05 May 2017

Tea containers and holder

Hi Everyone, In my local Supermarket they were selling strawberries in an MDF box, I looked at them and thought them much dearer to buy than in the plastic container, then one of the assistants came up to me and whispered that the selling price was actually 40p cheaper per kilo than in the plastic container.

That's how my project, to share with you today, came to mind, but only when I was going to get rid of it after we had eaten the strawberries, why oh! why can't I be clever as some of you can be and see it BEFORE I buy, in fact as they were available for a few weeks I bought a few, while available, so have a few to play with Yippee! LOL. OK enough waffle, be ready for a picture heavy post.

I bought reduced Kilner jars for 75p each, the free? box, I already had some acrylic paint with which I painted the box, (hubby didn't want "paint effects" in the kitchen and as he spends a lot of time in it, I thought I would be kind and listen to him LOL.) The whole thing cost me £3. All enough for our favourite teas.

Earl Grey Tea - Top hat Hugware
Blackcurrant Tea - image from web
Lapsang Souchong Tea - Chinese character, meaning Tea, from web
Pear & Caramel Tea - pear Gingersnaps, caramel chocolate Gina Jane 
all printed and laminated, cut with Tonic circle die.
I may add something to the box, but I quite like the plain white - for now.

Before work

Prepared box, you can see the pretty shape of the box

Cutting the printed labels, which were glued into the top with the seal ring.
I also made front labels for the jars.

Finished top and box

Finished top and box, showing front labels, also laminated.


Shona Erlenborn said...

These are awesome! What a wonderful idea. Very clever Faith.

cotnob said...

A fabulous idea Faith, a super box.
Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

NanaConnie said...

I love this idea, Faith. What a marvelous way to store the teas (or any of a dozen other things!) I wish my local markets had those MDF boxes. I'd by them by the dozens. :-D

Mac Mable said...

Such a clever idea and great use of that box...bet the strawberries where good too x

Viv said...

How clever to think of doing this Faith,great recycling too 😀 Viv xx

MagsB said...

Wow, Faith, what a brilliant idea! I've never seen Pear and Caramel Tea, but it sounds delish - I must look out for some!

love Mags B x

Shirley Young said...

A great storage idea Faith x

Pamellia said...

What an entirely adorable idea Faith!! Love those labels you made, such a great little set!! I think I would totally use something like this to organize some of my embellishments! Gold, silver, bronze and white...perfect!! Very creative, I love this!!

I've missed so many of your posts Faith, I'm so sorry. I wish I could leave a comment on every card you've posted, but my time is short today. Just popped in to say hello and I hope you are enjoying a wonderful springtime! sending hugs :)

Anonymous said...

What a super idea Faith. I've not heard of Pear and Caramel tea either. I remember a time when you could only buy strawberries in cardboard containers - so much nicer than plastic.

Linby said...

What a great find in the box and your jars look fab in it too. Lovely labels.