25 June 2012

Apology no comments

Hi my lovely faithful followers and anyone who has left a comment on my cards.

Please accept my apologies for not coming around to see you, I have a few things going on which shortens the hours I have on the 'puter, I will get around to you ASAP.  Please don't give up on me, I love your comments as I am sure you love anyone commenting on your blogs. Apologies again and hope to see your work sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon.


Suzie's Card Den said...

Hi Faith
Hope things are not too stressful and you get yourself some free time soon.
Suzie xx

Sally H said...

No Worries my lovely. My life is a little hectic too at the mo - report writing time. Won't sleep unless I do something to switch off though, which is why I am here now. Hope you are okay and not too stressed. Big hugs x

Dolly Daydreams said...

AHHH no worries its always lovely to hear from you whenever and if ever you can, life happens and interferes with commenting !


Anonymous said...

oops commented under my old name am so tired !!!