18 May 2021

Lost post!

  Hi Everyone, a warning that perhaps many of you may know about, but I received 2 emails this week from Blogger.

 these words are from the email -


     As you may know, our community guidelines 
(https://blogger.com/go/contentpolicy) describe the boundaries for what we 
allow – and don't allow – on Blogger. Your post entitled 'March Challenge - 
Sponsored by Bugaboo Stamps' was flagged to us for review. We have 
determined that it violates our guidelines and deleted the post, previously 

     Why was your blog post deleted?
     Your content has violated our malware and viruses policy. Please follow 
the community guidelines link in this email to learn more.

     We encourage you to review the full content of your blog posts to make 
sure that they are in line with our standards as additional violations 
could result in the termination of your blog.

     For more information, please review the following resources:

     Terms of Service: https://www.blogger.com/go/terms
     Blogger community guidelines: https://blogger.com/go/contentpolicy

     Yours sincerely,

     The Blogger Team

Then a day later I got this - 

     We have re-evaluated the post titled 'March Challenge - Sponsored by 
Bugaboo Stamps' against community guidelines 
https://blogger.com/go/contentpolicy. Upon review, the post has been 
reinstated. You may access the post at 

     Yours sincerely,

     The Blogger team

I presume it's because I used the word "Sponsored"? 
I guess it's a word we can't use anymore? 

I'm thinking of going back to my not used Wordpress account Any comments about this gratefully received.


Beebeebabs said...

Thanks for sharing!!!

Mia said...

Hi Faith, I hate all this mess with the new Blogger. I received exactly the same messages for three posts (so, 6 messages in total). But not for the posts on my blog. For the posts that I hosted on the secret blog of one of my DTs. Let's hope that this problem will be solved for all of us. Patience, sweetie.

Janette said...

Faith this makes my blood boil, your not alone this week a few have had same or similar things, who knows why as if blog land hasn't struggled enough. Please try and stick with it awhile, whatever is going on is just insane, I hope your ok, hugs. Xxx

Diane said...

Interesting I read on another blog something similar. I guess they are monitoring more posts now.

Bunny said...

I got the same message this week. From posts that were done months ago. I thought it was SPAM. I don't get it. Are we not suppose to use the word sponsor? Someone let me know, please. [Bunny]

Shirley Young said...

I had the same on one of my old freebie posts Faith, hope it was just a blip, will just wait and see xx

Christine said...

Silly snowflakes!

Janette said...

I thought I had left you a comment on this Faith, sorry this has happened to you but your not the first recently, its so beyond belief that this can happen, I hope you stay in blogland.xx

Hetty said...

Thanks for sharing, these days you never know what triggers this.
My friend was banned for 24 hours from FB about a knitting post 😁
Keep your posts coming, wherever!!

Leslie said...

The entire Blogger platform had malicious posts, not just the few that were flagged, lol! That evening I couldn't get into ANY Blogger blogs. But I also got two notifications such as yours about them deleting one challenge post and our Design Team page on my Mix It Up Challenge Blog. Then the next morning I got two more notifications saying the deleted posts had been reinstated - then I had to to into the dashboard and re-publish them. Blogger issues have been around for a long time, that's why I switched to WordPress 4-1/2 years ago. I have not regretted it at all - WordPress is awesome!

Aimeslee Winans said...

Wow, I feel so incredibly lucky, I coulda slept right through it all! Same thing when everyone had to change their blog appearance, mine was not touched at all. Was that like a year ago? Honey says maybe because I've had this blog since 2008, lol. I said, no, just dumb luck is what it was. My vote is to just wait and see, maybe it WAS a blip. xoxo

crafty-stamper said...

I know quite a few people have been affected by this but it seemed toright itself so fingers crossed-hope you stay with blogger as I can never comment on Wordpress blogs
Carol x

cuilliesocks said...

How strange Faith, and there was someone else the other day saying that the same thing happened to them. Is someone hacking??
I don't know how Wordpress works so I hope to stay with Blogger, Kate x

Colette said...

So sorry you had to deal with this. It's ridiculous, as craft/card blogs are the most inoffensive blogs on the internet. If the word 'sponsored' is the culprit then this will cause a lot of problems for all the challenge blogs out there. Thank you for sharing this will us. Colette xx

Vicky Hayes said...

I am shaking my head over this Faith but it doesn't really come as a surprise :/
Vicky x

Linby said...

I think from what I read it was a blogger issue and not anything to worry about - hopefully it's sorted now.

Gail said...

I actually THINK we got spammed and someone reported us as I had the same thing - and then I started clicking on many of the blogs I subscribed to and sure enough they also had the same warning--- very few did not. but what do I know? Nothing I am still having trouble figuring out how to do my follow it even though they helped me - I have no green button so I am starting all over again - I wish this was simple - for me it is not! Have a blessed day and I am following you by follow it--

Rosemary said...

That is so crazy! Thankfully I have not had anything like that happen to me (yet!), but I really dislike all the changes they have made to blogger! The old blogger was much better. Glad your posts were reinstated!

Greta said...

I have no idea what to think! I suppose there are lots of issues with non-crafting blogs & Blogger can't tell ours are fine. It's a shame, but I'm glad they figured out your post was OK!

Kate said...

I received these messages as well - two of the originals and then two of the follow ups. My messages were for posts on Little Red Wagon though - and not even ones that I had written! Very bizarre and rather annoying. However, I suppose it's a small price to pay for the free Blogger service we use.