18 September 2011

Photos from yesterday

The rainbow I think was perfectly place at the end of the garden, on the right it had a shadow rainbow, but it was too dim to see it on camera, more the shame.

A closeup at it's brightest point
This is a close up of the trees at the back of the garden, a mixture of Oak and Hawthorn, the red/pink colour are the hawthorn berries

This an ever closer view of the amazing amount of berries this year, more than we have ever seen since living here (17 years) does that mean another cold winter?


Anonymous said...

Beautiful garden you have Faith and fab photos. I heard this winter is going to be worse than last year! xx

Denise said...

Wow - stunning garden and beautiful pics.
Denise xx

Pauline said...

Oh we had a rainbow too on Sunday, it was marvellous! It was a double one, and the kids were hopping about with excitement! Beautiful garden, looks like a park!

tilly said...

beautiful photo's, I love rainbows and the hawthorn is my favorite tree, I can't get enough of the perfume of those flowers when they bloom!
thank you for visiting me, I hope you call again

Marlou McAlees said...

beeeeautiful photos!!!!! :)

Vicky Hayes said...

Wow - fabulous photos Faith. Have you noticed what a great year it's been for the roses this year too? I really hope we don't have another winter like last year, I don't know how I got through it! Vx