Saturday, 19 September 2015

Welsh Valley

Hi Everyone, we had a ride out in the car last week up into the mountains, so thought I would share what it's like not far from here, you've seen the beaches now for the infamous Welsh Valley ('s). It was perfect Biker day out weather.

The first photo is the village of Bleangwynfi, pronounced Bline-gwin-vee, settled into the hillside.

We travelled over the top of the mountain and arrived above the town of Treochy pronounced Tree-ork-ee, they have a famous Male Voice Choir. These villages and towns were built to serve the coal mines in the area, of which none remain. When I was many years younger most of the mountains around us and up into the Valley's were black with the "slag" remains of the waste coal. It's lovely to see how nature takes over when left alone. The mountains rise up into the horizon.

The bikers enjoyed their journey through the winding road down into the valley. We didn't go that way but turned right and down to the sea at Porthcawl.


Lynne said...

Beautiful. We haven`t been to Wales yet but would love to go. My daughter has just had a week in North Wales and I`m looking forward to seeing the photographs.
Lynne xxx

Sally H said...

Stunning photos, Faith! Such beautiful scenery - I come from a Coal mining area too. They have put a solar farm on the top of the pit tip near my dad's house - not so pretty as natural hills, but serving a purpose and 'greener' than burning coal

Aileen said...

Beautiful photos. My Hubby is a biker and would love to ride there. Thanks so much for your visit to me it's great to see familiar people popping back over. x

Shirley Young said...

Beautiful photos Faith, reminds me of some of the scenery in the Peak District near us. Lots of bikers there too.

Pat K said...

Stunning photos Faith. Such beautiful scenery. My great grandfather worked in the coal mines in North Wales and now I got to get a glimpse of the "mountains" .Thank you so much for posting. I've also been able to catch the first season of Hinterland ...just love the scenes in the countryside...but I wish they were filming in spring or summer to catch the real beauty ...maybe in season 2. hugs, Pat k x

Linby said...

Beautiful photos. I used to love working in our Wales office in Swansea as there was a lovely view of the mountains, no one who was local was bothered, as I suppose to them it was just normal!