Thursday, 11 August 2016

Space fantasy card

Hi everyone, I know I have posted this image I digitally coloured, but decided to do a card for our Son with it too. Hope you don't mind a double post! It is slightly different LOL.

I added my own sentiment, I think I have told you before, he hates his age mentioned, which is like a red rag to a bull for me, Bless him! I added a joke inside so hopefully it will placate him! Also made a scene with cakes and tea for him, he is a great Tea drinker.

If you are reading this Chris, Happy Happy FORTIETH Birthday for today!

Inside images asstd artists from PC Hugware, Pixelscrapper.


  1. Fun sentiment inside...will be filing that one away! Fabulous card again and yes I would have popped on the 40 x

  2. So much fun Faith!! Who doesn't love a good spaceman!! hugs :)

  3. OH my gosh we both posted 40th Birthday cards on the same day! Grins.
    LOVE yours it has me giggling here.

    Hope you'r well.

  4. A brilliant card Faith, a super sentiment and the inside looks fabulous.

  5. Too funny what you are done no for your son. I also love the inside. We have no tea rooms around me...not as big as coffee. I love teas!

  6. Hope your son liked this great card and had a lovely birthday xx

  7. LOL It's all about perspective, Faith. If someone thought I was having a 40th birthday, I'd be thrilled! It's a fab card and I love the joke.

  8. Ha this one Faith. So creative and funny. Pat K x

  9. Happy birthday to Chris!! What a super card to go with his framed art from you. It looks wonderful inside and out.

    I've got to try to remember that joke for when my youngest returns from camp. He loves those types of riddles!


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