03 January 2015

My 5 Favourites 2014

Hi Everyone, I have decided to partake in Debby's challenge by looking through my 2014 posts and seeing what are my favourite 5, MUCH harder than I realised, but I will try and narrow down the 23 I have chosen - I will HAVE to won't I? LOL.

I have decided on narrowing them for reasons rather than them being the best I have to offer, it was the only way I could do it.

No 1 was made in November, it is the first time I think I really understood the concept of painting, blending and filters in Photoshop. I even entered it into the Photoshop magazine Gallery, how's that for cheek, being amongst all the professionals?
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No 2 is a card I made for my Son's birthday, he hates having his age mentioned so I added the sentiment which I thought was very apt LOL.
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No3 this card is in one of my highest views, I love it too.
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No 4 This card was a card I just loved too, I was thrilled with how it came together.

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No 5 has also been amongst my highest views, and I love the joke, you'll have to go to the post to see the punch line. LOL.

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I hope you liked my choices, are they REALLY my favourites? well definitely amongst them.  I will add others here that I also love for different reasons, but won't add the reasons to make this post any longer than it should be. I'm cheating by adding them I suppose.


Pamellia said...

What a fabulous collection Faith! I think my favourite is the pink flowers, wow, that one is super gorgeous! But then, I am sort of partial to pink haha!! Love them all my dear :)

Shirley Young said...

Must have been hard to choose Faith as they are all lovely. My PC has died so I'm feeling a little bored at the moment, hope I can get it fixed soon as I need my big screen, just can't manage any designing on this small laptop !!.

Bonnie said...

Great picks, Faith! It was so nice seeing them again!

Vicky Hayes said...

Loving seeing your favourite cards again Faith and sharing your cheeky sense of humour! Happy new year! Vicky x

Viv said...

Just fabulous all of them Faith, clever you ;) Viv xx

Linby said...

A fab selection - all great cards.

Shirley-Anne said...

What an awesome gallery of past cards ..I think it shows that you have a cheeky sense of humour , Faith .
hugs Shirley-Anne