20 April 2022

Rocking Chair!

 Hi Everyone, it seems I am doing only DT posts recently, however, today I have a card I did for my BiL, it was his 89th birthday, he has dementia and I wasn't sure if he would be able to understand the joke, but thankfully he seemed to.

The photo has a slight blur, I couldn't correct it, as I had taken it just as we were delivering it to him. Anyhow, I used Gus, who I love, he has just the right expression for my BiL hahaha. I coloured him in watercolour pencils after taking him into my Cameo and sizing him, print and cutting with 4 layers. I also added, 3D glaze to his specs and sparkle pen to the balloon and bows on the presents. The sentiment is computer generated and the birthday sentiment is stamped, a simple card, but it makes me smile, as it did him and my SiL.

image and sentiment - Gus Rocking Chair, Bugaboo Stamps, (I miss them so much)
watercolour pencils - Nuvo
3D glaze - Nuvo Crystal Glaze
sparkle pen - Crafters Companion
stamps - Magazine freebies

Seeing as I'm on the subject of old? The path is finished - by Oldies!
A ton of stones was delivered yesterday and Hubby 79 today and my eldest brother 86, both wheel barrowed the stone up the garden, it has a slight incline onto the path, from the front of the house.  I spread the stones out by raking them around the already cemented pavers, by hubby last week, and in an hour and half it was all finished. Here are a couple of piccies of the both of them just after it was finished. Hubby is shattered with it, but went on to do more, clearing up and a bit of gardening, when he had his breath back. My brother looks like he hasn't lifted a finger hahaha. I think we all used muscles we haven't used in a while. I am so proud and lucky to have all the men I have in my life. 
This is the finished path (that I raked)

 even the evening clouds got into the celebration, trying to
 match the colour and shape of the bunches of blossom on the cherry tree.



Janette said...

Hi Faith, what a fabulous fun card you made for your Bil, do hope he had a nice day, and yes, its sad that bugaboo are gone.
Love the path you created, my word you grow them tough in Wales, how wonderful these men can still work so hard and you too, well done it looks amazing, enjoy.xx

Mac Mable said...

Fun card, fabulous sentiment and I love the Gus image too Faith x. Well done to the men in your life and doing all that work. Thanks for sharing Faith x.

cotnob said...

A super card Faith, such a fun image and great sentiment.
Your garden is looking very smart.
Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

crafty-stamper said...

Fabulous fun card love the image and great (but true) sentiment-WOW they both did well finishing the path-with of course your help lol
Carol x

Aimeslee Winans said...

Hi Faith! I'm gonna try to start commenting again and see how it goes. Fingers crossed! Love your card, I have that one of Gus and have used it myself. Fine and handsome men you have. They look proud of themselves. Lovely rake job by you. Your garden is so pretty. xoxo

Shirley Young said...

The card is brilliant Faith no wonder it raised a smile. Your ‘workmen’ deserve a pat on the back for a job well done, it looks great xx

Greta said...

Oh what an incredibly fun birthday card, Faith! So glad your BIL could enjoy it, despite the dementia. Very impressive for the 3 of you to have finished that path & it looks wonderful!

Carol L said...

I just love the card you made for your brother and hopefully he understood the joke, because it's hilarious! As for your husband and brother, it's amazing they (and you) are still able to do this kind of work at your ages! Everything looks so pretty and what a lovely scenic view you have created within your gardens!

Rosemary said...

a fun and fabulous card for your brother-in-law, faith. all of that hard work paid off as the path looks amazing. love the photo of the sky, too. absolutely beautiful.

cuilliesocks said...

Great job done by your Menfolk Faith, looking good, and Happy Birthday to your Hubby, hope he has a super day, to your Brother too.
His cards is fabulous, Gus is so funny and you've designed and coloured beautifully, Kate x

Kate said...

Such a fun card for your brother-in-law! So glad he appreciated the humour too. I hope that he (and your husband!) enjoyed their special days.

Your path looks fabulous! Good for you and your men to do all that work. It paid off with a wonderful path!

Susan (rainy) said...

What a wonderful card for your BIL. Super fun (and accurate) sentiment.

baileyrosy.com said...

LOL !!! What a great card and the sentiment is just so much fun. Love that you popped up the image to give it dimension, thank goodness for the Cameo. As for the "oldies", they did an amazing job and the path looks fantastic. Your right your brother looks like he hasn't lifted a finger.


Beebeebabs said...

LOL love your card and sentiment - thanks for sharing the photos

Brenda said...

What a fun and super cute card as well as so true. lol I'm glad your BIL got the joke and I'm sure many of us can relate too. I love these images of Gus and Stella too. They are always fun ones. I love the way you colored Gus, he looks great with all his gifts. You "oldies" did a great job with the path! I love it! Love the photos of your hubby and brother. The last photo is so pretty of the sky and tree. Don't you just love looking at the sky as it goes through changes?! Hugs, Brenda

Pat K said...

Super fun card Faith. Love the pictures of your path and the lucky men on your life. xx

Janis Lewis said...

What a fun card and great photo! Thank you so much for visiting & commenting on my blog post.
Blog, Pause Dream Enjoy
Owner & Design Team, Crafting Happiness Challenges, Anything Goes
Design Team, Let’s Craft & Create
Design Team, Christmas Crafts All Year Round

Lee said...

fab card,made me smile.Flippin hard work doing that path.Well done all of you but mainly to your husband and brother,well done lads.xxx

Vicky Hayes said...

A fabulous card Faith! I can certainly relate to that sentiment. Love the photos of the hard workers! Hope you were lounging somewhere with a large cocktail while all this was going on - lol! Vicky x

Gail said...

2 handsome mean and one great path! Lovely work they did and you also!