29 June 2014

My new bedroom / craft room

 Hi Everyone, here is the excuse for not blogging recently.  My new craft room, well combined bedroom.  I was in here, an 8ft x 10ft room with a double bed a wardrobe, a large bookcase, my desk and a set of drawers. Squashed was not the word I could use!

After some deliberation, I decided I needed more room, so out went the bed to a homeless charity as it was hardly used, being a spare bedroom. Then the planning began, as this is a North facing room, trying to get a place for me to "play" with in light, and get everything in, as well as room to spare.

We eventually came up with this combination, however as we have the radiator under the window the desk height had to be around that.  I thought it would be OK to have the window and desk merged into one with the work top and window sill one piece - WRONG! (Hubby told me it would be too high - ooops!) It ended up with me, with my new chair at full height, feet dangling, I'm 5ft 7 inches so it was up VERY high, which just didn't do it for comfort.  So as I have explained in my previous post, hubby pulled everything apart and started again.

Now, thanks to Ikea for the units and sofa bed, I have a wonderful space VERY neat and tidy (at the moment). I want to add something to the walls, but not sure what yet, I'm still settling into my large space. The room seems huge compared to what I had to work with before.

OK! I suppose you want to see what I am talking about and not have me rambling on.

This is my room with the bed gone, before work

This was my temporary place in the conservatory
During work. it seemed so much bigger, I wonder why?

Perhaps you can see in this, the work top and window sill in one, so neat, but had to be dismantled, the mirror is not for me to admire myself while working! it's for me to see who is coming into the room, Feng Shui and all that, AND to make sure the boys don't creep up on me as my back is to the door
The room finished with storage, and items I use all the time in the cupboard to the right of me. I have ironed the bed cover after I took the photo LOL.

This is the back of the room and storage, the drawers contain my ribbons, sooooo tidy in them.
This is my view on the side of the bungalow.

Hope you have enjoyed the tour of my room, while it is still really neat and tidy LOL.


G Peplow said...

Beautiful transformation Faith, I can see you are going to be very happy in your wonderful craft room, Love it!!!! Hugs Gay x

Squirrel x said...

What a transformation hun! There will be no stopping you now Hugs xx

Lynne said...

Looks super. It`s so much easier when you have everything to hand and easier to keep tidy too ( although you wouldn`t think so if you see mine at the moment) lol.
Lynne xxx

Linby said...

Fab. I keep thinking of getting the bed out of mine and going with a sofa bed but not sure I would gain any storage space just floor space. Love your storage.
Linby x

Shirley Young said...

Looks really good Faith and well worth all the effort. I love my craft room but it's not always as tidy as it could be !!

Anonymous said...

Hubbie has done a superb job for you, Faith - makes me wonder what you've got planned for him now the room is completer! Love it. x

Sarn said...

Aha . . .so this is what you've been up to. Bet your hubby loved you when you told him to dismantle it!!!!!!

Looks great now though . . . bet you're full of inspiration in your new play room.

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Sue said...

This is absolutely lovely!!! looks great huggles Sue xx

MaryH said...

TFS your wonderful make over. Love that window light. and the bookcase storage too. What a pretty view you will have as you create too. Good for you to have such a skilled & talented husband - who wanted it just perfect for you. Hugs

Anonymous said...

Great make over Faith and love the gorgeous fresh feel it has and you have a view lucky woman. So here's to many more happy hours of crafting in your new fab space.


Jacee said...

What a wonderful craft room Faith, you are so lucky to have so much room, we can never have too much storage can we!! Thanks for coming along and joining my blog and your lovely comments, hope to see you again soon.
Hugs Jacee
Simply Paper Card Design

Bonnie said...

This looks very nice, Faith! I hope you have many enjoyable hours enjoying your new space!