05 September 2015


Hi Everyone and a special Hi to my lovely new follower, I appreciate you like my work to follow me, that said I appreciate all my followers - you are WONDERFUL.

Anyhow on to today's post, I haven't got a card, but I have 3 colouring attempts with different mediums. You know I am a PS colourer, but it's something that is frowned on in some quarters, so I thought I would try something else. You may have seen my colouring with water colour pencils.

Today I have Photoshop, Spectrum Noire and Aqua Markers. I was able to return the Aqua's thankfully, if I was a stamper I would have kept them. I bought the 72 Spectrum Noires at half price on C&C, but need a LOT of practice before I can confidently put an image onto a card, but I like the vivid colours they give, so will keep at it.

The digital? has the wrong skin tone, I followed a colour chart which was off when printed. duh!
The Noire's?  I got the hair wrong and tried to use a blender to lighten, wrong choice - duh!
The Aqua's?  bled with my printing! duh!

I would love to hear your honest comments on each one.


Sarn said...

Hi Faith . . . well you asked for honest opinions and for me, the digi coloured one looks the most professional, then the Aquamarkers and in last place the Spectrum Noires. You are a MASTER of PS colouring mate.

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

I like the noire the best and I think you could fix your problem by going over it with a marker again...I think...I can do that with copies. You could use two or even all 3 in different areas, but I know that could be a hassle. I just do the best I can knowing the recipient is happy just to get a card and is not as critical as we are as being the artist...haha. I love all your work!

Karen said...

Love these hun.
I think the skin tone is fine on the PS image. It kinda suits the image if that makes sense?! Smiles.
Love your attempt with the SNs I think you have done a fabulous job on them. Did you know that you can use hairspray or special fixative spray if your ink bleeds after printing for watercolour?
Another trick is to leave it over night after printing.. or for 24 hours and then watercolour onto it. This gives your printer ink plenty of time to dry properly into your card stock.

I like all of them. I think your SN are the most vibrant and well worth spending more time practicing with them.

Jacki Daniels said...

Hi Faith I never really liked the Spectrum pens even though I have the set I let them run dry never to replace them. TBH the trouble you are having could be to do with your paper/ card it depends what you are using, the neenha solar white is a good one to go for with alcohol markers as it's really smooth and allows the colours to blend without to much bleeding and for the aqua markers you really need water colour paper card otherwise your paper goes all clumpy and yukky(been there a few times using distress markers not good). Faith you can do things with PS I can only dream of doing so if you can do that I know you can master these little beasties. Don't give up personally as you will know I am in love with my pencils at the minute they are a dream to work with but I still keep going back to my good old pro markers
Hope you are well look forward to seeing more of your colouring

cotnob said...

All three are fabulous Faith. I don't understand why your PS colouring should be frowned on, you're brilliant at it - I can't do it and at the end of the day crafting should be fun and you should do what you enjoy the most.

Sue said...

Hi Faith hmmm hard choice because I thought you had done well with them all..I love the PS one and the spectrum is my second choice I have aqua markers and haven't used them yet LOL huggles Sue xx

NanaConnie said...

I used Spectrum Noirs for about a year and then discovered ProMarkers with the optional ultra fine nibs and all the rest of my alcohol markers went the way of all good things. I do still use them but as they run out, I don't replace them -- I get something as close as possible to the color in the ProMarkers. It did take me a while to learn about alcohol markers and all the possibilities with them but I'd never give them up now.
I've never used aqua markers but I do quite a bit of watercoloring with a brush. Is that similar?
I've also never used Photoshop but I do love what you've done with it! The only thing I don't like about PS is that it never looks hand-colored but most of the time, that's not really the top criteria for measuring the coloring. :-D

cosie said...

Hi Faith I checked out the tutorial on colouring with photoshop and I think I will give it a try. Thanks for that.As to the three images and love the PS and the others are great for not having much practise with them.I have only ever used Copics and it took awhile to get the results I wanted. I have not had a lesson and just do what feels right for me. Not everything turn out as I planned but most can be worked on. Copics is great for that. My watercolouring is distress inks pads. Just smooch the pad onto a piece of heavy white plastic, add water then paint. Have Inktense but don't use them as much. The paper is so important as well. I use x-press it for the alcohol makers and Archer hot press or Tim Holtz watercolour paper for watercolouring. Just do what you are happy with and above all enjoy it.

Desire Fourie said...

I totally agree the spectrums does give one a bit more brightness. You are doing very well with the markers.
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