15 December 2012

I'm back!

WOW! what a month 2 craft fairs, which I didn't know I was having until week before the first one, talk about busy, I'll make sure next time that I will know WELL in advance., before I agree, I just didn't think it through.  However I am glad to say I made all my money back and made some for the church and the department I work in, so success all around, AND just a couple of things left that can be stocking fillers. whoooppppeeeeee!.

Here's a picture of my table in our training room at the hospital.  I hadn't quite finished putting everything out, but do you notice my wonderful new card stand?

I have been doing some cards as well, here is one using a cut file by Krewella HERE  I had some neighbour cards to do in a flat spin, as I have been since the beginning of December, as I have told you,  so I used the tree file, I made three trees tried to put them on straight, I failed because I was rushing so much, so I added a line under them to simulate snow, cut them out on gold shiny card, from The Range and I am thrilled with how quickly after printing onto the card they came together, I was done in no time, voila so to speak.  Hope you like it.

Hope to keep you more up to date from now on, I have my pressies all wrapped and safe and just a couple more to buy, but at least I know what I want to buy.  All my cards are done and sent, just finish working my 2 days this week and one next week and it's Christmas.


Anonymous said...

You make me feel tired just reading about everything you've done, lol!

Fabulous card as always! Love the CAS style.

Now, feet up and rest!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I feel so lazy now.........i hate making Christmas cards people just don't do it here in Greece and my poor family back in the UK tend to get left overs !!!! This is such a stunning card and so impressive as is your amazing array of craft projects. Not only did you manage to make so many wonderful things but you also included your fantastic humour , well don woman !


Bonnie said...

What pretty trees!

Unknown said...

Now why didn't I think of that ? instead of buying cards. We will have to make a deal I make the templates and you show me what I should do with them lol