" at the water edge to whiten and simulate waves onto the beach.

I think that was it, yes! it took time, and I suppose I haven't included everything, but hope that you can identify the work space and put 2 + 2 together.

If you still don't "get it" I would happily answer any questions you have.  Perhaps if you ask in your comments then other people would learn as well, maybe even me LOL.

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Shirley Young said...

Thank you for the tutorial Faith. One day I'll find time to sit down and get to grips with Photoshop !!