20 October 2017

A Wreath

Hi Everyone, something completely different for me to do, it may not be perfect, but I LOVED doing it. It all started when I saw masses of pine cones in my local supermarket car park. I collected them, thinking I would spray them with gold or silver for Christmas. I collected a large carrier bag full, so after this project I still have some to spray.

I had them a while before I found a vine wreath, then ages before I found something to go with the cones that I found when shopping last week for something unrelated, as you do! The pot puree I had, now smells gorgeous in it.

The perfect place was over a plate I was given by a guest from Wyoming when we had a small hotel, years ago, which I treasure. The ribbon just about fits in with the pink of the plate?
Vine wreath - Hobbycraft
flower and other elements - a pot puree pack in Ikea 
ribbon from stash

I thought I would show you the sunset we had on 14th October, a Stormy sunset, we have had some amazing sunsets recently and I love taking photos of them. These are all untouched by the way.

This is the sunset we had on 17th October, the sky was on fire. I took 3 photos within minutes and you can see how the sky light changed.


Mac Mable said...

Amazing project Faith. Love how you put the plate in the centre, what wonderful memories for you. Great recycling of those cones and what a great idea to use the pot puree....you've outdone yourself...Fabulous. Great photos too x

Carol L said...

What a wonderful way to use those collected pinecones and what a lovely wreath you made with the dish in the center! Love that gorgeous sunset too!

Lisa Lynn said...

Faith that wreath is so gorgeous...I love crafts like that also. You are so creative! Those pictures are glorious. It is wonderful how God gives us such beautiful things to see and appreciate and some people seem to be too busy looking at their phones to see the world around them :)

cotnob said...

A gorgeous wreath Faith, it looks fabulous and I bet is smells lovely as well.
Stunning sunset photographs, my screensaver is a sunset photograph that we took whilst on holiday in Cornwall.
Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

Dr Sonia S V said...

It is simply fabulous !!!! Love each inch of it!!
Dr Sonia

crafty-stamper said...

looks perfect to me love all the elements -great idea and useful too-fabulous sunsets
Carol x

Shona Erlenborn said...

What a gorgeous creation Faith! Love that you combined this gorgeous wreath with your treasures plate. Very pretty keepsake for sure!

Shirley Young said...

Your wreath looks fantastic Faith and what an inspired idea to use pot pourri. Your plate makes a lovely centre piece. Great photos of the sunsets too x

CdeBaca Crafts Gallery said...

Beautiful wreath! I love making wreaths.

Linby said...

Lovely wreath - I made one a few years ago and remember having very sore fingers from the wires at the end of it. A great idea to surround the plate with it, especially if wall space is filling up!What fantastic sunset pictures too.

Kate said...

Such incredible photos!! It's amazing how quickly the light changes, isn't it?

Your wreath is such a wonderful way to use some of the cones you found. Thanks for a close-up of the plate, too, as I was straining to read the poem when I realized that there was another photo underneath!!

Greta said...

What amazing sky shots--stunning! Your wreath is really beautiful & looks wonderful around the plate!

NanaConnie said...

Great work on the pine cone wreath, Faith, and those sunset photographs are magnificent! One of the things I miss about my previous house is gathering up both pine cones and acorns (I had two very old and very large oak trees in both front and back) and using them to make fall and Christmas wreaths. Some I sold and many I gave to friends and neighbors. :-D

Hetty said...

Beautiful wreat framing a wonderful friendship text.
Some wonderful sky pictures!