01 July 2015

I have returned!

Hi Everyone, my apologies for being AWOL, but my computer finally died on me, I have had a new one and started on line yesterday, I was lucky to have been able to save most of my files, but have to do a bit of sorting, so will be slow getting back into the swing of things.

I had hundreds of blogs to comment on, but have made the decision to not catch up, it wouldn't be fair on the ones I don't get to. Please understand. I will get around to your blogs as soon as I can on your most recent posts.

It seems this is my 600th post. WOW! not bad considering I don't post everyday, it's an achievement and milestone for me.

I have made a couple of cards - without the computer! can you believe it, but they are still in my camera, I'll post when I can. In the meantime, how about a couple of birdies? These were taken just before "melt down".

Once upon a time there was a little Sparrow named Jack! Jack Sparrow
 (you know Johnny Depp from the Pirates of the Caribbean films!)

Is my Mum or Dad here?

They told me to meet them here!

OK! I'll wait here

I'm getting REALLY hungry now!

I won't look at you until you have food, I'm starving!
PLEASE feed me!

Thanks Dad, I knew you would come and feed me

Thanks Dad you were only teasing me weren't you? -
No Son, I was trying to teach you that food was
only inches away and you could help yourself.
You'll have to learn a lot of things to survive in this big wonderful world!

Hope to see you soon


Shirley Young said...

Delightful photos Faith. Pleased to hear you are set up with your new PC. I took the opportunity to do some 'housework' when I got mine as there was loads of stuff on there which I'd forgotten I had so I decided to be ruthless and dumped a lot of it xx

Pat K said...

Wonderful pictures Faith and happy to hear you have your computer sorted. hugs, Pat K x

NanaConnie said...

So glad you're back, Faith. :-D Wonderful series of photos! Congrats on your 600th post. I've gone through and deleted a huge number of posts from my blog over the last year or so because I'm trying to keep it below 1000 posts (and because I look back at many of my earliest cards and wonder whatever possessed me to make them, much less show them to anyone! lol)

Pamellia said...

Welcome back Faith! Glad to hear you are up and running again, and that you were able to recover most of your files too! Love your sparrow story. hugs :)

Sue said...

Welcome back Faith so glad to see you!!! Fab photo's too.......lots of huggles Sue xxxxxxxx

Bonnie said...

And you have a new avatar too! Glad you are up and running again, Faith! Love the photos of the baby bird. Isn't it funny how they'll sit right there beside the food and wait for the parent to feed them?

Sarn said...

Hi Faith . . . good to have you back. LOVING the birdie photo's. I have some lazy baby sparrows in the garden too!
Hugs, Sarn xxx

Anonymous said...

Found you - good to see you're back. lolx

Anonymous said...

And you found me too x

Sally H said...

Welcome back, Faith! I love your photo story of young Jack!