10 April 2022

Roses - but different!

 Hi Everyone, this is a VERY photo heavy post, please just go to what you want to see, don't feel you have to see them all.

My make today started with the Craft Club. I had printed a digital file for the ladies to cut and layer. When I got home I had a call to let me know that another one of the members had a birthday and could I make a card for her. Not being in a card making mood, I took the main image, made it smaller and left out a few images that were included in the digital file. I used my Silhouette to cut around the images and layer them. I Die cut and stamped a sentiment and voila, so to speak, a card was done for her, she isn't attending for a week or two so wouldn't have used the print out.

I then had another phone call later in the evening, to ask me to do a second card for one of the members who had fallen, who again hadn't attended that day and as I had the file in use, I decided to do another, but slightly different as a get well card, they wouldn't see each others cards, so again I print and cut with layers on my Silhouette. What I couldn't get over was the difference in printing colour from one to another, the original club cards and the first card were the same, the second card came out a much darker colour, I liked it so carried on with doing it. Although I had to take a photo of them to show you. I hadn't made any changes to the print settings! I wonder if my printer is telling me something?

card number 1
card number 2
showing them side by side
this is the card image and file
 from CraftsUPrint.com
Also used were
stamp and die - Julie Hickey
Silhouette print and cut

  I told you this post is picture heavy, are your ready? Here goes. 
For many years the top of the garden has been neglected, it had the old conifers, that had died. After we had the wall put in, we or rather hubby had a lot of digging to do, at 79 this month it hasn't been easy, but at last, this last weekend we were able to buy shrubs, sadly not big ones, we are hoping we'll see them get larger hahaha. They were planted and a new foot path then had to be added to connect to the new planting. This is the process so far and I am thrilled to see it all nearly finished, for me it completes the garden.
this is part of the
the new path in process
meeting the new planting of shrubs
blocks found under the earth,  placed against the compost heap,
with a small wall erected to hold back the earth.
the left side of the garden, showing the veg garden already dug, 
with potatoes, carrots and lettuce already in. The wires ready for the 
Runner Beans and posts for the butterfly netting to protect the carrots from carrot fly.
these are HUGE stones that had been found in the garden previously, they were made into a rock garden! A few rock plants needed here, a good excuse to buy more plants!
the right side top border with new shrubs and a few hyacinths past flowering indoors
in their new home, a few more things to fill this methinks. We are not sure if the hypericum has died on replanting or will come. The Nandina was placed there just in case, it may be wanting a new home if they come.
the right side of the garden with the new narrower border, again all new plants, except the pittosporum, the tulips have been lovely this year.
the patio border with another show of tulips and the rose with lots of new grow.
Beautiful Camelia
A start to the Cherry Blossom Tree, I hope the rest of the tree waits until 
this frost and chill wind is over before it comes out.
beautiful Rosemary flowers
This is my HERO! 
who works very hard to keep the garden looking so neat.
He's wrapped in lots of layers to keep the really cold wind out, 
while he cuts the wood edging to the path. The overalls are years and years old, he has 3 new ones indoors, but won't change it! I threaten to cut it so he can't use it again. hahaha


Janette said...

Beautiful cards Faith and sure to be very welcome to your ladies.
What a fabulous garden you have, its so beautiful, as for your 'gardener', wow, what a find, haha, he has done an amazing job, I wonder if the overalls have super powers!!!!!! no wonder he is your hero.xx

crafty-stamper said...

Gorgeous cards Faith and a beautiful image that lends itself to different sentiments.You have a beautiful garden,and it must be a man thing-John has new stuff he never wears and wears the same few tee-shirts that have paint glue and a few pipe burns in!!!
Carol x

Anonymous said...

Great cards and well done to your super hubby whose done a wonderful job.

Mac Mable said...

Thanks for sharing the different colours of the cards Faith...Strange but they are beautiful x. Well done your hero...tons of work and what a huge garden you've got x.

cuilliesocks said...

Beautiful cards Faith, I love the traditional blooms and such a pretty layout.
Your garden is looking fabulous, your Hubby has done a wonderful job, Kate x

Greta said...

Love your cards, Faith! You have a beautiful environment! Such a sweet hubby to get this hard work done!

Shirley Young said...

Th’e cards look great Faith, but how strange about the difference in colour - can’t image what caused that. Your garden looks fantastic and it must have taken a lot of work but we’ll done to your hubby. Funny thing about the overalls, my hubby wears them at the industrial museum he volunteers at and has several but he always wears the tatty one, must be a man thing ! xx

Rosemary said...

your card is just gorgeous, faith! love seeing the photos of your yard. it is absolutely beautiful!

Carol L said...

Your cards are just beautiful Faith and I love the design on each! Gorgeous flowers! Gorgeous photos of your garden too and congrats to your hubby for doing such wonderful garden work at his age! My husband is the same way with his clothes - he won't wear anything new except socks and underwear LOL Thanks for asking, I'm doing better now that I'm moving forward, but the sadness will linger for quite some time as we know our loved ones are no longer just a phone call or a visit away.

cuilliesocks said...

Hello Faith your cards are gorgeous, lovely traditional flowers toppers and such lovely designs.
Well don to your lovely Hubby, he's done a marvellous job of the garden, a real labour of love, and it's looking marvellous, Kate x

Beebeebabs said...

Wow your cards are absolutely beautiful as always - thanks for sharing the lovely photos.

Brenda said...

I love that you are still doing the card clue Faith! The card club card is gorgeous, love the lacy parts and of course that beautiful basket of blooms. You did a great job of making cards for the birthday gal in the club and the get well one. I'm in awe at how it printed in different colors though, at a loss on that one! I would say maybe your ink was running out, but it doesn't look like it at all. Just so weird. lol Wow, the gardens are looking so beautiful! Love the path and new plants. Hubby has did a great job with it, lots of hard work I know! I am loving that beautiful Camelia, those blooms are gorgeous. I pray the cherry blossoms hang on and the frost doesn't get them. We are still in our frost period as well and yeah, that wind has been wild! What is going on with all the wind?! lol Of course it is always windy here, but it has been extra windy. Doesn't matter how old hubby's overalls are, they are working for him and that is all that counts. Plus they are probably broken in well. lol Yes, I would say he is your Hero for sure, he sure keeps a beautiful garden and I love it! Wish my yard looked that beautiful! I need shade plants and flowers. I need color! lol Do you loan him out?!! lol Please tell him what a fabulous job he has done! Hugs, Brenda

baileyrosy.com said...

I think your printer needs ink lol !!! What difference with the colours but they both look fabulous quite a happy accident as they look so different. As for your garden, blimey that's huge how do you manage all of that? Looks beautiful and how wonderful to have homegrown veggies. Carrot fly for some reason that made me laugh but I suppose for your carrots it's no laughing matter.


Maria said...

All beautiful cards with lovely flowers! Looks like a lot of work being done with your garden area, but so lovely! Great photo of your husband who is a hard worker for the garden. Too funny about his overalls and having new ones. Men get comfortable with clothes. I have threatened to get rid of one of my husband’s old sweatshirts, lol!

Gibmiss said...

Hi Faith
Gorgeous card …so pretty ….
Your garden looks amazing …
Hugs Sylvie xx

Helen F. said...

Oh what lovely flower cards, Faith. Your garden is amazing with those beautiful blooms and the great work done by your amazing "Gardener". His overalls are his favorite and he's doing such good work in them, I say let him be. LOL
My husband had many old, thread-worn shirts and jeans to work in too, I think they finally disintegrated in the wash at some point.

R's Rue said...

Love the card and your garden. Sending love and hugs your way.

Christine said...

What a treasure in blue overalls you have there. I love the way he's shaping the garden, well done
Miss mine dreadfully, it was an old blue jumper with him....

Aimeslee Winans said...

Gorgeous cards and garden! I wouldn't have guessed your hero is that old, he's quite vigorous, hope my Honey still is in 9 years. I suspect he has that pair of overalls broken in just right, lol. xoxo

Shirley-Anne said...

WOW hi Faith . Your garden area is so huge .Plenty of scope to have such a variety of colour and interesting paths Great work from your hero . Loved your cards too . Hope that you are all safe and well .No blogging from me for quite a while so just popped by to say HI

Kate said...

First of all, your cards are both gorgeous and each fit the occasion wonderfully. How odd about the ink though! Usually, my initial prints are darker than the newer ones - and I know it is time to replace the cartridge.

And I always LOVE seeing your garden photos! I'd already seen the finished path in a more recent post so it was fun to see the before and during pics. Your gardens are so lovely. We had a couple of inches of snow this week so no gardening quite yet - even though the daffs are starting to poke through. No signs of my snowdrops or tulips yet though. Thanks for letting me enjoy your flowers through your wonderful post!!