Friday, 7 August 2015

Scrapbook page

Hi Everyone, you know I rarely do Scrapbook pages, but thought this warranted a go at one. We had a small family reunion, it was such a shame more couldn't have come, but they are getting older and are from all over the country. My Cousin had come from the US with her sons, to meet some cousins she hadn't met before or for many years. I hadn't seen her for 22 years, it really was a wonderful occasion and it seemed I was the only one who knew everyone and had to do the introductions, so funny.

We met in the Cocktail Lounge at an Hotel and then proceeded to the room where we had a meal with photographs set up on the computer and relayed onto the wall for us all to see, with shouts of who's that and someone, more often than not me, it's -

It was great to see old photos of family which some of us hadn't seen before. There was even one that I knew of, my Grandfather's Grandmother at age 94 in her Victorian bonnet and long skirts. We weren't sure which one, but thought it the Barwick one, as that is all it said on the photo. A lesson for us all I suppose and something I should do at sometime before it's too late, funny thing is, I wrote on the small photo years ago. Anyhow here is the page I did, should I do more with it?


  1. This is so pretty. Great photo and I love the little pom pom ribbon!

  2. I think it's perfect just the way it is Faith! You have used patterns to create just the right amount of interest. The embellishments are just right, a touch of trim and a few flowers for adornment, but not too much that it steals focus from your primary image! hugs :)

  3. Lovely scrapbook page capturing this special occasion. hugs, Pat K x

  4. What a fantastic page and perfect way for keeping the memory of that special day. I too have some old photos that I am not sure who they are, but thankfully my Nan wrote on the backs of some so I have a good idea who most are.


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