How to make a hybrid card in PS

Hi Everyone, I thought I would do a tutorial for some of you out there on how I make a hybrid card. I'll try and make it as easy as possible!

Picture heavy with examples- you have been warned!

Open a new document, you will notice I have blue guide lines, the lines show where the printer border is. This is for a 5 x7 inch card. You can add them by going into VIEW / SHOW / GUIDES

I added a patterned border into the card size shape and printed it. I looked at where the limit of the printer printed on the paper, then added the lines to the border print on the screen. You will see the printer doesn't print to the actual size of the card in this instance, it could if I selected borderless in the printer set up. This is a good way to see what and where your printer prints.

I find the centre by pulling the left ruler slowly to the centre, it will snap into the centre, you have to do it slowly to see it happen!

After I have measured and everything is OK.  I then remove the border. I save the size in my templates file, so whenever I want a certain size I only have to open what size I want, be it A6, A4, 6 x 6, 8 x 8 etc and I know I don't have to faf about printing, as it will print as I want it to be.

Next with the bottom layer selected, I used the rectangle marquee tool to select between the blue lines on the right side of the page, you will see "marching ants" I copy the shape and paste it. I've coloured the second layer to show you what I did.

At this point I choose a template to work from, I have chosen a CAS style to make this tutorial shorter. It's from CAS(E) this sketch and is #137. I stretch it to the blue shape and the blue guides, so I know it will cover the front of my finished card.

Now to select the shapes, The blue shape I have already done will fit the bottom layer of this sketch, so I will leave that as it is.

Now I select the black shape of the sketch using the Polygonal Lasso Tool, clicking and dragging the tool, until I have the full shape, when you have clicked on the full shape it will show marching ants, copy then paste the shape. The sketch can be deleted now or you can make the layer invisible by clicking on the eye at the side of the layer.

Now to the pleasure bit LOL. Click on the blue or second layer, go to your files and choose the digital papers you would like. Add the paper, when in place, hold the "ALT" key down and place the cursor between the blue layer and the digital paper, you will see a square shape with an downward arrow when you do this. Click - and the paper and the blue layer will be clipped and both the same shape.

Repeat the step with the shaped piece from the sketch. Select the shape, add the paper, place cursor between the layers, press ALT and click, the paper will be clipped to the shaped layer.

If the paper you selected needs to match the layer, click on the corner and rotate, until it matches the shape, you will probably have to move it up or down as well.

 I then added the sentiment, a great one from Create with TLC  rotating it to fit the shape. To follow the sketch I need something on the bottom corner. I added an element from the digital kit

To print this out and to save paper I print the paper in their shapes. To do this, I select all the top layers, right click and "link" them, when linked they have a "chain" to the right of their name.
Move them to the left of the page, if you click on one of the layers it will move with the selected layers. (example below next example showing "links")

You will see that on this particular example, the top layers are over the bottom layer, so this would not print out as wanted. I've accentuated the blue guide line and drawn around the piece which is over the bottom layer.

On this occasion, I hide the bottom layer by clicking on the eye on the side of the blue layer. Because the flowered paper is "clipped to the blue layer it will be hidden too. You will notice the eye on the flowered paper is faded, click back onto the blue layer and it will show again.

Print, this will be your top layer for your card

Click on the "eye's" of the printed layers to hide them (only the shape eye needs clicking, the striped layer will then be hidden too, as before), click on the blue layer to show the flower layer, this can be left in place to print.

All that is left is to cut out your papers and layer onto your card, you can layer it onto another layer of card or edge with a marker to accentuate the edge.


You could rotate everything 90 degrees to vertical, save it and send it as a digital card!

I hope this has helped you to use your digital files.

I will be doing a "How to colour your digital stamps" soon.

Digital papers by Shabby Princess from the Too Soon kit. I don't think it's available now (too old)

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